15 tips for the future house of Paula Echevarría

The actress has visited the company Modernity S.L., where they build modular houses, some tips never go wrong in these cases.


Paula Echevarría has visited the company Modernity S.L., (of which Bertín Osborne is a partner) that makes modular houses. And if she decide to buy … here are some tips on this type of property. The first is that yes, you are encouraged to install one of these wonderful homes on her solar.

We are not talking at all about prefabricated houses, but about modular houses, with great versatility, fast execution and high performance, being able to reach the maximum parameters of energy efficiency, and there goes the second advice. These parameters are not enough for them to tell us, what is worth it is that they certify it, that is, that the company that builds the house documents how and why it is efficient, and it would be the bomb if they say how to improve it in the future.


The third is that a garage on the ground floor is preferable to one under ground level (partially or totally), this solution should only be practiced in cities where the ground is limited and the possibilities are lower. Nothing like parking your vehicle (electric if possible) and opening the door to leave the purchase in the pantry or rest on your favorite sofa without having to climb stairs.

Fourth: of course it is advisable to have a basement, but we will use it as a storage room, workshop or even as a panic room which we will access by a classic and simple staircase (the best invention of humanity) and by a forklift, They invented the machines to preserve our backs in the best possible conditions. Fifth: the pool is essential and cannot be waived, if you have to leave the car in the open, well, what are we going to do! But it should be forbidden to build without a pool.

la casa modular de paula echevarría dThe modular housing allows you to design the home to your lifestyle

Sixth: analyze how your life regime is and apply it to the design of your future home, this will take you a few minutes, and, hopefully, you will never stop to think about it when your house is finished. Nothing to ask yourself. Why wouldn’t I have put on a bigger dressing room? Or why didn’t I put three bathrooms instead of two? The best is a bedroom more than those that are going to be used regularly, and a room that can be transformed into a bedroom when there is an emergency (office, gym, etc).

la casa modular de paula echevarría e
Do not forget a large, well equipped and bright kitchen

Seventh: an “L” or “U” shaped building offers more versatility, although it is more expensive and less efficient (the more difficult the outer surface is to control heat losses). Eighth: the pergolas are mandatory when you have a garden, a place to sit and enjoy your free time with your family and friends has no price in the market, the cost or you will notice when you make the budget at a rate of 1,000 or 1,200 euros per square meter.

la casa modular de paula echevarría f
The furniture suspended in the bathrooms facilitates its cleaning

Ninth: Concrete walls offer fantastic features, use it, in bathrooms and kitchens the best are suspended furniture and appliances, cleaner and practical impossible. Tenth: The orientation is crucial for a house, as a general rule, the ideal is to design the property by placing the kitchen and living room on the south side, so, we will take advantage of the heat in winter and protect ourselves from it in summer.

la casa modular de paula echevarría g
In a modular house it is very simple to orient the rooms

Eleventh: Although the house is modular, there will be some technicians behind, you know, architects and technical architects, know them, explain how you want your home and be informed of the pros and cons. They are the best guide to ensure that your home is durable, adapts to your needs and tastes and, above all, guarantees that it will comply with the legal requirements inherent in any construction. Eye, they are changeable, if you choose someone who does not convince you: fire him.

Twelfth tip: The fewer plants the most comfortable home has, but whatever plants it has, what is obvious is that it will have a cover, so it is ideal to leave an access to it for periodic maintenance: either in shape of spiral staircase in a corner, in the form of a folding hatch or, why not, that the basement forklift reaches the deck.

la casa modular de paula echevarría h
A modular home allows you to create bright and spacious spaces

Twelfth plus one (touches wood): Modular houses can be made of various materials, concrete, wood, metal structure with aluminum plates … the important thing is that you like the result, touch the materials before choosing them (this is very Zen, true?). Fourteenth: The windows are a necessary evil, it break the envelope and allow the entrance of adverse climatic changes, so pay close attention, where it are not necessary, that it are not and where it are essential, that it are not scarce.

la casa modular de paula echevarría i
Modular housing materials also favor its decoration

Fifteenth: Building a home from scratch is a great adventure, enjoy it, get involved, your work and your day to day will suffer a little while you do it, but your future will thank you. Put the utmost love in the choice of interior design, being that way, when you finish it, it will be a joy to live in it and, if necessary, it will also be easier to sell it (what we do with love always has more value).

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