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The Emirate of Dubai presents, nothing more and nothing less than the largest theme park covered of the world.

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Ria and Coba looked expectant to their father, Gerardo, that he had been undaunted in front of the colossal building, he had been close many times but, sincerely, never is had raised enter in it, not so soon, or so fast. The life always brings surprises, though, some, do not cease to be a bittersweet confabulation. Had five years in Dubai, the most famous Arab Emirate in the world and now, for the first time, had his two daughters there.

«Gerrit, Gerrit», said the more small (six years) while pulling of his pants returning to the reality, he looked with tenderness, then he posed his eyes in his another daughter (Ria), of ten years, that expected anxious but in silence. «Prepared girls?» shouted in an imperfect Dutch language, «we are going to enjoy the world’s largest covered theme park… or how to call it around here: the IMG World of Adventure!!!»

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Newly opened on 31 August of this year, the huge park covers a total of 140,000 square meters, about 20 stadiums as the his team, the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, Sevilla Football Club, a few miles away, the protagonist of this story had traveled ,many kilometres, and many more in the future… for that the girls could glimpse it, he compared its size with a Square who knew very well : «This park is seven times the Square Dam, in Amsterdam, where mom and dad met»


The entry cost 300 dirham (73 euros) to him and to his eldest daughter, by the small paid 250 dirham (62 euros). Inside, discovered that the complex is divided into four zones: Marvel, LostValley, CartoonNetwork and IMG Boulevard. Marvel, with its famous characters of fiction was the favorite to start the route, so put hands to the work and they were to the world more heroic.

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They could fight elbow with elbow with the famous Avengers against Ultron, watching to Hulk on a three-dimensional screen or jumping as a Spiderman emulating to Spider-man, they could also choose between four restaurants and six shops with the cream of fiction brand for excellence. But the most impressive thing, was mounted on the nacelle of Thor (God of Thunder), 38 seats in a huge piece of 12 tons manufactured in Germany and able to rotate 360 degrees on its axis.

In Lost Valley entered in the cumbersome world of the dinosaurs, 69 of them, brought from Tokyo, they had hair stand on end, especially were impressed by the Barosaurus, 15.5 meters high, a huge figure who had to enter by the ceiling vaulted with a crane. Three stores and three restaurants complete the offer of leisure activities in this area where the main attraction is the Velociraptor, a roller coaster that reaches the 96 km/hour to three seconds, becoming the fastest and high of the Emirate.

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Five years ago, Gerardo (Gerrit in Dutch language), lived and worked in Amsterdam, along with his wife and children, but the marriage was not happy, and the differences became insurmountable. They decided that he would accept a job in Dubai several years, only to try to fix the problem, cooling it. Obviously, what seemed a good idea, was developed in the end of the couple.

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Now, his daughters have traveled of holiday for the first time to the country, and Gerardo is happy to have them, although he acknowledged that he misses her mother. Thus, he has brought them to the theme park to give them an incredible remembrance more to count when they return, not in bucket, the owners have spent the not inconsiderable figure of one billion dollars (886 million euros) in its construction.

Is expected that the enclosure is visited by 30,000 people a day, i.e. 2 million euros only on inputs (what will have to add other expenses). In total, are located inside 25 stores and 28 restaurants and food stalls, and it has been estimated that 1,500 people will have a fixed place of work. The main structure, a lattice of steel trusses only supported by 12 pillars, reaches its summit to the 41 meters high.

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The complex is composed of two types of trusses, the central dome, whose radios are complemented by circular trusses parallel to the edge, and the rest of the cover, in the reticular form, where linear beams linking with arched beams. This type of structures allow large lights and removed a large amount of weight own, because a roof truss is composed by elements triangular connected between itself, transmitting the loads by compression and traction.

Of course, the trusses are the best solution for this type of construction, but not must forget never that this material is made of steel, whose probability of life useful is more short that others elements, thus, must isolate it of its major enemies: the corrosion and the fire. The corrosion weakens the armed and could to present problems of resistance and the high temperatures can collapse the structure. In this constructive system, the professional maintenance is vital.

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In the area of Cartoon Network, an of the producers of drawings animated more popular of the World, laughed to laughter while chasing to Mojo Jojo as if were the Powerpuff Girls, and they hallucinated with the adventure of Ben 10, an experience in 5 dimensions (view, sound, smell, touch and movement). After, a break in IMG Boulevard, room entertainment with more restaurants, shops and walking areas.

IMG World of Adventure

In the Park was also the Haunted Hotel, a dark place with easy entry… but difficult to exit! An enclosure in form of labyrinth where exited sinister characters in every corner, the bad that could not enter because the minimum age is fifteen-year-old. The girls took to the father the promise of return more forward. Finally, they went to see a film in the Cinema Novo.

For the construction of the Park theme is brought artists of France and Ukraine, experts in robotics of Tokyo, engineers of the Emirates and of Germany, participated companies Japanese, Italian and of the United Kingdom. The scales of dinosaurs and other figures were hand-painted and coated with silicone so it don’t lose its color. The heat of the area (especially in summer) and the volume of the building made that an efficient installation of air conditioning were essential even for the work in the construction.

011 IMG-Worlds-of-Adventure-Haunted-Hotel

The holidays in Dubai were incredible, both Coba as Ria spent it incredibly well with her father, Gerrit, who made them laugh very much with his curious Andalusian-Dutch accent, the city is getting the goal that it will mark many years ago: to be one of the capitals of international tourism. In the farewell, Ria asked to his father: «Are you going back to mom?», The soul broke to Gerardo only with see the face of the creature. «That does not matter, said with love, what matters is, that whatever happens, always you will have a mom and a dad in your life to love you and protect you».

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