Suzana Glogowski stars in the architectural revolution of Chamartín

We interviewed the director of StudioMK27, the international studio that is designing a promising new urban project in Chamartín.


The Caledonian company has given us an opportunity that we did not want to miss: interviewing one of the most internationally renowned architects and who has contributed with the firm she directs, founded by the acclaimed Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, to one of the most spectacular that are currently developing in Madrid called Caledonian Pradillo.

Caledonian Pradillo is a residential project full of attractions

It is a fantastic initiative closely linked to the leitmotif that surrounds every generous construction site: that of excellence. It is located on Javier Ferrero Street, in the Chamartín district, where the company has acquired some 10,000 square meters of land so that Marcio Kogan and his StudioMK27 make the dream of many residents come true.

The project includes properties of all kinds

A reality that tries to reach a heterogeneous audience in the most current way possible: applying the Passivhaus standard to achieve the lowest energy consumption by using cutting-edge technology, such as fingerprints to access homes, creating generous spaces in which to park comfortably, where you can live without restrictions and enjoy a high level of comfort. When the works are finished, around 2021, houses with one to four bedrooms will have been created, with a wide range of typologies and sizes.

Bright and spacious spaces for an avant-garde residential complex

The residences are not only places of rest, nowadays they are also places of leisure and recreation where we can take advantage of our free time. This is what they have understood at Caledonian and they have put special emphasis on their new creation having a high-end gym, abundant green areas, an outdoor pool (of course) and an indoor pool (even better) and the best pampering for the body and mind, including a spa with sauna, jacuzzi, massage room, relaxation room with fireplace and even a hamman… where to purify ourselves after a busy day.

Common areas include swimming pools and green areas

The works will start in 2019 and this gives you a golden opportunity, especially when Caledonian is conducting a questionnaire where you can define what you are looking for; an excellent idea. Of course, the infographics that the company has given us can not leave a better impression: bright spaces, spiral staircases, generous and open kitchens, dream pools and a lot of environmental design.

Functional and comfortable spaces in all homes

Much of the design comes from StudioMK27 director Suzana Glogowski, who has been kind enough to answer a few questions. As a presentation for those who do not know it, we will say that she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in 1997, who joined StudioMK27 in 2002 and that during these 16 years she has become director, achieving 17 finalist positions in competitions, 14 special mentions and 20 awards in such outstanding competitions as the Interior Design Awards, the LEAF Awards, the International Property Awards, the Wallpaper Design Awards, or the Record Interiors of Architectural Record magazine.

Suzana Glogowski conducts StudioMk27

The Luxonomist: You have been in StudioMk27 for 16 years… and are currently the director of it. In these years, what tasks have you done and how have you grown professionally?
Suzana Glogowski: I have designed many projects in Studiomk27, more than 20. The most important ones for me are Casa Osler, Casa Paraty, Casa Cubo, Estudio SC, FM10, Casa Corten, Casa Bahia and of course Somosaguas. I think I have developed as an architect in each of them, not only technologically speaking, but also as a human being, for dealing with people’s dreams every day and this is the magic of my profession.

The gym is a highly demanded venue in today’s urbanizations

TL: What prompted you to study architecture? What is architecture for you?
SG: It is the opportunity to deal with people in one of their happiest moments and in some way be part of it.

TL: What part of your work motivates you the most? What tools do you use in your day to day?
SG: The best moment for me is the beginning, when you think of spaces that do not yet exist. My tools are imagination and people watching.

TL: In 1997 you finished your career and in 2002 you entered StudioMk27… What experiences did you carry out in those years prior to your professional work?
SG: I traveled mainly around the world to fully assimilate what I learned at university. Then I became a mother and it was the main revolution, which brought me a lot of strength to do everything and the ability to understand life differently. I started my own study, but after a short time I was invited to Studiomk27 and I gladly accepted because it was a great opportunity.

Caledonian Pradillo also has a small spa

TL: What is the work in which you have participated that brings you better memories?
SG: The emotion of seeing people living in Somosaguas was incomparable with any other because when I designed it I did not know who was going to buy those houses (in contrast to the single-family homes, which I usually start by knowing the client, that is, the person who is going to live there).

TL: Which work makes you feel prouder?
SG: Casa Paraty has been so remarkable to people in general and has received so many awards that sometimes I just can’t believe I designed it.

TL: A preferred architect?
SG: Lina Bo Bardi.

Suzana Glogowski is proud to create spaces that bring happiness

TL: A professional outside architecture? Why?
SG: Any teacher! They have the most important role in our society.

TL: Is the world of architecture a male world? Is this changing?
SG: Very slowly, like many other areas, but I am optimistic.

TL: What does a house need to be a home? What does a home need to be architecture?
SG: In both cases, the answer is to have a soul within. People who are open to happiness accept others with their hearts.

TL: How do you see the future of architecture? How will it affect people?
SG: It must be for everyone and it must have the power to provide a better understanding among human beings. Your future will go with our own ability to improve as a society. Architecture can be a cause and consequence of our behavior, just like all kinds of art.

Suzana Glogowski with Marcio Kogan

TL: If you hadn’t been an architect… What profession would you have liked to have?
SG: Ballet dancer. That would be my first choice. If it wasn’t so difficult, I would.

TL: Does the world need more architects?
SG: We definitely need more architects in all fields, mainly in urban design and in less developed countries like Brazil.

From here we can only wait for Caledonian to finish the works in Chamartín and thank Suzana for the time he has dedicated to us, especially when he is one of those figures who directs (with simplicity and humility) the destinations of international architecture.

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