This is the new home of George and Amal Clooney

A beautiful silver skyscraper is about to open its doors. Among its neighbors are George Clooney and Cindy Crawford.


What do Cindy Crawford and George Clooney have in common? They have in common that both are, with their respective partners, owners of a brand new luxury apartment soon, both apartments are located in one of the new skyscrapers that illuminate Manhattan with new brios, and led´s lights (always led´s), buildings with much to say in the architectural and real estate world.

cindy crawford y george clooney b
One of the new skyscrapers in New York

Do you want to know what this wonderful building is? Well, we tell you, it’s called One Hundred East Fifty Third Street and it’s located in the location that gives it its name. The 100e53, as its fans call it, is a complex of two buildings, one with 9 floors that houses commercial areas and luxury lofts, and another with 61 floors for residential use.

The responsible for the design is the most famous architecture studio in the world, it is called Foster + Partners (does it sound to you?) And it was ready to be executed in the distant 2005, but with this crisis it was not started to build until 2008. The good news for Clooney and Crawford is that it is almost finished and, except for force majeure, will be inaugurated in a few months, and so you can enjoy your new property.

cindy crawford y george clooney c
The skyscraper reaches 217 meters high

As they say on their website, there are few apartments to sell, so you should hurry if you are interested in buying one of its 94 units. The skyscraper reaches 217 meters high, has 30,000 square meters of constructed area, its proportions follow a ratio of 16:01, giving a feeling of impressive narrowness, which has nothing to envy to the thinnest building in the world, also in New York.

cindy crawford y george clooney f
The location of the property is magnificent

George and Amal Clooney were interested in the property in 2016, according to US media, attracted, perhaps, by the silver envelope of the building? Because of its location next to another iconic skyscraper, the Seagram Building, built by Mies Van Der Rohe? The case is that they were right, the silver-colored glass and aluminum skin folds in east and west directions, distributing sunlight, the simple facade offers the city a fresh new image, there is no doubt.

Of course, the windows are panoramic, from floor to ceiling, as is usually done in these cases to ensure maximum views. According to DeSimone Consulting Engineers, the structure’s calculators, it is made of state-of-the-art reinforced concrete, based on an inner core (which houses a staircase and up to nine elevators) and external pillars, that is, that give maximum possibilities of internal distribution.

cindy crawford y george clooney h
The apartments are very bright

Together with Norman Foster, another architecture studio, the SLCE Architects, has worked and between the two they have made this marvel possible, which was originally designed to be a 7-star hotel … but the plans changed, like life itself. Do not get sad, residents can enjoy a wellness center with steam room, sauna, spa and a great indoor pool and to take care of the mind, they will have a library of the most luxurious.

cindy crawford y george clooney gg
It has an indoor pool and wellness center

Interior designer William T. Georgis visually accommodated the apartments and common areas. In this way, the spectacular views of the building do not detract from the unique finishes, marble and granite, solid oak doors, stairs with stainless steel railings, polished concrete pavements with diamond (giving greater brightness), double-leaf windows with protection against ultraviolet rays, central heating, underfloor heating and bronze accessory elements shine inside.

cindy crawford y george clooney i
The building has double leaf windows with protection against ultraviolet rays

But as food is also important, they have hired acclaimed French chef Joël Robuchon, who has 32 Michelin stars, to offer his delicacies on the first two floors of the skyscraper. We ignore if this encouraged Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, to buy an apartment or it was the proximity of the Clooney, of which they were already neighbors in Mexico.

cindy crawford y george clooney j
The owner has access to a luxury lifestyle management system

The fact is that both couples can enjoy Quintessentially Lifestyle, an award-winning luxury lifestyle management service, specialists in providing the good things in life. They provide their members with whatever they want and solve the most pressing problems, helping them enjoy their days. This service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week (of course).

What have you encouraged and want to know a little more about prices and surfaces? Well there goes an ice cream cart: If you want a one-bedroom apartment prepare 2.45 or 3.88 million dollars (1.98 or 3.12 euros) asking for one with 106 and 169 square meters respectively. If you prefer two, with surfaces between 183 and 428 square meters, prepare between 4.5 and 9.3 million dollars (3.63 and 7.49 euros) or one of three with 315 square meters by 13.28 million (10.70).

cindy crawford y george clooney k
The apartments are spectacular

Although the icing on the cake is still at your disposal, get ahead of Crawford and Clooney and get the unparalleled Penthouse A, located on the 60th and 61st floors, a duplex with the best views of 100e53 (we already entered into confidence) for the “modest” amount of 65 million dollars (52,30 euros) … has four beautiful rooms, as many bathrooms and a toilet, all distributed in its 628 square meters.

cindy crawford y george clooney l
Fully customized lighting and decoration

Are you an art collector? Well, you’re in luck, the developer of this skyscraper, Aby Rosen, is an art lover and presumes that the complex is designed for collectors. The Starphire windows, the large interior height of the houses (just over 3 meters) and the personalized lighting contribute to this. As usual, the promoters have joined the car of social networks and Instagram delights us with everything that happens and / or happens in the unique skyscraper … Although I doubt that celebrities such as Clooney or Crawford appear there …

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