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The Titanium Armour

The first building in US that use as exterior cladding the titanium… and it is a Library!! Hi, a great friend reproached me than, reading my articles, he was waiting with joy that I visited his island («his» because it is your property, not because he live there). I had not forgotten the Oak Island,

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The Obama (Presidential) Library

Barack Obama has presented his future presidential library, a modern Centre which will be located in a historic park in Chicago. What have in common Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush?, moreover (clear) of to be Presidents of North America. Very easy, they have already his presidential library, as a mark

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The building more imposing of Azerbaijan has signature of woman

Zaha Hadid revolutionized the world of the architecture and did so with current materials, computer media and a ruthless elegance. “Thanks Zaha”, thought Ebrahim,while he get off the car, the first, as it could not be otherwise. Behind him36 people more, prepared to meet with the goal that the famous artist hadpromised months back, in

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Athens invests in Culture

Renzo has designed the most important Cultural building of the Greek world, one that gives coverage to the Opera, reading and nature.   «It is a tragedy – snapped the old lady to the journalist – a modern Greek tragedy», was not the only Athenian thinking this, in the city, did not speak of something

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The Cloud of the Wisdom

The traditional Arab Architecture has found a new icon in Saudi Arabia … a building inside another! Hi, I was completely desperate, nervous and uneasy, I know that you are not used to seeing me in this permanent tension, but you should not be surprised, after all, you know not my hobby to architecture. My

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The Curtain of Terracotta

A library in Italy uses the terracotta bricks in an unusual way, sorry, in the most unusual way of the World. Hi, in middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a very peculiar island that could well be worth to build a great building, using materials and systems of construction that I have been describing in

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