Design lovers: the place in The Hague that you have to visit when the pandemic ends

Very soon we will return to enjoy the trendy places in the best company. Today we virtually know the Crazy Pianos, in The Hague.

Very soon we will return to enjoy the trendy places in the best company. Today we virtually know the Crazy Pianos, in The Hague.

We cannot hide it. We want to spend a joyful, fun night. A night like the ones before the pandemic. Moments that we do not value in fair measure. We will return to the bars with exceptional measures, with less influx, with different prices, but with greater enthusiasm. So it is time to glimpse the environments that await us eager to reveal their charm. To do this, this week we traveled to a newly designed venue in The Hague (Holland), which many did not have time to discover live.

Crazy Pianos and Txalupa Gastroleku Restaurant, essential places
when the pandemic ends

Crazy Pianos, in The Hague

Crazy Pianos space has 1,200 square meters of surface and is inside a historic building built in 1818, facing Scheveningen beach.

This building has belonged to the Kurhaus group since 1885, and is now a five-star hotel called the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus, a luxurious way to enjoy The Hague. I am sure that more than one judge knows him well, due to the proximity of the International Criminal Court.

Crazy Pianos is located in The Hague and its design revolves around
to two red pianos

A design around two red pianos

Crazy Pianos opened with a new aesthetic in 2019. It has a design capable of making a varied age group fall in love. It is pure magic. Everything is centered, of course, on two red pianos that provide live music to whoever walks through the doors of the premises. There, the musicians and singers have their small stage where they feel recognized and where they can express their maximum talent, even in times of pandemic. These days they have done concerts through social networks.

In this club, live music is the protagonist

The main idea of ​​the design was to broaden the age range, a risky and successful commercial bet. However, the club already had a long history and it was necessary to maintain a common link of high value: live music with the collaboration of two pianos.

To achieve this, Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo and Lucas Echeveste Lacy included a wide range of colors and stories that users could feel comfortable with. Also that they will generate the need for an adequate interaction, providing them with small complementary stories.

The highlights of the design are the portraits of the chairs

Three different areas

The direct and effective way to do it was to synchronize the design of the premises with a film, gradually changing the distribution and aesthetics of the space as we approached the pianos, an exquisitely elevated high point on a stage.

In the end, three well-differentiated areas will cause a spectacular night, these are: Ticket Carrousel, at the entrance, Art Gallery, and a special area called VIP Cages, more intimate and exclusive spaces for couples and friends.

The club has more intimate spaces where you can enjoy a dinner

Floral motifs, portraits on the chairs and transgressive paintings

The tables and chairs around the two pianos are removed, at the right time, to reveal a great dance floor. Another success is the floral motifs on the floors and walls, as well as the portraits of people on the back of the chairs. But the best, without a doubt, are the transgressive paintings that are distributed on the walls and ceilings of various areas of the premises. If this doesn’t provide interaction with the public, I don’t know what will.

Transgressive paintings and walls are other hallmarks
by Crazy Pianos

The works were carried out by the construction company Inris Interieurbouw, who also manufactured the interior furniture. The outdoor furniture was provided by the Lobster’s day company, and the metal curtains are by Kriskadecor. Creativity is the responsibility of El Equipo Creativo.

Photographs: Adria Goula

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