Do you know what Archtober is?

In October the architecture is celebrated in many cities of the world, this year we travel to New York, to see what they offer us.


One of the things we like most about New York is that, when something has to be done, it is done in a big way, with all the hype and cymbal that is capable of generating, no half measures, therefore, always insufficient Architecture Week, held in many cities of the world (does yours city?), but New York decided it was worth extending a little more, there is celebrated the Archtober (Architecture + October), the month of the architecture.

They are already in their seventh festival, with an extensive tour of the most popular city in the world, where they offer us a large variety of tours for emblematic buildings, conferences, exhibitions and a large amount of multimedia information with a single objective, to teach and enjoy the architecture and design that surround us in our daily lives. The official organizer is the Center for Architecture of New York, although more than 60 public and private organizations collaborate with him.

SeaGlass Carousel is the «Building of the Day» for October 5, 2017

The most important thing of the event is what they call «Building of the Day», which consists of daily visits to 31 buildings chosen by the organization, in the visits, different architects will be the guides that will illustrate us with all the most important characteristics of the construction. But it is not the only event, in fact, they have proposed so many activities that it would be impossible to attend all of them, so we advise you not to consider it. The best, enjoy the day you are in the city, the closest event or the one that most hypnotizes you.

For example, we could visit the SeaGlass Carousel on Thursday 05 at 12:45 (local time), a building designed by WXY Architecture, a modern carousel where we will not ride on the traditional horses … we will do it in fish of all kinds! Or we can attend, at the same time, a talk about how the Steel Tridents of the World Trade Center (bifurcated beams of the extinct skyscrapers) resisted the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11.

1903 building rehabilitated by the Dattner Architects studio

On 09, at 12:00 we will be able to visit a very special rehabilitation, which the Dattner Architects studio has carried out in a building of 1903, a public school in the Harlem neighborhood, abandoned for 40 years and now converted into affordable housing and Boys & Girls club center. And, if we hurry, we will embark on a very special cruise (depart at 01:45) sailing through the Hudson, East and Harlem rivers, where we will learn the architecture, infrastructure and urban planning of the city of New York (apotheosis).

Church of St. John the Divine of New York

Two days later, on October 11, we will approach the largest Neo-Gothic Cathedral in the world, despite being unfinished, the Church of St. John the Divine will leave us stone … And the explanations of the guide sure do not help too! (fancy) And, in the evening, starting at 6:30 p.m., we will visit the Guggenheim Museum, accompanied by the museum curator himself after it has been closed to the public.

Lincoln Square of New York

On October 14, historian Matt Postal will accompany us on a walking tour of Lincoln Square, telling us about its origin and evolution, the impact of Central Park in the area or the influence of the Lincoln Center. If we go with the family it will be fun to spend the afternoon exploring the architecture, the design and the construction … Creating a building to add it to the iconic city! In addition, this event will be free.

Views of the skyscrapers of the city

But if you thought we could celebrate the month of architecture without visiting a skyscraper you were very wrong. On the 17th we will go to number 56 on Leonard Street, where the building designed by Herzog & de Meuron awaits us, an imposing tower 250 meters high, 57 floors and almost 40,000 square meters of built surface. The intention of its creators is to provide the property with its own identity, for this they have formed a jagged silhouette with different facades and balconies everywhere, no straight lines, that is no longer used.

New York Art Center

And, stuck in the modern, what better to visit the work of Renzo Piano for Columbia University, the Center for the Arts. The property has a square base (60 x 60 meters) and includes an art gallery, a multimedia room with 150 seats and a room for conferences and seminars. On the same day, October 20, we will discover the work, influences and dedication of American furniture designers Lockwood de Forest (1850-1932) and John Lockwood Kipling (1837-1911), on the preservation of craftsmanship and design traditional Indians, visiting, by the way, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (already taken).

The Freshkills Park is the largest park in the city

On Sunday 22nd, nothing better than a walk through Freshkills Park, the largest park developed by the city of New York in over a hundred years, almost three times the size of Central Park and with a dark past: it was the largest landfill of the world (horrible title). Its views are incredible, and it is in full development, which is why it is an ecological and environmental challenge. Or, instead of being enveloped by the warm nature, we can visit and analyze the most important Art Deco skyscrapers: the Daily News, the American Radiator, the McGraw-Hill, the Chanin or the Paramount, to finish at the doors of the iconic representative of the New York capital: the Chrysler building.

The William Vale hotel of New York

You can not complain, we have visited buildings of attractions, churches, skyscrapers, we have navigated the rivers of the city, played to be architects, visited museums and conferences, and we have even been in the reform of a singular building (including its change of use), but as a final culmination to this article, we are going to propose another building, a hotel: The William Vale, designed by Albo Liberis. The property has 183 rooms of the most modern luxury, its 25 suites have incredible views of Manhattan, and, from its roof, we can enjoy 360 degree views of New York, although the best, of course, is its pool, the longest outdoor of Brooklyn. Of course, if you do not like the exposed itinerary … There are many more!

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