The Most Amazing Skyscrapers of the Future Manhattan

The construction of skyscrapers is fashionable in the most popular city of the world, we teach the most striking proposals… for now!


The art and the ingenuity are the most admirable and significant tools of the mankind, are able to formalize links between cultures and opposing thoughts. There is no doubt, the best gift that you can do to your neighbor is an artistic recreation or an ingenious solution. Following this reasoning, it is not surprising that the most popular city in the world is filled with architectural proposals of diverse cultures, which entertain us and to make us dream with other possibilities. Wit calls wit.

The Big Bend Skyscraper

The last proposal that fills our retinas of surprise (and of disturbance) is a project of OIIO, called The Big Bend Skyscraper, and have a excessive imagination and (I understand) very ironic, considered as the world’s longest skyscraper with 1.22 km between its two ends, mind-boggling proposal, it does not distinguish between reality and unreality. As its creators say, this building is to highlight the struggle of the real estate companies for touch the sky in New York.

The Big Bend Skyscraper

The Real Estate companies of New York are taking advantage to the modification of the urban development regulation of the city, by which they can buy the air rights (this phrase is of psychiatric) of neighboring buildings. Thus, the designers of the Big Bend have led to the limit this policy, appropriating of the top of a protected building using a stylized structure. They proudly display their infographics, where a man looks down from the top of the curve, and where the stylized and endless skyscraper mimics popular Viñoly building for the 432 Park Avenue… (Taunt or wink?).

The proposal of the architect Mark Foster Gage

In keeping with the possibilities offered by the skyscrapers I must confess that have surprised me pleasantly the proposal of the architect Mark Foster Gage, whose obsession with the Gothic style is evident in a spectacular building full of winged references and gargoyles of concrete. The complex would reach 102 residential plants and four sides would be identical each other… the only thing symmetrical, moreover, the facade is composed of a changing morphology of cement, bronze and glass.

The proposal of the architect Mark Foster Gage

For Gage (Deputy Dean of Yale University) the majority of the new skyscrapers are ‘boxes covered by glass curtain walls’, of architecture. His building is designed to look different depending on the distance from which you glimpse it, as well as that each residence is unique. In its vertical center, four spectacular concrete balconies seem to fly over the city and in the top a gazebo surrounded by metal structures offers incomparable views. It is clear that Gage not be stopped to think much in the cost which would have the intricate facades…

New York Horizon

Other skyscrapers to keep in mind for the future are those presented in the annual competition of the prestigious journal Evolo Magazine, which have won admiration and criticism of much of the world of architecture. The last year was winner the project led by Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wi, which propose a horizontal skyscraper around Central Park. New York Horizon delves into the depths of the Park discovering its bedrock.

New York Horizon

This redesigned Park would allow the practice of trekking, climbing, swimming and other outdoor activities. Its glass facade would faithfully reflect the natural terrain, creating the illusion of an infinite Park in downtown Manhattan. The complex would have 30 meters wide and 300 height, creating 18 km2 of constructed surface area (80 times more than the Empire State Building) where coexist apartments, retail shops, museums, libraries, and so on with incredible views to the Park (the dream of every real estate agent).

The Hive

Although, posts to be honest, I prefer the skyscrapers that came in second in that contest, The Hive, a building designed by Hadeel Ayed Mohammad, Yifeng Zhao and Chengda Zhu whose use would not be neither residential nor commercial, would an Air Terminal! A terminal for unmanned aircraft of up to nine different sizes, with a facade with nodes and incoming for coupling devices, a (fantastic) changing facade. This would serve to relieve congestion much air traffic, is clear.

Skyscraper by the architectural studio Ode

Another skyscraper rather unique was proposed by the architectural studio Ode for the 305 East of 44th Street, they have opted to recreate the typical urban backyards… at high altitude! Providing typical moments of urban life in a new vertical concept. The tower would be composed of 41 floors in height and up to seven would be free of the traditional glass facades, recreating there fabulous patios with 360-degree views.

Skyscraper by the architectural studio Ode

These free plants would have up to 4.5 meters high, private green spaces of 260 square meters (which occupies the building floor) providing contact with nature at high altitude. At the same time, these spaces allow a drastic reduction of the wind on the building and create an imaginative silhouette with 10,800 square meters useful and 44 homes of which one will be an attic with terrace. What differentiates this building of the rest (also) is that there is behind a real estate promoter, Triangle Asset, which will become in reality this construction (We will see it?).

Building in the air

Although the most extraordinary view of the skyscrapers is we are going to give to the study Cloud AO, which has designed (nothing more and nothing less that) buildings in the air (Yes, I think equal ;). Analemma Tower is a project where the buildings are subject to an asteroid that orbits above the Earth, the lower and slower orbit part would be on Manhattan, where the users could disembark using a parachute.

Building in the air

Very proud of his business vision the architects say: “If the recent boom of residential towers shows that the sales per square foot price increases with elevation above the ground, then Analemma Tower will have record-high prices, thus justifying the high cost of construction… What barbarity! The form of construction will be very “simple”: prefabricated modules are raised to hang them from the asteroid using steel super-cables. I tell you now: I want to live there.



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