Rent an author’s house for your next getaway

White cards have been given to these young architects … And look what they have to do!


The images are in our hands or, rather, before our eyes. The latest infographics of what in the future will be one of the residential houses of ‘Solo Houses’. What is Solo Houses? It is a very crazy idea (in the best sense of the word) that the French have had, Christian Bourdais, real estate professional, and his wife, Eva Albarran, producer of modern art, through which they intend to create an exhibition of contemporary architecture at size real.

For this they needed two things: a place to build 15 houses, which they found in Spain, specifically, in the mountainous region of Matarraña, in the natural park of Els Prots, located in the province of Teruel, Aragón. The second: a large group of contemporary architects, they looked for it among the most renowned international architects, and of course, they did not find much resistance when proposing their participation.

These architects had not only the motivation to do a good job, there was also another additional incentive, that of having carte blanche in the preparation of their projects, a very attractive issue for those who live always linked to their clients. So, the idea is to create author’s houses that can be rented for cozy stays in one of the best places in the world, Spain (I admit, I’m a fan of the country).

The inverted pyramid of Takei and Nabeshima is impressive

The latest infographics that have come to us are those of the architecture studio TNA, Makoto Takei and Chie Nabeshima. In them they show us a spectacular inverted pyramid, formed by a reinforced concrete envelope (of course), which is anchored in the mountainside just above a pool with the same shape. Inside, the spaces are distributed on open platforms, communicating through a double central height.

Large windows provide light and ventilation where, in addition, customers can enjoy the incredible views of the surrounding forest. This residence is accessed through the lower part of the inverted pyramid, but the best thing, of course, is that from the three bedrooms of the property you will have access to the pool. It is obvious that if they execute it, this building will be very successful.

Maurizio Pezo and Sofia Von Ellrichshausen sign this original construction

Solo Houses has built up to now two buildings of the 15 planned,, the first was inaugurated in 2013. Designed by Mauricio Pezo y Sofia Von Ellrichshausen, a striking viewpoint whose essence is distinctly Mediterranean. Its symmetrical framework is generated from 16 columns that subdivide the space. Thus, the rooms can change use at the whim of the user.

In the center of the parallelepiped, an interior patio is occupied by a swimming pool, the best place to discover the peacefulness of the surroundings. Once again the star material is concrete, which molds all the rooms making them recognizable, durable and protective. The best: the spiral staircase of exquisite fracture, the worst: hanging a painting should be a mission for DIY professionals.

The residence of Geers and Van Severen was inaugurated this year

Another of the residences built bears the signature of the architecture studio of the Belgian Kersten Geers David Van Severen, and was inaugurated this year (2017). It is a circular construction that takes advantage of its location on a natural plateau to provide 360 ​​degree views. Of course, I confess that it is the house of my dreams, although, perhaps, it lacks some fruit trees in the middle of the patio…

The total area reaches 1,600 square meters, of which 1050 are garden. Of course, this luxury holiday home also has a swimming pool (if you do not put a pool, it is not for tourists). The interior is divided into living room, master bedroom and another for guests, each of 60 square meters. Although the incredible thing is how the flat roof seems to float in the air thanks to the fact that it is supported by four rows of nine pairs of columns.

It is a sustainable residence

All in all, this residence is the most sustainable thanks to the inclusion of photovoltaic panels, water tanks and sanitary hot water generators. The best, apart from having only one floor, is the collaboration of various artists: the textures of the ceiling were given by the painter  Pieter Vermeersch, the mobile streetlights of the artist Richard Venlet  and the iconic exterior mesh was created by the designers of  Muller Van Severen (WireS). This building is, for me, the maximum use of space understood for leisure, above all, its unique rock pool (my monothema, sorry).

They say from the CNN that Matarraña is the Spanish Tuscany, more it would like the Tuscany!, in short, each one with his. The location of the residences ensures that you can reach (or flee) through four international airports, namely, Barcelona, ​​Reus, Castellón and Valencia. The area has several attractions such as the beaches of the Delta del Ebro nature reserve (45 minutes by car), its Mediterranean landscape, its olive and almond groves, its gastronomy and, of course, its medieval villages anchored in the hills.

Barozzi y Veiga’s proposal has an intercommunicated exterior-interior space

Other homes are already designed, such as the work of the Barozzi/Veiga studio, whose office is located in Barcelona. A concatenation of majestic reinforced concrete buildings (again) that intercommunicate creating an interior space, being, at the same time, exterior. Simple but abrupt, these elements allow you to admire the surrounding landscape from an unusual position, and yes, one of them has a pool inside (you are right).

The geometric forest of Fujimoto

The architect Sou Fujimoto, who we already know, proposes us to take refuge in a geometric forest, a structure formed by wooden trunks united in an arbitrary way, which is enjoyed (added). This causes an open and protected place at the same time, the ying and yang that we like so much, in addition, it is a building suitable for climbers, who can enjoy the views on high as a reward for their audacity. I imagine it will be a magical place for many people, especially writers who need inspiration.

The almond-shaped building is signed by Marklee

Johnston Marklee (from Mumbai) also delights us with one of his curious, almond-shaped buildings, taking the imitation of the environment on an unusual scale. The New York studio of MOS has prepared a villa composed of four T-shaped structures, with vegetable terraces and, of course, a swimming pool. Finally, it is worth noting the design of Didier Faustino, a building that, I admit, is unspeakable to me.

The design of Didier Faustino is incredible

From my point of view, they have been right with the location places of the design houses, now the success of the business will depend on how they reach the future clients and if they will be willing to pay what they are worth. In any case, if the rent does not compensate, they can always sell the buildings. Surely they do not lack buyers!

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