The building more imposing of Azerbaijan has signature of woman

Zaha Hadid revolutionized the world of the architecture and did so with current materials, computer media and a ruthless elegance.

“Thanks Zaha”, thought Ebrahim,while he get off the car, the first, as it could not be otherwise. Behind him36 people more, prepared to meet with the goal that the famous artist hadpromised months back, in his dear Australia,so away from where he is now: the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. The exposure made of the extinct architect hadbeen a success, and after closing it, he schedule to take a trip to one of hermost iconic works: Heydar Asiyev Center.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Rebecca, her Italian friend, which, knowing of thetrip, she wanted to go, and not in accordance with this, it occurred to herthat could to be a trip for more people, thus, together, they pay tribute tothe woman who changed the way into we build. Of course, she knew the Heydar Asiyev, a complex of 57,000meters square built on a surface upward of 101.801 meters square of solar,as in these cases, the design had won a contest international, among otherthings, by take advantage of the slope natural introducing it as a part of theproject.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Marcos, a friend of Rebecca, expert in Retail of real estate luxury, which hadendorsed the idea, organizing the trip and opening the range even more: anyonewho would like to accompany them, regardless of their origin or place ofresidence. The construction impressed him even more than he expected, itschanging silhouette was reputed to be the sinuous on the planet, below whichlie three different volumes: a Museum, alibrary and an auditorium with 967 seats.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Celine,Canadian lawyer, whose office is adorned with several sheets of designs of theartist. She get out off of a second bus, with 36 others behind, the call hadexceeded the predictable and had pointed to a large group of fans of thearchitect. The architect Saffet KayaBekiroglu, had been the local link in the construction of the building, ausual practice of the large law firms of architecture is to find others on theconstruction country, either by logistics or imperative legal.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Dounia,political of origin Moroccan, resident in Spain,which get out off from the same car with her heart full of pride by the womancapable of creating this… in a male world. She had read that the constructionbegan in 2007 and the opening (all an event) was made on May 10 of the year2012. The top of the complex reaches 74 meters, in the Library, where the undulating folds of the front end, «is like a white sheet that hides a secret under its fabrics»,except that this sheet seemed to emerge from the earth itself.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Nozomi and Anibal, they arrived from Japan,during the travel had collected enough information, as that the company of the construction,Dia Holding, used 121,000 meters cubic of concrete,194,000 meters square of formwork, 5,500 tons of steel structural, besides11.902 parts of GRP (plasticreinforced with fiber of glass) and 3,149 parts of GRC (concrete reinforced with fiber of glass) to cover the 40,000meters square of cover, the best: thepanels were all unique, they needed of computers for the physical location ofeach one in the envelope.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Aleksandr,businessman Russian interests in the CaspianSea, although it was not the first time that he visited the Cultural Centre in Baku, he was veryexcited to do so with so many strangers from other parts of the world, he wasthe first to get out off in the third bus. He was familiar with the glass fiber, shaped by differentthreads of silica material or glass with different formulations, theinterlacing of these fibers form a mesh that interacts with other materials(such as plastic or concrete) contributing to the properties: excellent thermal insulation, good behaviorto traction and high toughness and durability.

«Thanks Zaha», thought the members of the family Riquelme, from Chile, distributed between the fourth, fifth, seventh and tenthbuses, with success, they thought of spreading to meet more people. During thetrip they had been responsible for explain in their vehicles that the AKT (Tuncel Engineers) engineering firm, had calculated the mixedstructure of reinforced concrete (onone hand), consisting of slab foundations on several levels and a reticularnetwork housing the building and of trussesof steel (on the other) that cover up to 150 metres long and 70 high,responsible not only for protecting the complex of the inclement weather, alsohold numerous panels that give shape to interior walls.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Niara,native of Ghana, a nurse that hadgiven all what had and more by her homeland and that is had taken a breatheconvinced by their friendships French, not is regretted, was an experienceempowering. The young woman enjoyed much of the Culture Square, the park that connects with the building is forpublic use, winding walks are part of the architecture of the place as well asits artificial lake, allowing a connection between natural green and white ofthe building.

«Thanks Zaha», thought Ranjit,when he left the bus, was far from their place of birth: Jamaica. He was aware of the importance of the lighting (was amusician) and had read the relevance that had in the building, the exterior volume reflects the lightduring the day, enhancing its silhouette against the surrounding buildings, at thesame time that changes according to the time and position. Part of the facade is formed by walls ofglass semi-reflective, taking advantage of the light in the interior withoutcausing discomfort, these glasses have a position that is alive, breaking itshorizontal boards, not doing so with its verticals, Ranjit was highlyimpressed.

«Thanks Zaha», thought the others people, who that came outof the twenty-four buses that transported them from different locations.Gathered there waiting with anxiety the entry into the complex, speaking,portraying the moment, enjoying the atmosphere. In secret, longed to see theinterior, where the curves features ofthe designs of Hadid would continue intercommunicating the spaces, avoidingthe distinction between vertical and horizontal, «all is same, nothing is equal», seems tell the Center Cultural of Baku, which haschanged the city for always.

«Thanks Zaha», again thought Ebrahim, by create a unique space,breaking the rules and opening the mind to us, involving to others in theimportance of architecture in our lives. The popular artist was thrilled,everything had gone better than he thought, before enter in the Auditorium, thealmost 900 people from all over the world (and he thought to make the solo trip…)were made several family photos, they would create a blog where go up theirimpressions and would form an elegant and unalterable, link as her inspiring, Zaha Hadid.

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