The best house in the world to do yoga

Goes to market he home of photographer Michael O’Neill, author of the book ‘The architecture of peace’.


According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, architecture is “the art of designing and building buildings” or also the “design of a construction”. This definition seems very scarce to me, as if they were afraid to give body and form to the term or, at least, to bring the dictionary closer to what, nowadays, is the architecture for most people.

Because it doesn’t escape anyone that when talking about business architecture, legal architecture or the architecture of a sentence, a building or part of it is not being built or designed. In this way, when I first read the title of the book ‘The Architecture of Peace’, it did not occur to me for a moment to think that it was dedicated to an iconic building that promulgates world peace, au contrarie, I knew that its author ( and photographer), the famous Michael O’Neill talked about something else.

The house occupies a total of 418 square meters

Now, the most adventurous fans of the yoga lover, have a golden opportunity, to live between the four walls that he ordered to build for him and his family in The Hamptons, a haven of peace in a luxury urbanization located in the Wainscott South neighborhood. The building was designed by the Bernheimer Architecture studio, with the collaboration of architect Jared Della Valle, to configure this idyllic place where you can classify photos with peace of mind.

The kitchen is very spacious and bright

For the modest amount of 4.6 million dollars (3.70 euros), you can live on 3,300 square meters of land of which a large part are occupied by a dense tree mass. Of course, as a good neighbor, you will have to contribute 8,439 dollars annual tax rate (6,790 euros). But you will face that tax burden with joy in order to reside where once the book ‘The Architecture of Peace’ was forged.

The designer created a two-story home that occupies a total of about 418 square meters of space, in which four bedrooms are distributed, each with its bathroom, a toilet and a living room that includes dining room and kitchen. Of course, the property has a garage for a brand vehicle and a mega pool for the enjoyment of the family. In addition, a small photography studio independent of the main structure could not be missing.

The pool is the main attraction of the outdoor plot

The division of spaces is simple: ground floor for social spaces and the upper floor for rest (bedrooms). The envelope is configured with red cedar lining, a type of wood that is extracted from the Thuja Plicata or Tuya Gigante tree and that occurs mainly in the western United States. It is a workable wood that is mainly used as a coating and, formerly, for the shipbuilding industry.

The wood is integrated into the building to give a cozy and attractive air

The elegant wood has been installed on horizontal slats to those who have made a milling on one side, so the step creates a play of shadows that attracts the viewer (and future buyer?). As the main structure, protecting from the outside, fiber cement panels filled with insulating material are anchored to the main steel structure, all to avoid the most damaging effects of the weather when it comes to opposing states.

The photography studio opts for the same design, with the same materials, although its 68 square meters of surface are accompanied by the same surface underground, there you can reveal the photographs without fear that the powerful daylight spoils the negatives. One of the most recurring elements of this building is the skylights, located everywhere, providing light in abundance.

The house is very bright and has natural light in all rooms

The imager of companies like Paramount Pictures, Rolling Stone magazine, the New York Times, Universal Pictures or Vanity Fair magazine or characters like Richard Nixon, Michael Jordan, Evander Holyfield, or golfer Arnold Palmer, He must have felt really good knowing that his home was literally taking care of the environment, among other things, because it was designed for it.

This home has been custom made for one of the most important photographers of the last 50 years

In this way, a geothermal heat pump provides heating and cooling of the house in a high percentage, as well as the needs of hot water. The remaining percentage can be obtained from the 35 photovoltaic panels that have been installed on the flat roof, capable of generating 6 kilowatts, this makes the building energy independent of the consumption network for most of the time, it surely has a huge Letter A in its energy efficiency certificate.

Everything is very common… Large glass carpentry with black aluminum frames in the living room that communicate with the outside of the plot where the gunite pool or projected mortar is located, fireplace in the living room, a music system integrated in the house of the company Sonos, floor with radiant heating, Venetian stucco, beech floors, corten steel panels or windows with electric opening.

The living room has direct access to the garden and the pool

Let’s not fool ourselves, this house has been custom-made for one of the most important photographers of the last 50 years, a yoga fan, but it is clear, it is a house of this century for people who think about protecting nature and … themselves! I do not want to finish this article without encouraging you to use the word «architecture» in the context that you consider most appropriate, as long as it is… edifying! (You understand me;)

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