The third figurative bridge in the world is inaugurated in Vietnam.

In one ancient French town, in Viet Nam, have had a spectacular idea: a bridge of gold held by two giant hands has become in all a tourist attraction.

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Blanche looked at her husband, Lucien, with compassion and, at the same time, angry, she was amazed, not even the journey that had organized to Da Nang, in search of an answer from the past, of some signs that show who was his mother, even of the possibility of meeting her, had raised him the mood. Lucien was 67 years old, so it was not impossible that his mother (who would have 20 more years) were alive.

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True that at the beginning he showed something of interest, they sought the old orphanage from which left thousands of children to France in 1955, during the Indochina war, they taught one old picture of the possible mother of Lucien, even a more current of his father (military French that participated in the war), which had known few ten years ago, and of who he keeps bad memories, since he didn’t wanted recognize as his son and didn’t wanted knowing anything about him.

A week later they had not found nothing, there was no hope, the time had diluted the remains of its history. Blanche began to believe that the trip was not such a good idea, until someone told her of a golden bridge opened to the public recently, with spectacular ways never before views, which could be termed as the third figurative bridge in the world, and the second of Viet Nam, a wonder worth watching it. Thus, neither short nor lazy she seized to Lucien by the ears: «at least, that this trip serve to see something new and amazing».

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The bridge, called Golden Bridge, simulates to be supported by two giant stone hands, has been designed by TA Landscape Architecture, and is located very near Da Nang in the center of Viet Nam, a part of the tourist area called Ba Na Hill Mountain, a station of mountain with a very interesting record: from 2013 has the cable car of long distance non-stop longer in the world, with 5.801 meters in length, only suitable for courageous, as Blanche and Lucien, who were impacted, enjoyed a fun silent adventure.

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The bridge was precisely designed to connect the station of the cable car with the gardens, thus avoiding a very steep slope and providing a spectacular view, and to achieve a unique tourist attraction, proof of this is that is becoming the bridge more instagrammed place… very quickly!! Of course, hands are not stone, but the simulation work has been perfect, and anyone could say what yes.

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Actually, the hands are manufactured in two very well-known materials, fiberglass and wire mesh, painted for simulate the colors of the rocky hands… all of it supported by a metallic structure, like the rest of the bridge, which seems a tribute to this material. Blanche heard that Vu Viet Anh, director of the study of architectural design, had said that the design of the bridge was inspired by the world of the gods, the giant things, and living things.

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The hands are decorated with cracks and moss, to make the simulation of first level, altogether, it seems as if two huge hands take out the bridge from the Earth, a gift of nature to mankind. The bridge is 150 metres long and five wide, and its shape leverages the most the topography of the place to reduce the impact of the slope, so, in its start opens in an almost circle, to end up in a gentle curve nearly parallel to the mountain.

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Simplicity is its main tool, several metal columns hold platforms from which springs branches in «U» shape, giving support to the main beams, on which the rest of the footbridge is generated. The gateway, of stainless steel bars, have a golden finish, which simulates gold, and give a unique touch to the structure, enhancing the view without to clash with the rest.

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Someone commented to Blanche that the company that commissioned the work, Sun Group, was to point of not to perform the work, given that the design did not quite like it, «Luckily that they did not reverse the work», thought, delighted with the idea of the projects that succeed beyond the difficulties, «that happy must be Designer, Tran Quang Hung«, she whispered almost to herself, the bridge is part of the expansion of the Thien Thai Garden, the holiday resort of the area.

However, the design tries to affect the environment as little as possible so its pillars are painted imitating the surrounding nature, this also serves to give the feeling of being in a cantilever, sustained only by the hands of stone. The hands were designed in different ways through specialized software, to find the ideal position both of form aesthetic, as of durability and conservation.

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Blanche and Lucien were lucky, the day that they went up the sky was cloudless, and enjoyed the view of the city of Da Nang and the Truong Son mountain range, a view that it did make them wonder, also, the singular form of the bridge, permitting that to both sides circulate alongside them a few planters with purple Salvia Farinacea, a success. This shape is achieved through the union of three arches, with different angle, which facilitate the formation of modules M1, M2 and M3, the angles are, respectively, 35, 17, 54 degrees.

She admired the golden texture of the metal plates that adorn the lower part of the pedestrian bridge, Blanche lost sight of Lucien, was shortly, but the concern for our loved ones always leads us to think the worst as first choice. Desperate, she sought diligently, until she heard his laugh aside (his laugh?), was with a group of people, who, upon hearing his voice shouting “Lu, Lu! Are you well?», they turned almost in unison.

Stunned, the protagonist of this story saw two Lucien contemplating her with a smile that seemed to say all… When she came out of shock, realized that he was not a figurative Lucien, was a twin brother, only random and the decision of Blanche of to visit the Golden Bridge, had made them know each other. She could not help to think: «Lu will remember me this, all the life».

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