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A Museum every Christmas

The Museums are buildings worth visiting, especially those of last generation, that define the architectural forefront.

The Museums are buildings worth visiting, especially those of last generation, that define the architectural forefront.

001 Museo_Soumaya_Plaza

With sixty three year old she did not know, exactly, from where it had taken the idea, but she loved it. As with the great occurrences, its materialization was simple: A Museum every Christmas, so simple. During the year she decide, patiently, which of all the museums of the world would visit, later, she look flight and stay for Christmas, probably would use «viajes El Corte Inglés«, as she had always done.

The first site she visited could not be other than the Louvre, the most famous Museum in the world, a complex impossible to visit in just a few days, so she would has to return sooner rather than later. For not repeat, the second year visited Mexico, specifically the Soumaya Museum, an amazing building that does not leave indifferent anybody, such and as his creative philanthropist, Mr Carlos Slim. She could not help feel some empathy when she discovered that Soumaya was the name of the wife of the billionaire, only who loses a loved one knows how important it is to perpetuate its memory.

002 014_Soumaya_Image_by_Rafael_Gamo_05

She kept the tears for later, in front her a spectacular trapezoid in movement, different in every angle, it was observing her, never better said because of the reflection projected by the 16,000 hexagons of silvery aluminium, «how could be thinking this boy?», she mused, referring to the designer Fernando Romero, creator of the design and founder of the FR-EE architecture group. The Museum rises up to 45 meters in height and covers an area of 17,000 square meters.

Its interior is distributed over six floors, where are exposed more than 60,000 works of art on 6,000 square meters of exhibition. Its particular external form does not allow the entry of the light, except on the top floor where a skylight goes through a huge metal structure that allows that the plant is completely transparent. She enjoyed visiting the auditorium for 350 people, the library, the offices, the restaurant (of course) and the souvenir shop.

003 optimize.jpg__1160x800_q85_crop_upscale

She could not stop thinking about how much would enjoy her daughter, (her pride) quantity surveyor and her son-in-law, head of work (her torment) gutting the execution of the building. In her honour asked a little, the construction is supported by 28 pillars metallic curved, placed no network form, making you can enjoy the space in different dimensions. Its floors are reinforced concrete, thus a great mixed structure, in which two different structural systems work together by combining its properties, in this case the stiffness of the concrete and the versatility of the steel.

They described how had been made the envelope through a lattice of steel, which supports a tubular grid, nothing more and nothing less than, almost 100,000 elements that hooked to the 16,000 hexagons, thus covering the 10,000 square meters of facade. The secret of the distribution and placement of this curious envelope is in the Gehry Technologies Company, whose owner is Frank Gehry, specializing in the recreation of the elements to be built using a specific computer modelling in 3 dimensions, analysing the inclusion of facilities and other elements of the building.

LAR /Museo Soumaya

The opening of the Museum took place on 29 March of 2011, and was quite an event in the country. She loved the floor 6, The was of Rodin, one of the most important collections on Auguste Rodin outside of France, also enjoyed the white atmosphere of the interior of the building with its wooden floor, she liked the wood. For her third trip decided to go to Poland, in particular, to the Museum of the Polish Jews, where she met an expert in art Hebrew that accompanied her for all the enclosure, explaining references and clarifying the historical facts.

Seated in front of the Wall of Ávila, trying to decide what Museum would visit on her fourth voyage. She had reduced the list to two, the first the Petersen Automobile Museum, in Los Angeles, dedicated to the exhibition of racing cars, antique automobiles, motorcycles and vehicles from some of the most important movies of Hollywood. Recently refurbished by the important architectural firm, KPF, whose main contribution (not the only) has been to surround the building with 308 ribbons of steel on the outside, and red aluminium on the inside. These tapes give sense of movement and are subject to 25 tubular steel by more than 140,000 screws which imitate antique automobiles fasteners.

005 Petersen-Automotive-Museum_Cultural_Cars_KPF_Los-Angeles_USA_dezeen_1568_4

Inside, an impressive spiral staircase leads to the 25 themed rooms of the Museum, in total 8,825 square metres on three floors where you can enjoy of the car of the decades of 50s and 60s, the Bat-mobile (Batman car) and other oddities such as the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger film. She wanted visit this museum, but also wanted her to see the Mu Xin Art Museum, built on a lake in china in the Zhejiang Province and designed by the New York firm OLI Architecture, is dedicated to the artist and writer Mu Xin, with more than 6,700 square metres of exhibition.

Opened on 15 November of the last year (2015), the Museum was inspired in the long tradition of the place (more than 1.000 years) of living near the lake. Volumes of concrete, emerging from the water have been created for this purpose, it seem to float, linked by walkways according to the needs, in total eight galleries exhibited the work of famed artist. The spectacular irregular surface of the concrete and the various skylights and windows give a particular set of lights to the complex. Decide between the two museums would be difficult, she recalled her second trip: steel and concrete, used in different ways according to its nature.

006 Mu-Xin-Art-Museum_OLI-Architecture_dezeen_1568_1

While she decided, a handsome man sat down to her side, his face was very popular, he engaged in conversation and she explained her dilemma. He seemed frankly delighted with the idea of a museum visit per year, and was a good connoisseur of different architectures and building elements, in the end, smiley said: «If in doubt the best is find a third Museum which serves to break the tie», curious response, thought, «and can you recommend a third option?», asked, Rodolfo, smiling, replied : «More that tell you, if you will allow me, I will take you to my option, is in Brazil».

(To be continued)

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