Sheet metal house ‘Brutal Modern’ to enjoy nature

A spectacular house of corrugated sheet is for sale in Louisiana, for the modest amount of almost 200.000 dolars, and it includes 1.58 hectares of land.


If you plan to move to Louisiana, to spend a few years there, nothing better than living in the middle of nature, feeling the effects of the subtropical climate (humid and warm most of the year). Also, if you want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the most populous city in the State, New Orleans, it is best to move to Mt. Hermon, a small rural town two hours away by car and live in one of these sheet metal houses.

It is a charming house, a spectacular single-storey one-story house, rectangular, built less than six years ago, in 2014, with a peculiarity that does not go unnoticed: it is erected with corrugated steel sheets. With a unique style, which its owner and designer has called ‘Brutal Modern’, I’m sorry, I refuse to translate it… 😉

vivir en medio de la naturaleza b
This house is in a small town in New Orleans

The house imitates a container, of those with which the most diverse materials are transferred to our favorite businesses, and that serve, among other things, to manufacture football stadiums… Its dimensions are just over six meters wide by 30 long, and the interior useful area is 167 square meters. The design allows the absence of dividing walls, which hinder everyday life, except for some translucent screen, and some opaque, safeguarding the most intimate areas.

vivir en medio de la naturaleza c

It has a glazed porch to enjoy the sunny days

A glazed porch with a striking blue carpentry is the star, a perfect place to enjoy the sunny days, reading a book or talking with our friends in Spain. Its creator thought about living without major complications, the corrugated steel sheet envelope allowed him to make a simple, fast and useful, ecological construction with great energy saving capacity.

vivir en medio de la naturaleza d
The interior of the house is spacious and bright

This saving derives from the metal’s ability to allow insulating materials to be housed inside it with low effort and great effectiveness. Corrugated metal panels are well known, especially, they have been widely used for industrial buildings, workshops or farms. But some years ago it has aroused the interest of many architects for other uses, such as housing.

vivir en medio de la naturaleza e
It is made with resistant and durable materials

It is a low cost, versatile material to be dissected, curved and assembled with great technical simplicity. In addition, it is very durable, easy to transport and maintain, resistant to inclement weather and adaptable to the most adverse weather conditions, not to mention its low weight, which allows its implementation in any terrain.

vivir en medio de la naturaleza f
The house has all kinds of amenities

For only 199,000 dollars, equivalent to 161,697 euros, you can have this wonderful undulating building, with a modest roof to a water, installed on a concrete slab, and surrounded by 1.58 hectares of land. Inside, the distribution is organized in two parts, on one side kitchen, dining room and living room, and on the other, the bedroom and a large study, dividing both the bathroom, where you can also enjoy the wavy metal surface while you showers.

vivir en medio de la naturaleza g
A large and complete kitchen

When folding the sheet a greater resistance of the material is achieved, since the best form of transmission of efforts is the curve. This allows a considerable reduction of the thickness of the sheet, thus, lights of fourteen meters can be reached for thicknesses of 1.2 millimeters. Of course, the thickness and length depend on the use of the plates and the loads to which they are going to be subjected.

vivir en medio de la naturaleza h
Spacious and bright spaces in a unique home

On the other hand, if you have no intention of living in Louisiana, you can buy a land anywhere in the country and build your own home with corrugated or corrugated sheet, yes, my advice is that you contact a technician who supervises the work and you help legalize it properly, you know, what is done well lasts much longer.

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