Change your life by painting your house

Colors accentuate or appease emotions, protect against contamination, dirt and avoid cracks in walls, discover more by reading this article!


Oh, summer! That wonderful time that allows us to disconnect from the bustling routine noise in which our lives travel, and yes, it is true that during the year we have many dates and opportunities to ‘distract’ the routine, but none like the star station, which coincides with the greater presence of the Sun star, of that we know a lot here, in Spain, where it wave the best blue flags of Europe.

But this hot section of the year not only allows us to travel to unknown places, undertake adventures in distant lands or, of course, reconcile with the peace of our wonderful and traditional rural villages, there is something more abundant during the equator of the year. This time is the most used to execute the reforms and / or rehabilitations that we need and / or want in our home.

Summer is the best time of year to paint the house

The reasons are very simple, we have more daylight hours, we are in a better mood, we have less cold (than always lethargy), more free time and, above all, we have the maximum motivation: knowing that changing our house will make the rest of the year be different from the previous one. So, whether you intend to demolish that awkward partition, change the outdated kitchen or improve heating to make it more efficient, we are going to advise you about something that is essential in every work: Paint.

Surely you already knew, but it does not hurt to repeat it: colors change your life. They affect your emotions, your behavior, the intensity with which you make your day to day, so an appropriate choice will improve your lifestyle (how I like this word), your personal well-being, in addition, with the right products, We will graduate the internal contamination and improve the hygiene (yes, you read correctly), the colors are wonderful, so we spend a little time.

Sto Iberian has many shades to paint any room

The Sto Iberian company, experts in interior and exterior finishes, with considerable experience in national territory (they have made more than 1,500 works in Spain) and subsidiaries of Sto SE & Co. KGaA, a company with German DNA, explain what we should consider when It is about choosing the right color focused on the emotions that each one can evoke.

The white: It transmits freshness and tranquility and it is shown that it increases the ability to concentrate. In addition, at the design level, it brings luminosity and breadth. We know that it is the favorite of many designers, but it is not the only one, we continue!

Combining colors is an optimal option for swimming pools or sports environments

The black: It is synonymous with mystery, strength and seriousness. Although it favors introversion, it brings elegance. However, it steals a lot of light, so it must be applied in small doses, everything in life requires measuring the necessary amount, and yes, we all need some mystery and elegance in our lives …

Yellow: It generates positivity and a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to its energy and vitality, it helps fight depression and develops intellect. When we use this color we usually ignore its great possibilities.

The yellow tones generate positivity

Reddish tones: Due to their ability to convey feelings of passion and aggressiveness, can be too stressful. However, if used sparingly or to contrast light colors, they can give a differential touch to certain parts or elements of the home: the television area in the living room, frames and door windows …

The cream: It is the most used color. It has a neutral and soft character and, most importantly, it combines with any tone and causes a sensation of neatness. It is a color that should not be missing in our homes, in toilets or hallways, in meeting places or kitchens, the best, its wide range makes its virtues go unnoticed with a good design.

Blues generate positivity

The range of greens: symbolize nature and freshness in its most vivid tones (lime green) or tranquility and stability in softer tones. We identify it with nature, it facilitates biophilia, a theory by which human beings keep in our interior links with the nature from which we start, a green should not be missing, either, in our homes.

The blues: provide serenity, introspection and relax the senses if it are used in clear expressions. However, can be cold and not very cozy. In its strongest shades, blue suppresses appetite and stimulates thinking. In pastel or light blue helps you fall asleep.

The light blue tones are very striking

The purples: It is the most artistic range of colors. It presents opposite qualities. On the one hand it is linked to meditation, especially in its softer range for its sedative effect, and on the other hand it has a darker and more powerful end that is related to passion and fantasy. It should not be abused because it tends to cause a depressive effect, but it is clear that passion and fantasy should not be lacking in our day to day.

The roses: Increasingly widespread, its use in interior rooms is one of the most successful options to transmit a cozy and comforting environment, especially in stick tones, since its influence the feelings inviting them to be kind, soft and deep. A whole discovery.

You can play with the color to change the brightness of the rooms

In addition to these characteristics we must take into account that the color varies with the light intensity, so, the same room will need a different degree of the same color depending on the location of the house or the type of artificial light used. It is always advisable to analyze the different shades according to the lighting conditions: natural or artificial, morning and afternoon, sunny or cloudy, etc.

Another factor that we must take into account is the architectural style. Especially when the painting is outside, it can «stain» or «distort» the idea or concept that drove the designer. Inside, when the house has high ceilings, prominent moldings, cornices and rosettes it is advisable not to abuse the strong colors, in these cases we will go to ranges that stand out less. The morphology of the rooms points to this influence, in this way, irregular rooms need neutral colors with the same hue, according to the company.

And you can always let your imagination run wild

The best: painting changes our lives, protects us against pollution and damage. Good paintings not only help the aesthetics of our home, they also encourage us, generate intimacy, desire to study, socialize and help rebuild our thoughts. The new paints, in addition, are capable of providing reliable protection against damp, dirt or harmful substances, providing a barrier effect, preventing the formation of cracks, dirt and the proliferation of microorganisms. Do you want to paint this summer? Say yes 😉

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