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This is the ‘Mutante Building’, the second most expensive in Madrid

The Castellana 77 is reborn, with a more modern aesthetic, with a new concept and, more importantly, with more market value. If designing and constructing a building from scratch (what is called new construction) is a complex and important task involving many factors and actors and whose end is always the product of the good

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The Titanium Armour

The first building in US that use as exterior cladding the titanium… and it is a Library!! Hi, a great friend reproached me than, reading my articles, he was waiting with joy that I visited his island («his» because it is your property, not because he live there). I had not forgotten the Oak Island,

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A pool overlooking the Empire State

New York teaches us to enjoy its unique changing landscapes with style… of height! The city of New York opens this year a new icon in its Skyline, a couple of buildings on the coast of the East River, looking towards Queens, whose major characteristic is not the height, or the surface, typology, or the form, being all these of

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Dancing on the Hublot facade

The brand of watches Hublot opened its new boutique in New York, the highest that possesses in United States. Hi, my fondness for the good read is known «around the World» (would say an English), my fondness for the good food (gourmet, of course) is not less known and, finally, my exquisite sense of smell

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The tulip korean of Dior

Seam in the outside, seam in the inside, not could have been erected a best Mansion in Seoul for the luxury brand by excellence. Hi, how affects the maximum expression of the luxury to the architecture? Or, expressed in another way, can we understand the architecture without the luxury? If you ask to your tireless

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