Pierce Brosnan puts his 007-inspired mansion up for sale for 100 million

For sale, the mansion of the charismatic Pierce Brosnan, the most loved and admired Bond, a megalithic house in Malibu that will surprise you.

For sale, the mansion of the charismatic Pierce Brosnan, the most loved and admired Bond, a megalithic house in Malibu that will surprise you.

We know that Malibu is a very popular place for celebrities. And is that being close to work is one of the main rules of comfort, so we make better use of our free time. Also, if your job is the big screen, you work in Hollywood itself and your name is Pierce Brosnan, the best thing you can do is find a piece of land with the right to salt water and build your home there. A generous home to turn to after saving the world.

Pierce Brosnan lists his Malibu home for sale

The artist must have thought this while filming the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, in which he played the mythical James Bond, more than 20 years ago. So he took advantage of a small plot next to the Pacific, a forty-nine minute drive from the movie mecca, and Pierce Brosnan commissioned two architects named Ralph and Ross Anderson, to build a magnificent mansion with everything that his wife Keely Brosnan and the rest of family and friends will need.

The spectacular mansion is created with a strong Asian influence

The spectacular mansion of 007 Pierce Brosnan

It must be because of the theme of the film, that Brosnan opted for an Asian style for his future property. Like good professionals, the Andersons created a magnificent mansion worthy of the best set for an action movie circumscribed in Thailand. A perfect place to live if you love the most popular 007, but also if you haven’t heard of it in your life.

The house has 1,200 square meters of surface and a neighboring guest house

The house was built by the Albino Construction company, which gave life to almost 1,200 square meters of surface. Although we do not know the details, we do know that several US media have reported that the work lasted a decade. Is it due to malpractice or differences of opinion? Anyway, the fact is that the property has about 37 meters of coastline in which to walk, enjoy a good day at the beach, read a book in front of the ocean or simply enjoy a bonfire in good company.

Pierce Brosnan’s 007 house is for sale for $100 million

Pierce Brosnan’s mansion is for sale for $100 million

This 2020 Pierce has decided to put this maxi-property up for sale, for the succulent sum of 100 million dollars, 85.36 euros. A cost that makes it the eighth most expensive property in Los Angeles. The property was baptized by the name of Orchid House, house of orchids, due to the proliferation of these flowers on the plot. However, the presence of palm trees and gardenias is not negligible either, but, obviously, it was very tiresome to call it Orchids, palm trees and gardenias House.

The house is known as Orchid House due to the amount of orchids in the area

From the air we can see that Pierce Brosnan’s mansion is shaped like an inverted J, with a small guest house facing the lowest stick. Under the J we find an extension of landscaped land, a little piece of beach and a large area for outdoor enjoyment, with barbecue, dining room, outdoor fireplace and even a Chill Out with a lot of pedigree. Behind this, facing the sea, a saltwater pool with a waterfall between the main building and the guest building.

The house is on the beachfront and has a large garden with barbecue, dining room, outdoor fireplace and chill out area

An Asian-style house with teak wood as the protagonist

The gabled roofs are finished with green clay tiles, which allows a symbiosis with the green of the exterior, while recalling Asian constructions. Something that is also reminiscent of Asia is the use of wood in almost all the walls, from the scissor beams, named for their peculiar way in which they intersect. Passing through the carved teak wood front door, sourced from Thailand; to the wooden flooring, also teak, with wide planks.

Throughout the house, the teak wood construction stands out, typical in Asian constructions

Teak is a wood of Asian origin, but it is currently marketed from plantations in Africa and Latin America. There its growth is greater and, therefore, it reduces its cutting times and increases its production. Its excellent durability and workability properties make it highly valued, in addition, it has a natural resin that repels termites and fungi. It is widely used in the naval sector and is ideal for elements that will be outdoors.

The mansion has a 370 square meter suite

A main room of 370 square meters

The house has a living room with views of the sea, after passing the mentioned terraces, a gourmet marble kitchen with large windows and communication with the outside through sliding doors from floor to ceiling, and a generous dining room. To the upper floor, a teak staircase leads to an incredible 370 square meter master suite. Yes!! You read that correctly!, an amount of meters that allows a private balcony, two dressing rooms, two bathrooms and an art studio.

The mansion has an inverted J shape from the air

Another four bedrooms complete the house, with the guest house, which has a whopping fourteen bathrooms and seven fireplaces, which are distributed throughout the complex. But this, as you can imagine, is not all. On the ground floor there is a state-of-the-art theater, with capacity for 20 people, a cellar to stock around 200 bottles of the best wine, two bars, a gym, a music room and a luxury spa with two bathtubs.

In total the house has 14 bathrooms and four bedrooms

A movie house

To put one downside, it could be argued that, having a 4,050-square-meter plot, the complex’s two parking spaces are insufficient, even more so when you have guests, such as the residents of the guest house. On the contrary, it can be argued that it is a great success to have prepared an outdoor dining room protected by glass partitions, allowing pleasant and enriching lunches or dinners.

The only downside is the small garage that barely fits two cars

From the US media we also get that the financing of Pierce Brosnan’s majestic mansion was thanks to another of the Bond films: Die Another Day. This film grossed about $432 million, and allowed the actor a generous extra income. So if you like housing, you have two options, drop the 85 million or do the business of the century and build one. In either case, good luck !!

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