A great aquarium for Gran Canaria

The island dresses up for 2018 with an aquarium of impressive magnitudes, with unbeatable expectations and a luxury location.


The isthmus of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, capital of the island of Gran Canaria, personalizes the city in a very peculiar way, it gives it what no other Spanish capital has: an arm of sand on which life passes in full lung. In addition, this elongated arm proposes the two most common needs in our coexistence: leisure, with the extensive and wonderful beach of Las Canteras on one side, and the task, with the Muelle de la Luz and Las Palmas on the other.

Now, with the recently built Poema del Mar aquarium, located on the land of the pier but with a clear predisposition to merge with the beach (through a walkway whose project is being executed) and in a position of great tourist influx since it is only a few meters from the cruise ship docking area, the isthmus begins to communicate formally between both sides: the city begins to be configured without divisions.

This complex is already one of the most emblematic structures of the island

The building is an architectural feat, an example of symbiosis and environmental respect, although, in the case of its intended use, it is clear that it is an obligation in your case … in short, that before birth is, in its own, a Iconic element more of the Canary Islands, if that were not enough, the promoters are none other than the owners of another great place of family entertainment on the islands: The Siam Park of Tenerife.

Although the official opening was on December 17, 2017, the doors will open to the public in 2018, so you have time to change your plans and come to visit. The interior is divided into three zones: the marine ecosystems of the surface, the marine ecosystems of the depth and the freshwater species, a whole journey that deals with the different living forms whose main environment is immersed in the liquid element.

12,500 square meters of surface area have been built

The OFS architecture studio in Navarra has been commissioned to design the complex, in its first proposal, a huge glass dome protruded spectacularly over the white concrete envelope, the city council technicians considered it too aggressive, so it was replaced for the current cover. As the classics would say: «I do not forget», that dome will remain forever in my memories.

In total, 12,500 square meters of surface have been built, where more than 2,000 specimens from different parts of the Orb, including animal and plant species, will hypnotize you completely. You will walk through jungles, cross rivers, you will delight in the presence of palm trees, abundant flora and an endless amount of fish, which you can see from outside a huge cylinder with more than 400,000 liters of water (which enjoyed).

The water showcase is amazing

This cylinder is, neither more nor less, than the largest curved glass in the world, yes, you read correctly, a huge piece of methacrylate of 140 tons in weight, 36 meters in length and seven in height, which takes care of 350 marine species inhabit inside. Methacrylate weighs half as much as glass and is much more resistant to impact, making it the ultimate material for this type of “water showcase”.

In the complex there are 35 other ecosystems

Up to 35 ecosystems will cohabit in the enclosure, being the approximate cost of the work of about 25 million euros, a bargain if we consider that about 7.5 million liters of fresh and salt water will be used. Fernando Clavijo, president of the Government of the Canary Islands, appreciated the investment effort of the promoters and added: «This work is an example of sustainability and tourism excellence.»

The envelope houses some 3,000 luminaries capable of forming the threatening figure of a shark

Its name, Poema del Mar, has an enormous meaning for the islanders, since it is a tribute to Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre, an international artist from Gran Canaria, whose works can highlight the paintings where Interpret the states of the sea at different times of the day. The Poema del Mar collection consists of several canvases: El Mediodía and La Tarde, Noche, Bajamar, Pleamar, Reposo and Borrasca. As you can see, the name of the aquarium could not be more accurate.

Part of the proceeds will go to the conservation of marine species

The 8,500 square meters on which the aquarium sits make it the largest in Europe, and therefore one of the most spectacular in the World. One of the peculiarities that make it special is its white concrete facade of 7,600 square meters, with a height of 20 meters. The envelope houses some 3,000 LED luminaires (always led’s), capable of forming the threatening figure of a shark.

Half a million visits per year are expected

Of course, their aspirations are not only economic, so when you buy the ticket, which will cost you between 18 and 25 euros (price yet to be determined), you can sleep peacefully knowing that part of that money is used for the conservation of many marine species , for academic research (agreements have been signed with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Institute of Animal Health and the Cabildo Insular).

Annual visits are expected to reach 500,000, and the contribution of the aquarium will make it a benchmark for marine conservation in the Atlantic. We will have to enjoy the place before they copy it!

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