The 7 most luxurious properties in New York are for sale

The exorbitant prices of these New York real estate are due to their excellent locations, their social notoriety, their unique design and, of course, their past and future tenants.

The exorbitant prices of these New York real estate are due to their excellent locations, their social notoriety, their unique design and, of course, their past and future tenants.

Last year we discovered, with some amazement, how the most expensive penthouse in New York had been sold for an unbelievable 238 million euros. It was an attic located in the skyscraper 220 of Central Park South, a building covered with limestone in clear invocation to those who populated the city a few years ago. As we enter 2020, we wonder what other properties could be on the cusp of more expensive homes and, of course, we find a few. Check them out and no long teeth.

Le Penthouse is crowned as the most expensive property in New York at 98 million dollars. The most striking are its ceilings from 5.5 to 7 meters

A quintuplex that does not lack detail

In the first place we find ourselves, nothing more and nothing less, than a quintuplex, if the Royal Academy of the Language allows the word. Located at the top of 172 Madison Avenue in Midtown, we speak of a luxury building that seems made to support this «little house» called Le Penthouse. This property costs 98 million dollars (88.66 euros), has a floor-to-ceiling height of 5.5 to 7 meters, 1,765 square meters of space (three hundred and more per floor) distributed in 11 rooms, 14 bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, a private saltwater pool on the deck, hot tub, and… yoga room!

The Madison Avenue quintuplex has a private saltwater pool on the deck

Bon Jovi’s Neighbor

In second place we find a mega mansion that has been looking for a buyer for some time, specifically since 2014. It is located at 134 Charles Street, a minute walk from Bon Jovi’s old house, in fact, there is its parking lot and it costs 80 million dollars (72.38 euros).

The mansion has four floors, large windows that give a lot of light, an immense atrium, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and four toilets, an elevator, and everything you can imagine. Nor does it lack a movie theater, gym, wine bar, barbecue, abundant vegetation and a swimming pool on the deck. In case you’re wondering, the architecture studio is called Leroy Street Studio, and the landscaping studio is Edmund Hollander.

One minute from Bon Jovi’s old home is 134 Charles Street, a four-story house valued at $ 80 million

A house with a covered saltwater pool

Far from there, in front of Central Park, we find the third most expensive house in New York, at 12 East 69th Street, with a sale value of 79 million dollars (71.47 euros). It is the mansion of a billionaire named Vincent Viola, owner of the Florida Panthers. This man has owned the property since 2005, when he bought it for $ 20 million.

The building has six floors spread over an area of ​​1,860 square meters, housing 19 rooms. The best, of course, its indoor saltwater pool, its theater with velvet seats and a third-floor dining room with space for 50 people. Of course, it is the ideal place for someone with a lot of social life.

Billionaire Vincent Viola is the owner of this six-story building spread over 1,860 meters and has 19 rooms.

A property in one of the first skyscrapers in the city

Another property with the same price is located on top of the Woolworth Building, one of the first skyscrapers in New York, it was built in 1913 and reaches 241 meters in height, so that later they say that skyscrapers do not last.

The wonderful work of art is crowned with a very art deco Pinnacle, which is already worth the price they put on it; even more so when a recent renovation succeeded in getting the Monuments Preservation Commission to allow them to add more windows and replace 3,500 damaged terracotta pieces of the façade, the dream of any technical architect. The quintuplex (again the word) has as icing on the cake, an open-air observatory of 120 square meters.

The most valuable thing about this floor of the Woolworth Building is its Art Deco Pinnacle, as it is protected by the Monuments Preservation Commission

A golf simulator on the 80th floor

With 75 million (67.84 euros) we reached the fifth most expensive property in New York. It is located on the 80th floor of the South Tower of the Time Warner Center. The complex is made up of two towers designed by the same architecture studio as One Manhattan West. It has 5 beds, 7 bathrooms, 790 square meters, and its construction ended in 2004, being the first major development in the city after the attacks on the Twin Towers.

Interior designer Tony Ingrao  envisioned one of the most elegant residences in the city, with lots of marble, inlaid stone flooring, a private elevator, a living room with spectacular views of Central Park, double fireplaces, Bubinga hardwood floors, and endless of delicacies, such as a golf simulator.

This floor of the One Manhattan West has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms spread over 790 meters

A typical 7-story New York house

And without leaving Central Park, we approach number 12 of East 63rd Street, a wonderful typical New York mansion, with its limestone facade, seven floors that house 1,200 square meters of constructed area; seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, elevator, a general garden and a private one with access from the master bedroom; projection room, library, underfloor heating, gym and yes, an indoor pool.

In short, all this for 67 million dollars (60.72 euros) that the property costs, whose interiors were designed to the taste of Thierry Despont.

A typical New York house facing Central Park with seven floors, nine bathrooms and a private pool

The best views of Central Park

In seventh and last place on this mini list we find a «cute» duplex inside number 15 of Central Park West, a building that we already know for its high price, as it is a true magnet for large investors and a first-rate real estate success. The property is located between floors 18 and 19, has 550 square meters and more than 100 square meters of terrace with views of the most famous park in the world.

Of course, it has a gas fireplace, centralized air conditioning, motorized blinds, a wine cellar, a spectacular super-equipped kitchen, an elevator for these two floors, a corner bedroom with extensive views… a bargain available for only 65 million dollars, about 58, 90 euros, approximately. And it is that New York always manages to surprise us with its exquisite properties and, if they are overvalued or not, it depends on the point of view.

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