Would you like to live like Bruce Willis?

If this artist is among your favorites, do not forget to admire the duplex he has put up for sale: it is synonymous with good taste.


You are in Manhattan, run the year 2015 and you are one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood, it is clear that you have to buy an apartment … No !, better, you must buy a duplex in the middle of Central Park: it is your obligation. So … What better place than an emblematic building, before the Great War, designed by architects Simon I. Schwartz and Arthur Gross (architects of eight historic buildings in Central Park West)?

The duplex has 557 square meters

Well, you buy it, along with your brand new wife Emma Heming Willis, radiant model and blogger, as well as philanthropist. The property has 557 square meters, and has cost you 16.99 million dollars (14.56 euros), but do not see how cool it is, and where: in the front line of the most televised park of the world, specifically, at 271 Central Park West, a jewel, yes, you are proud, you have chosen well.

It is at number 271 in Central Park West, in New York

But of course, you didn’t have a broad-spectrum handicap, apart from your many social incursions, you’ve been filming First Kill, Death Wish that will be released in March 2018, or the sixth installment of the saga Die Hard, which will be released in 2019.

So little time have you enjoyed such a spectacular place, you know that your obligation (another one?) is to sell this property, should not remain forgotten.

You take pencil and paper, no, better the tablet, the one that nice producer gave you (what memories) and you start to list the advantages of the building. It is not a skyscraper, which goes, it has only 13 floors, in which 26 apartments with market values ​​between 4 and 16 million dollars (3.27 and 13.09 euros) are located, of course, the best is that it is on a fourth floor (ideal if the elevator breaks) and has (neither more nor less than) 20 windows between its two floors (it is a duplex, do not forget).

It has two living rooms

The façade, of the traditional terracotta brick (the greatest example of a highly versatile building element), overlooks the mentioned park and, its smaller side (with only two windows per floor), to 87th Street. Inside you can enjoy 6 bedrooms, four bathrooms, a toilet, a beautiful kitchen, library, two living rooms and a lobby to receive your guests, of course, you also have laundry and a cozy wine store.

The house has six bedrooms

Do not forget to indicate that, originally, they were two apartments that merged to become one. The idea was not yours, although it could have been, but it is fair to mention who had it, its former owner Wesley Edens, the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, who demolished part of the slab and communicated the plants through a two-section staircase, well, just as you would have taken the opportunity to put a small forklift, but what is done is done.

The house has four bathrooms and a toilet

In honor of the truth, I never finished convincing you about having the entrance on the fourth floor and the main rooms on the third, but one gets used to everything … The fact is that the Upper West Side has always been your favorite place in New York, and you’re going to be very sad to leave, «I’ll always be a guy from the Upper West Side.» I’ve been living here and there since the 70s,” you said in a statement, but you will come back, of course.

The distribution is as follows: from the lobby you access a living room, with dining room included, and the main hall. This communicates with the kitchen, the second living room, the library and a bedroom (for domestic service). What good times you have spent in the kitchen, bright as few, with two spectacular Sub-Zero refrigerators and a Viking brand kitchen with six burners (the more, the better).

The hallway has a staircase that joins the two floors

From the hallway you take the wooden step ladder to the lower floor, which includes five bedrooms (including the main one), a bathroom with spa (steam shower and separate bathtub), laundry and a storage room. The light is not a problem, the property is full of large windows, which bathe, for example, the wonderful natural granite countertop of the kitchen and its island, where you have verified that you have breakfast like an artist.

The house is full of details

The apartment has electric shutters, centralized air conditioning (lower consumption), minimalist design with neutral colors (broken white and beige tones), wooden floors, sash windows with narrow frames and carpets everywhere (to make the rooms more pleasant) . In addition, pets are allowed in the community, they only have a maximum of two homes per floor, they have a concierge and elevator, a main warehouse and a bicycle parking lot.

The building has all kinds of services

At the back of the complex, there is a half basketball court where you can stretch your muscles and entertain yourself for a while (if you don’t prefer to go to the Starbucks in the back block). Of course, you have to pay a monthly maintenance of 11,879 dollars (9,718 euros), but that did not stop you, so you do not have to think that it is a problem for its future owner. You have already thought of a price: you will sell this jewel for 17.75 million dollars (14.52 euros), not much more than what you paid just two years ago.

The distribution plan in the house

It’s a bargain, and you know it, too bad you’re not Bruce Willis, or that this apartment is yours to sell as the popular actor is doing, yes, if you have a chance, you’ll get him.

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