The luxurious Room Mate hotels that will host coronavirus patients

Crises always show the kindest face of our fellow citizens. This week we show you some of the Room Mate hotels that Kike Sarasola has lent to end the Covid-19.

Crises always show the kindest face of our fellow citizens. This week we show you some of the Room Mate hotels that Kike Sarasola has lent to end the Covid-19.

«Solidarity is not a superficial feeling, it is the firm and persevering determination to strive for the common good, that is, the good of each and everyone so that we are all truly responsible for all,» said Pope Juan Pablo II. This condition, that of solidarity, is shown by people in their day to day, being a main characteristic of their idiosyncrasy, but in times of extreme need such as the current Covid-19 pandemic, some people take it to its highest levels. A good example has been given to us by businessman Kike Sarasola with the transfer of his Room Mate hotels to assist coronavirus patients.

At the end of last week, after learning that establishments were needed to combat the coronavirus, the businessman made two of his hotels in the capital available to the Madrid City Council. Two days later, when the President of the Government announced the measures imposed throughout the national territory to fight the pandemic, Sarasola offered all its hotels. Here we show you some of the most striking.

The businessman Kike Sarasola has ceded all his Room Mate hotels in Spain to house coronavirus patients and free the hospitals

Hotels in the best areas of Malaga and Madrid

I have found it extremely fair to recall here some of the flagship hotels that it has throughout the country and in other parts of the world. We start with the Hotel Room Mate Larios. It has a total of 41 rooms decorated in the Art Deco style. Of these, the most luxurious have balconies that overlook Calle Marqués de Larios, one of the most popular shopping areas in Malaga. Just to go up to the roof and enjoy the views of the Cathedral of the Incarnation, it is worth staying at this hotel.

One of the attic rooms of the Room Mate Alba hotel in Madrid

From Malaga we traveled to Madrid, where the businessman opened the doors of the Hotel Room Mate Alba last October 2019. Alba, like Larios, bear the signature of the designer and antiquarian Lorenzo Castillo, who was in charge of decorating the 80 rooms of number 16 of the street of the Huertas. It is an impressive historic building in the Barrio de las Letras, which was renovated under the leadership of the architect Ambrosio Arroyo García, who preserved its façade and its incredible 17th-century staircase. Six minutes from Puerta del Sol, it offers various types of rooms, such as attic rooms, from which you can see the Madrid sky and a spectacular sloping wooden roof.

The Room Mate Emma in Barcelona has a futuristic design

Hotels with personality and luxury design

Barcelona could not be left behind, the Spanish businessman has a beautiful Boutique Hotel there. A daring renovation by the architects Luis Moneo and Yolanda Nadal brought a building from the seventies to this century, giving it a second life. The Room Mate Emma Hotel is located in the Catalan Eixample and its interior has the signature of the international designer Tomás Alia, who gave that futuristic touch with living forms capable of making you feel in a dream, a style in line with the Barcelona of La Pedrera, the Casa Batlló or the Sagrada Familia.

The Room Mate Mario is in the heart of Madrid and is a building dating from 1890

From the hand of the same designer, we discovered another proper name in Madrid: Mario, the Hotel Room Mate Mario. This hotel is located very close to the Royal Theater and the Debod Temple, and between the Retiro Park and the Casa de Campo, the main green areas of Madrid. One of the brands of this hotel group is its breakfasts, which are available until 12:00. The building dates from 1890, is five stories high and is hidden in Campomanes street.

In San Sebastián there is the Room Mate Gorka

Lorenzo Castillo has designed the interior of several Room Mate

The Hotel Room Mate Gorka in San Sebastián is a classic design boutique hotel, almost the opposite of Mario. Its rooms are full of light coming from the Guipúzcoa square, where it is located. Its neutral tones perfectly accompany the wooden flooring laid out in the shape of a fish, a true luxury in a privileged place, which, of course, has a gym, meeting room, an excellent buffet, and the best: a bar with a terrace.

The Room Mate Leo in Granada is in one of the best areas of the city

We also visited the Hotel Room Mate Leo in the center of Granada. Also designed by Lorenzo Castillo, it has managed to capture the «Granada aroma» in every corner of the hotel. From its reception, rich in golden hues, to the bright rooms with black touches that are enhanced by contact with the white walls, everything is reminiscent of Granada. A detail to remember: the white Carrara marble staircase and the classic modernist façade; and to enjoy: the famous tapas bars, restaurants and flamenco theaters in the surrounding areas.

The new Room Mate Olivia in Mallorca

We finish the trip in Mallorca, where the Sarasola brand is going to open its latest hotel: the Hotel Room Mate Olivia. It is scheduled to open this summer and will invite us to enjoy the sea, being the group’s first hotel on a beach. Kike himself has told through Instagram that the design of the hotel is carried out by his admired Jaime Beriestain, with a markedly Mediterranean style. Just take a look at their previous hotels to imagine that they will not disappoint.

Kike Sarasola has Room Mate hotels all over the world. One of the most famous is his hotel in New York

The businessman has more hotels in other parts of the country and the world, such as New York, Paris, Istanbul, Rome or Mexico. Some of these hotels are more impressive than the ones we have glimpsed here, but the best of all is solidarity, offering the properties to support us in the difficult times that we have had to live. From here, thank you very much!

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