Can you imagine living in a drop-down house?

A company from the United Kingdom makes an architectural dream come true: retractable houses, put on and take off and adaptable to all terrain.


The architecture moves, even in spite of the professionals who exercise their dictator hand from the offices of the different administrations, preventing the development of a versatile and promising work, to impose some criteria designed outside the everyday, innovation and, many times, of common sense. Because in essence, we have all forgotten the origins of the word architecture and, therefore, its original meaning, that is, that it is the branch that defines the spaces with different materials looking for their maximum functionality, aesthetics and economy.

Well, we had already seen in this same medium where the trends in modular architecture are going, now we show you how a UK company has gone a step further, making these constructions mobile and … retractable! So, with just one button, you can deploy your home, business or office where you want. This does change things to… better!

From Ten Fold Engineering explain that their constructions do not need works for its implantation (eye with this, we can not believe it all), we do not need cranes to mount them (I’m sorry mister crane operator) in fact, we only need enough space so that a trailer can maneuver and deposit the cabin … that will open to our order occupying up to 3 times its volume! And, best of all, they already have the facilities made inside them, so you just have to use them.

They also tell us that the deployment takes about eight minutes and is done with the help of a simple (but practical) battery. As for space, its star model called TF-64 is inscribed in a container of 9 meters, with a surface (when deployed) of up to 64 square meters, although from the company they tell us that you can get up to 120 square meters in a Container of 12 meters long (a whole mansion). Obviously, these ‘homes’ can be folded back in the same eight minutes.

From small offices to large residences, everything is possible

The different modules can interact to generate more space, for example, if you want to go on vacation with the whole family (what value) or if you want to set up a summer university with different classrooms and student housing (what luck). In addition, they can be stacked, although here we must warn you something, even if the company says that your product does not need foundations, asks if you can stack several containers without them … The weight always needs distribution!

Once deployed it are 100% safe

Its interiors are adaptable to different users, so we can use them as a habitual residence, a house for guests, offices, hotels with charm or for stages and stores in festivals. When deploying a part of the partitions will conform the external structure and others will divide the internal space, allowing customers to decide their layout. Of course, the company has thought of everything and can connect batteries to supply energy needs or connect to a photovoltaic energy system. Storage tanks and / or water treatment can also be connected.

The constructions can be used for specific events

Due to the impact generated by the images disseminated by Ten Fold, they have rushed to tell us that: the project is real, prototypes already exist, as you can see in several of their videos, the construction will not crush you, even if it is easily retractable. Once fixed, it can not be retracted if a series of steps that guarantee security are not followed. The gusts of strong winds are not going to displace it, its heavy chassis and its anchorage will avoid it.

The units adapt to any orography

We continue with its explanations: it has a long useful life, due to the making of its elements that are durable and, in addition, are easily interchangeable. The panels are insulated from the outside, to avoid extreme temperatures, they are designed to withstand snow loads and their crystals can be double or triple. The units can be deployed anywhere, whatever their inclination or orography.

Being an expanding and recently created company, they are looking for manufacturers, from all latitudes, to help them achieve their goal of supplying these constructions by the end of the year 2,018 (previously in Europe). Retractable structures require little pressure to bring them to the site, hence their effectiveness and low cost. Although the company has not yet given prices, they say they will be really affordable, of course everything will depend on the needs and suggestions of the buyer.

The company uses ecological materials that respect the environment

As if this were not enough, the company also presumes that its creation is ecological and sustainable and that it offers a less destructive alternative and more respectful with the environment than traditional constructions (it hurts me there). They announce that their deployable homes can not only be self-sufficient, but they are also prepared to meet the most demanding sustainability standards, the famous BREEAM or LEED (always led).

There are already daring designs, such as the ‘Tree House’, which becomes a particular tree-shaped house or the ‘Moot Hall’ that transforms into a spectacular building shaped like a tent. What these designs envisage is the extreme variety of possibilities offered by the invention. Do you dare to design one? Get in touch with the company … maybe you are interested in your idea!

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