The luxury of living on a boat on land without going out to sail

The spectacular Villa Mistral residence shows us how to be able to live on a boat without having to feel the rocking of the waves… Is so much beauty possible? Yes.

The spectacular Villa Mistral residence shows us how to be able to live on a boat without having to feel the rocking of the waves… Is so much beauty possible? Yes.

Is luxury a longing? Maybe yes, but… does it matter too much? I think not. All of us yearn for a better life, and this, inevitably, goes through a better social, economic or emotional position. There is nothing in this world that prevents us from seeking the three branches that, to a greater or lesser degree, influence our personal and collective happiness. Thus, looking for the identifying detail, the one that separates you from the rest of the people and that, at the same time, anchors you to them, is a healthy and highly recommended exercise, as long as we know how to interpret our needs.

If you are a boat lover, surely you dream of a home like this, a house on land, but with the design and taste of a luxury yacht

The dream of living inside a luxury boat

For example, you discover one fine day that your «needs» go through living inside a boat, but make it as stable as possible, the kind that doesn’t move at all. Once the problem is identified, you go on to look for a solution and, obviously, you have it: a residence that reminds you of a luxury marine ship.

Well, as we are a few million people on the face of the earth, it is quite plausible to think that «someone» has had the same need for you, so after a little while in front of the computer you will find what you are looking for: Villa Mistral has everything that you yearn to live fully happily within «four walls.»

Villa Mistral is a residence reminiscent of a large luxury ship, both for its shape and design

Villa Mistral, the house that imitates the shape of a luxury ship

The villa won last 2019 the award for the best built residence of the prestigious World Design Awards, an award that shines on its chest thanks to the daring design, which is inspired by the wind that gives the building its name, and which is based on the idyllic comparison between home and an elegant cruise ship. It also highlights the sloping shape of the facades, forcing the vertical angles, so that they resemble the sides of a ship, a ship stranded in the Indian Ocean, and more specifically, on the island of Sentosa, Singapore.

Its appearance and design earned it the World Design Award in 2019

An incredible 680 m2 house

The architect responsible was Massimo Mercurio, from the Italian studio Mercurio Design Lab Srl, who relied on his partner Kimberly Liu for the final preparation and execution. On their website, which by the way, has some very interesting designs, they indicate that the completion of the construction took place in 2017, although I have seen that on some pages they gave very different dates, between 2014 and 2016. Anyway, things of the direct that the experts on TV say.

The residence covers an area of 680 square meters, has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a toilet, and the rest of the necessary rooms in any home… Even some more!

Villa Mistral has 680 m2 spread over four floors

Four floors, pool, terrace and views of the bay

Of course, we are in luck, because the incredible property is for sale right now. For the «modest» amount of 25.16 million dollars, about 22.43 million euros, we will be able to get hold of the wonderful silhouette of the Villa Mistral.

If you buy the house you will be the owner of its four floors. From the basement, where a large room dedicated to entertainment is located, passing through the ground floor, where we find the dining room, the kitchen, and the huge living room that is accessed from the front door; up to the two upper floors with the bedrooms and an incredible terrace overlooking the bay.

Villa Mistral is currently for sale for 22.43 million euros

The house was created from name materials such as wood and marble

Mr. Mercurio implemented an interior design based on the same concept as the exterior, realizing what he calls a «complete solution», and incorporating the Feng Shui philosophy, it seems that at the express request of the client.

To achieve this, he gradually harmonized the wind and water between the exterior and the interior, with the use of noble materials, such as wood and marble, and the execution of smooth edges on the walls.

In the creation of the house, noble materials such as wood and marble were used, and it was configured following the Feng Shui philosophy

This house-boat stands on an artificial dike

The fascinating set of two buildings is located in a «stolen» piece of sea, an artificial dike in which they have built a megalujo urbanization. Its impressive sloping facades have had to be a constructive challenge for the executing company, especially to implement the huge windows that surround the property, and whose curved edges continue in the corners. Without a doubt, a great challenge that pays off.

The white vento color that is present throughout the house reminds and evokes the great luxury cruise ships

The choice of vento white, a color with metallic traces, on the outside, on the sloping shapes, on the port and starboard sides, on the huge windows, and on the exterior wood, definitely contribute to the similarity to a luxury yacht. However, there is nothing that contributes more to this idea than the fantastic pool that we find under the huge terrace. It is a vital element in any self-respecting luxury home, and which is accessed through a living room with large carpentry, free of walls, with exterior wooden flooring, and leather sofas for the best celebrations.

The sloping facade of the house was one of the great construction challenges of its creators

Travertine marble, a detail that makes the difference

A formidable wall of travertine marble interrupts the view of the staircase, which serves as a means of communication between floors. A wooden staircase that leaves room for a few timid led strips, which allow its safe use in the darkest of situations.

Travertine marble is the common link between the vertical and the horizontal within the building. It is a decisive, durable and eminently organic material, thanks to its internal «waters», veins of different graduations that make repeating patterns impossible.

Travertine marble is one of the most special details that we find in the Villa Mistral

A water channel that runs through the house

From the entrance porch, supported by two powerful circular columns, you can glimpse a water channel that ends in the rear pool and that, in addition, enters the house on the sides of the main door. This channel provides a natural method of adjusting the interior temperature, a very feng shui detail, such as contributions in the form of false wooden ceilings, decorative stainless steel objects or unique reddish curtains.

For my part, I prefer the two sinuous phenolic covers, made with boards of two tones in curved and rectilinear shapes, a delicacy worthy of praise.

One of the jewels of Villa Mistral is the back pool that is inserted into the house on the sides of the main door

This residency shows that what you want to achieve, you can achieve, and that what you cannot achieve, you can dream. Because dreaming, let’s not forget, is part of the way to achieve what you want to achieve.

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