The spectacular farm of the Hadid clan, the most visited house on Instagram

When Yolanda Hadid bought this spectacular farm in 2017, little did she know how popular it would be due to the coronavirus and the collaboration of her exemplary daughters.

When Yolanda Hadid bought this spectacular farm in 2017, little did she know how popular it would be due to the coronavirus and the collaboration of her exemplary daughters.

Being in quarantine is not the same for everyone. That’s obvious. And on this we must reflect. We must find a way to improve our environment to be able to enjoy a better future quarantine, although we wish there were not, but better to be forewarned. An example of a happy confinement can be found in one of the most popular clans in the world of fashion, the Hadid clan, but… what is the secret to a happy confinement? Well yes, a farm.

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s refuge in quarantine

When sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid found out that they had to lock themselves up to pass quarantine because of Covid-19, they did not think twice, and decided to go with their mother to the farm. This decision has made this property probably the most viewed on Instagram, given that the popular models have gifted the more than 80 million followers they have on social networks between the two with images of their confinement.

A seclusion that has allowed Gigi to perfect her homemade focaccia za’atar, with natural ingredients, in the gourmet kitchen of the property. A kitchen with a wooden island and stone countertop, with ceramic flooring in a rhomboid position. This room that shares space with a dining room, all surrounded by light, by the numerous sash windows that surround the room.

Bella Hadid lives in one of the guesthouses on the estate
The main bedroom of the house is located on the third floor and has
with large windows

Bella Hadid stays at the guesthouse

Bella, a year younger than Gigi, enjoys one of the two guest houses, and for me, the most beautiful. This construction has a gabled roof that protects two floors in its interior illuminated by a spectacular French stained glass window, accompanied by its front part of three double doors of the same style.

Inside, everything exudes rural essence, the pillars and beams are made of almost living tree trunks, the walls of natural stone and the wooden pavement, all decorated with first-rate vintage furniture. A delight

Horseback riding and photo shoots, Bella and Gigi Hadid’s day to day on the farm

But, if there is one attraction that makes the farm the perfect place for a confinement, this is its natural life. Yolanda herself enjoys planting lavender and her daughters pose for Vogue with the farm’s Scottish cattle behind.

It is also common to see them take pictures with the horses, and Bella has shown us how happy she is with her ponies. What envy enters me, healthy envy, of course.

It is common to see the rooms of the house in the publications of
Hadid sisters Instagram

The farm also has a barn adapted as a multipurpose room, where you can play pool, have a photo session, or prepare a party. It also has a wine cellar, a botanical garden, vegetable growing areas and, in addition to horses, chickens, goats and sheep.

A farm is a place of work, hard work, but the rewards it brings are immense. Will returning to the field be one of the side effects of Covid-19? Of course, if the field is like the Hadid’s, rest assured that more than one will return.

The Hadid clan owns a spectacular farm in Pennsylvania a two-hour drive away.
new york car

This is the farm of the Hadid clan

Yolanda Hadid, unquestionable matriarch of the clan, decided to buy a huge farm in 2017 to be close to her exemplary children. The exemplary thing because they are dedicated to the fashion sector, as well as other subjective reasons.

They make their living mostly in New York, so the model and interior designer searched the nearby real estate market, and found a farm that suited their needs: 5966 on Mechanicsville Highway, in Pennsylvania.

The house was built in 1781 and was completely renovated in 2005

The farm is located an hour and a half by car from the Big Apple, by bike it can take seven hours, which is not bad either. The construction of the main building dates back to 1781, but despite its age, the complex is in exceptional condition.

Due to its good maintenance and the fact that it was rehabilitated / renovated by its previous owners in 2005. A draft reform that left the property very well adapted for the current century.

The farm has 13 hectares of land where you can walk through nature
and ride a horse

13 hectares of land and a house of 465 square meters

The farm covers 13 hectares, a huge area to enjoy all that the field has to offer. Like taking long walks in nature, horseback riding, enjoying bonfires under the starry sky or simply enjoying a huge swimming pool.

A pool that, as we can see in Google Earth, resisted the reformist onslaught of the previous owner, who destroyed a huge barn located near the main house, turning the space into a garden area.

La vivienda tiene 465 metros cuadrados repartidos en tres dormitorios, dos aseos,
tres baños, salón, cocina, biblioteca y sala multimedia

The main house has 465 square meters built, and is executed with formidable exposed stone walls. It has a gabled roof with a slate finish, from which up to five chimneys emerge, in order to escape the cold.

The kitchen has a wooden island and a stone countertop and
ceramic flooring

Three bedrooms, a library, five bathrooms, and a media room

Inside the property there are three bedrooms to remove the hiccups, three bathrooms, two toilets, a spectacular kitchen / dining room, living room, office / library and the multimedia room, where you can enjoy good movies in the company of our loved ones.

In addition to the house, the farm has a stable and a lavender field

The main building is accessed via a tree-lined path and a spectacular classic-style porch with Doric columns and a rectangular hedge. The house has three floors, and in the last one, the main room that shares space with an incredible bathroom with a shower tray and a Vitorian bathtub.

Main photo: @bellahadid Instagram.

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