This will be the most modern sphere-shaped building in London

London will have a spherical cultural stage of a high technological level, with an envelope capable of projecting spectacular images.

London will have a spherical cultural stage of a high technological level, with an envelope capable of projecting spectacular images.

«If you can imagine it, you will be able to build it» is a common maxim in architecture, although many professionals refuse to apply it. Perhaps they do so when they find themselves unable to formalize their most unexpected ideas, or imbued with a self-conscious spirit that forces them to set limits. However, in these pages we have seen that the craziest goals, if you work hard, can be achieved.

Esfera Londres
Soon London will have a building in the shape of a sphere and covered with screens

The Madison Square Garden project in London

In the capital of the United Kingdom, London, they have proved us right, finally giving approval to a project that, when built, will be a true architectural and technological revolution. A spectacular setting of colossal dimensions, not comparable with its economic and cultural impact. A stage for life, for the enjoyment of thousands or millions of people in the future.

Esfera Londres
Madison Square Garden is the company behind the new building in London

The company behind this unique property is Madison Square Garden, which is building another sphere-shaped building in Las Vegas, the MSG Sphere The Venetian, scheduled for completion in 2023. However, the London sphere will have an even greater economic impact than its sister in the US. Or at least, that’s what its creators estimate, whose market study led them to say that spaces for events are scarce in the city.

Esfera Londres
The work is expected to begin in the coming months and finish in 2023

A sphere-shaped building in London with a height of 90 meters

The fact is that the spherical stage proposed by the Populous architecture studio, specialists in the construction of entertainment buildings, has obtained administrative clearance for its construction.

The works will begin as soon as the minutes are signed in the town hall, the company is organized, a construction company is found, and other procedures. I imagine that the largest construction companies in the country are already with their sabers raised.

Esfera Londres
The sphere will have a height of 90 meters and capacity for 21,500 people

The property will occupy a triangular-shaped plot, surrounded by railway lines, which will condition, above all, its accesses. Its height will be 90 meters, higher than the Ericsson Globe Arena, and it will be located very close to the Olympic Park. The building will have capacity for 21,500 people, about 17,566 seated spectators.

Esfera Londres
Its greatest characteristic will be the technological innovation that it will have both inside and outside

Highlights of the London Sphere Building

Of course, the auditorium will occupy the center of the sphere and will be adjacent to restaurants, cafes, and a members’ club. The interior concave roof will be filled with LED lights in an immersive way, that is, hidden, so that they can be used during eSport electronic sports.

Esfera Londres
The entire ceiling will be full of LEDs and in the center a large digital screen.

A podium will raise the sphere so that it can be seen better and it will be the place where some shops and a nightclub will be located. Now, if you think that the greatest show will be inside the sphere or in the very structure of the building, you will be wrong. The greatest show will be on the outer convex surface, covered by digital screens capable of forming images, texts and whatever crazy thing you can think of.

Esfera Londres
The screens will also be present on the outer deck

A new space for entertainment in London

The idea of the MSG company is to achieve a milestone in current entertainment, being world pioneers in digital experiences. Thus, the construction will be provided with what will be the largest and highest resolution multimedia screen in the world. Added to this is an exquisite array of high-tech audiovisual equipment, such as a «custom spherical camera system and adjustable acoustic systems.»

Esfera Londres
The auditorium will feature the largest and highest resolution multimedia screen in the world

In addition, the design contemplates the placement of special seats to provide greater hospitality to a number of people, opening the range to a larger audience and, of course, providing specific comfort spaces for the artists.

Esfera Londres
The construction will employ more than 4,000 people

It will generate an economic impact of 50 million pounds a year

Obviously, all great construction obtains a great economic impact. According to the organizers, there will be a recruitment of 4,300 jobs during the construction phase and 3,200 jobs every year as soon as the building activity begins. But there is more, they estimate a positive economic impact of 2,700 million pounds sterling, about 3,200 euros, in the first twenty years and revenue of more than 50 million pounds a year, 59 euros.

Esfera Londres
This new building will give London a new place dedicated exclusively to entertainment

Of course, it can rain a lot in twenty years and the forecasts can be wrong. However, a well-constructed building with today’s greatest impact digital tools will always be a gift for any city, especially when its envelope can produce truly spectacular images that invade the night space. Cities are not spaces of peace, they are spaces to move.

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