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Get away from the hustle and the bustle of the cities doesn’t mean losing contact with the modernity and the technology, nor neglecting the environment.

001 BTTucker0513_0922

Matt Springfield had left it very clear: «if you return without a good location for the home of our heroes you not have that worry you never more by to have ideas». His voice rang hard and unpleasant, but his Direction Assistant had not another remedy that to recognize that he treated to everyone alike, so to work, without delay, «we’ll see who is going to stop having ideas», she thought haughty.

Lisa Groening known to the characters that were to be protagonists of the fiction film, their tastes and their phobias, their superpowers (were superheroes) and their weaknesses, the requirements were high, almost as much, as the budget. Springfield thought that this would be his masterpiece, and, most important, the film producers also thought this. Her work would be to find a home that made of family house for the heroes, in the field, to be exact.

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Her first visit was to Montana, where the group of architects HUUM (or Hughes Umbanhowar Architecs, as they like to call in privacy) had completed a SuperHome of mountain in an area of 8 square kilometers along the Yellowstone River. The construction is so near to the river that has been elevated 72 cm with a concrete base to prevent that the water enter in the property in times of flood.

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Lisa can to imagine how Guadalupe del Rosario, main character, single mother of Mexican origin with the superpower of move by the space-time, suddenly appeared at the front door, crossing the bridge that leads to the home. After a hard day in which would have saved the planet or something as well, to the «main» character want rest in her great room, located in the branch that is shorter than the «t» that forms the plant of the building.

004 BTTucker0513_0090

The wood is the main element of the home into the lower section, cover floors, walls and surrounds the front leaving large windows in certain parts. On the upper facade, a wedge of glass offers unbeatable views of the surroundings. The construction ended in June of 2.013, and its 353 meters square of surface are the home ideal for any Superfamily, with its ceilings of metal, a part cover of a garden vegetable, used heating and cooling geothermal and lamps LED (always led´s), betting by the efficiency energy. How could have fun SuperGuadalupe making enchiladas in the Bulthaup kitchen!

005 -Abramson-Teiger-Architects-Wyoming-Residence-Exterior-Back

Then she travelled to Wyoming, to visit a luxurious mountain home of 650 square meters, whose construction was completed in 2014. Abramson-Teiger architecture studio put their meats on the grill to design a house in two volumes which are adapted to the skirt of the Teton Mountain range. Two eaves covered two longitudinal bodies moving sideways and upward, simulating a separation to take advantage of the light and the space.

006 -Abramson-Teiger-Architects-Wyoming-Residence-Exterior-Front

Glasses of floor-to-ceiling allows you to enjoy the views, while the rest of facades are of concrete and Weathering steel (Corten steel), materials that earn over the time. To protect the inside of the adverse climate they have used a «rain screen» system, better known as facade ventilated, namely to protect the inner skin (resistant and waterproof) with an outer skin that prevents the passage of water and the thrust of the wind, in the middle, an air chamber.

007 -Abramson-Teiger-Architects-Wyoming-Residence-Living-Room-View-1

The Assistant Director imagined to Emiliano, the brother of the «main character», who lived in the same home, entering after shrink his vehicle to put it in the pocket (his power is to resize of the things) and lying on the couch while listen to his favorite music in the channel M-Tv. He would be facing the concrete floor floated, thinking that, thanks to it, to the ventilated facade and to the geothermal heating system, would save a few dollars at end of month.


Her coworker, a such Bart Silverman, told her about another SuperHome in Nevada, one designed by Assemblage Studio that in the middle of the desert do not go unnoticed, merging into it but rising with gracefully vernacular. Thus, its volumes is separate, leaving step to the water and to the air for cooling the intense temperatures that surround this part of the Vegas.

009 tresarca3

Tresarca, the name of the House, it offers everything openly, connecting the rooms with elegance and vivacity. A small bridge takes you from the home to infinity pool, waiting for you, a shaded outdoor room where to rest, marble flooring, glass balustrades and metal ladders, typical flora of the area in each corner surrounded by gravel floors and stairs everywhere.

010 Tresarca-24-1150x769

Groening imagined to Jaqueline, daughter of Guadalupe, capable of reading minds from miles away, enjoying the top floor of the building: a volume parallelepiped that is contained in a few bars of metal drilling, an enriching experience that protects from the intense sun as it creates games of light and shadow. For a teenager would be like being in paradise.

011 Synclinal House

Finally, Lisa visited Colorado, where she discovered the Syncline House (yes, another home with name), by the study of architecture Arch11, built for a former climber in the year 2009, has an area of 456 square meters and sits on a Syncline (part of the crust in the form of «U») in Boulder County. The building seemed magical, especially because has a footprint of carbon almost null, in addition, it have awarded the certified Leed Gold.

013 Syncline-House-By-Arch11-In-Colorado-15

To achieve this, Arch11 provided to the home a system of 10 kW solar production, a system of heating and geothermal cooling, a green roof and an effective design that studies the atmospheric attitudes of the area to the millimeter. In the outside, the four materials more important in construction make the delights of their owners: coatings of stone, wood, glass and metal.

012 ts_230810_05-940x623

The main «leitmotif» of this building is the immersion with the surrounding environment, thus, cantilevers supported by pillars minimalist protect the windows from floor to ceiling, every part of the house, like the kitchen, has a direct relationship with the outside, including the master bedroom, on the top floor, has a mobile partition which opens completely giving to the cover.

 014 Syncline-House-By-Arch11-In-Colorado-13

Lisa Groening imagined as her idolized director of films would make that the actor who represents Juan Pablo, twin brother of Jaqueline, light the fireplace with a snap of the fingers (his superpower is to cause the spontaneous combustion of objects), while planning how to overcome to the powerful Supervillain. A few days later she stood in front of her boss, and crestfallen, told: «we have a problem Sir, we have not found one home for family Hernandez – she felt the angry look of the director – only we have managed to find one home for each character».

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