Do you want to be a neighbor of Bruce Willis?

If you like Hollywood stars, this is a golden opportunity to reside near one … Right in his building!


Since childhood you have dreamed of being close to one of the stars of Hollywood, a challenge that could not be realized due to circumstances beyond your control. But everything can change or, at least, that must be the philosophy of life that enriches us the most … well, now you have a golden opportunity to live very close to one of the biggest (and most beloved) celluloid stars, nothing more and nothing less than Bruce Willis.

To do this you must meet three requirements: the first (and most obvious) is to reside in New York or be willing to travel regularly to the Big Apple, the second (and more material) is to have (or be able to obtain) the 4,785 million dollars (4.10 euros) asking for the property; and the third (and most urgent) to arrive before another avid buyer … We have the time adjusted!

The house is very spacious and bright

But do not spread panic! In The Luxonomist we will expose everything you need to know to make the big leap and rub shoulders with the actor of Moonlighting, The Jungle of Crystal, Pulp Fiction, The Jackal or Sin City. The first thing (we enumerate again …) is to know where it is, and from now I tell you that the place you will love: it is the number 271 of Central Park West, yes, right in front of the wonderful New York park, that of the infinite films It is not difficult to imagine where the actor will rest when working in the area.

The building is in front of the wonderful New York park

The building, where Bruce (if he allows us the trust) and his wife Emma Heming have a duplex of 557 square meters, bought in 2015 for the amount of 16.99 million dollars (14.56 euros), was built in 1912 (before the First World War) and designed by architects Simon Schwartz and Arthur Gross, by the way, these same architects were the architects of another building that has left its mark on the celluloid: 55 Central Park West, where the popular Ghostbusters movie.

The division between the gallery and the main hall is non-existent

The 271 Central Park West reaches the height of twelve floors above ground level, housing 25 apartments with a capacity for three and four bedrooms mostly. It has a charming lobby (charming is equal to small), floor-to-ceiling heights of 3.20 meters and views that overlook directly Central Park or west of the city. The community allows pets, have video surveillance, doorman, elevators, laundry room, bike room and even a mini outdoor basketball court.

The kitchen has natural granite on its surfaces

Other celebrities have also lived in the building, such as Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, Mark Hamill and Jane Pauley and her husband Garry Trudeau (cartoonist of the Doonesbury strip, of the Washington Post). Even in the apartment for sale, resided the Bronx writer, Gordon Cotler, famous for the novel The Cipher , which took the big screen in 1966 as Arabesque, starring Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren.

The apartment is on the ninth floor

The second thing you need to know before embarking on this adventure is the morphology and composition of the apartment. It is on the ninth floor, its surface is around 200 square meters and is located in the corner, giving its main facade to number 3 of 87 West Street. That is, you will have side views of Central Park and a lot of light that will enter through the five windows of that corner.

You access a gallery through the lobby, where you can cool off in a small bar. The division between the gallery and the main hall is non-existent, low furniture separates the rooms allowing the light to dominate the spaces, this helps neutrality of tones with which walls and ceilings have been painted. The pavement is made of Italian marble in the gallery and hallways, wood in the living room and rooms and ceramics in wet rooms (as it should be).

Wooden floors and warm tones in all rooms

From the gallery you arrive, also, to the master bedroom, curiously, the most illuminated to have three windows for him alone, also has its own bathroom. To the spacious kitchen, with natural granite on its work surfaces and a beautiful island where to prepare the gourmet food that you most want. Finally, you can access the cozy bookshop from the gallery, where you can spend your hours of intellectual leisure, although it can be used as a bedroom (since it also has its own bathroom) it is advisable to leave it for visitors.

From the kitchen and the bookstore you get to the most privileged bedroom (in my opinion), because it is more isolated from the rest (less noise), it has a bathroom (how strange), dressing room (essential) and communicates with the kitchen (sin not to use it to often). In addition to everything, the service staff has its own direct entrance to the kitchen, the air conditioning is central in the complex (no artifacts inside) and an elevator operator will be open 24 hours a day for residents (who gives more).

The master bedroom has three windows

The third thing you need to know is that the neighborhood where the property is located is called the Upper West Side, a surprisingly quiet neighborhood, with tree-lined streets, well-preserved buildings, views over the Hudson River, near a large number of museums and shelter for more pomegranate of the artistic society, a charming bohemian and intellectual atmosphere is breathed in its streets and corners.

Can you imagine at a community meeting discussing with Willis how to introduce a fitness room into the building? Think about it before discarding the possibility … and if you are interested, you should know that the real estate company that manages it is called Corcoran Group Real Estate.

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