The most comfortable and colorful neighborhood in Ukraine

In Kiev they have built a comfortable neighborhood, which they have dyed with light and color (a lot of color), a modern urban and real estate development success.

In Kiev they have built a comfortable neighborhood, which they have dyed with light and color (a lot of color), a modern urban and real estate development success.

If someone asks us what comfort is, surely (almost) no one would think of indicating that it is a town, a neighborhood or a part of a big city. However, the urban environment, in which we reside, has a lot to do with the well-being that we enjoy in our home. In this way, having nearby the elements that allow us to make better use of our time in our tasks and leisure, such as, for example, schools, shops, bars, parking lots, parks, hospitals, etc., is something that greatly facilitates our comfort.

In Ukraine, that country that nothing (or survives) between European and Russian policies, last year (2,019) ended a very interesting real estate development, of no more and no less than 700,000 square meters of surface. A promotion created by the company KAN Development, who also took charge of the execution of this megaproject in the city of Kiev, the country’s capital, with almost three million people, which is equivalent to a good number of potential buyers .

The complex developed in this city in Ukraine has a very peculiar and marked aesthetic (Photo: KAN Development)

This project has been developed in the capital of Ukraine

To tell the truth, what caught our attention about this real estate incursion was, as almost always, the marked aesthetics of the complex, a design that cannot leave anyone undaunted, related or not to this type of construction. This is made up of a group of buildings with heights between two and 16 floors, with an abundance of parks and garden areas, where three peculiarities stand out: the striking coloration, the proliferation of green areas and the gabled roofs. These two elements lead us to a small city of fantasy, almost a fairy tale.

The architecture studio called Archimatika (very commercial name), was in charge of urban planning and design. Both interior and exterior of each of the elements of this «small» urban town. According to them, the first residential complex in Ukraine based on the principle of block development. This implies the sectorization in blocks with large interior patios, where motor vehicles cannot access, except for emergencies or maintenance, patios that allow play areas, and common recreation spaces.

The color of the buildings and their structure have completely changed this neighborhood of Kiev (Photo: KAN Development)

It is a fun and daring proposal

The architects looked for simple geometric shapes, avoiding balconies and projections, this prevented an increase in cost, allowing the improvement of other parts of the complex. Thus, they included the French balcony system. It consists of executing doors on the façade, with railings that prevent the fall, thus, there is no balcony, but there is… (without words). Along with this proposal, the architects also moved the windows, avoiding monotonous rows, and facilitating, with the bright colors, a changing urban landscape.

The complex began to take shape in the year 2.009, and ended in 2.019, and yes, I suppose that like any urban center it can be clearly improved, but it is still a fun and daring proposal, especially considering that before this project, the plots were intended for industrial buildings, a very necessary use within a city (in my opinion) but that many cities have known how to reuse, with greater or lesser success, as we have seen recently in the United Kingdom.

The neighborhood is endowed with open spaces and garden areas (Photo: KAN Development)

The project is called Comfort Town

The residential complex bears the name of Comfort Town, and, according to its promoters, it is being a success, reaching the sale of 200 apartments per month, a fairly good rate if we consider that Ukraine happens to be the second poorest country in Europe in 2.020 (and it comes from being the first in 2.019). They have private security, a 160-seat kindergarten, a 140-seat elementary school and a 600-seat high school, a 4,500-square-meter shopping center, a 4,600-square-meter gym, with three swimming pools (of course), outdoor sports fields, restaurants. and bars, shops and offices in various buildings.

To achieve affordable development, 150 patterns were designed to be applied in the city, so that parts could be parameterized and “cloned”, making the execution cheaper, without creating a “monotonous” neighborhood. The gabled roofs are made of grooved metal or corrugated sheet metal. This allowed to buy directly from metal manufacturers. The color of the façades was chosen many times based on the color gamut of the manufacturers. Sheet metal roofs are easy to build and can have a long service life if properly maintained.

Numerous companies have collaborated in the realization of the project (Photo: KAN Development)

Many companies have participated in this original project

Comfort Town is located on a 40 hectare site. It has space for three vehicle parking lots for 1,000 cars and another five garages for 1,500, which will be completed shortly. Companies such as the German Bosch and  Grohe, or the Swiss Franke and Geberit, have contributed to the implementation of bathroom and kitchen accessories.  Schneider contributed the electrical accessories, Atlantic contributed the electric boilers, and the air conditioning was provided by Cooper & Hunter

In the end, any real estate development worth its salt must be clear about its potential clients, and give them more than they hope to achieve. This promotion has everything that middle class families could need. Open spaces, nearby leisure and supply centers, security and parking. And in addition, it has more than many bargained for: design, well-planned exterior and interior life, and the hope of a better and more comfortable future.

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