Crazy! Gas tanks converted into luxury apartments

Rehabilitation is the future of most of the professionals dedicated to construction and of the luxury homes that await us.

Rehabilitation is the future of most of the professionals dedicated to construction and of the luxury homes that await us.

Refurbishment is one of the sectors with the most future in the real estate sector. Especially in large cities, where the demand for space forces the constant reinvention of urban land. In this sense, London continues to be an example of success. We recently saw the reuse of a power station in Battersea. Now we present to you another rehabilitation success: some gas tanks transformed into luxury apartments.

The rehabilitation of industrial areas to convert them into luxury homes is a very common practice in recent years

An industrial area converted into a luxury residence

Within large towns, industrial areas that have fallen into disuse are ideal for urban development. In them the large buildings wait to be demolished to implant new constructions. However, this is not the case for the gas deposits that give rise to this article. These are three beautiful works of art from 1860 that were active until the end of the 20th century, when they were dismantled.

These new luxury homes in London have been built on former gas depots

In 2002, the WilkinsonEyre architecture studio won a competition to locate 145 luxury apartments within the gas tanks. This contest was promoted by the Argent company, which is developing an urban area of about 27 hectares around the old King’s Cross station, in North London.

A new space in which an office block and a shopping center are being built. The latter, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, whom we remember for his monumental staircase in New York.

The buildings are cylindrical in shape and retain the original structure of the warehouses

These gas tanks house 145 luxury apartments

When we hear the word deposit, a very clear image always comes to mind: that of a cylindrical container. Therefore, the three blocks of flats installed inside the original wrought iron frames, have that geometric layout. A shape that allows abundant light to reach each apartment, in addition to preserving the Victorian style with which they were built.

All three buildings retain their original wrought iron frames

The idea on which WilkinsonEyre’s project revolves is the construction of three buildings that share a common internal space, or atrium, with elegant proportions and a fountain. These three cylinders are executed with different heights, as if the industry was still in operation and the drums had stopped momentarily. An arrangement that gives the impression that the cylinders can be put into action at any time to contain the gas they house. Isn’t that great?

These three cylinders share a common internal space with garden areas and a fountain

The nine penthouses with gardens are the most exclusive homes

As a curiosity, we can point out that the architect, Mr. Chris Wilkinson bought one of the houses for his wife. He thinks that his design “represents the very essence of city life and offers unique canal-side views. We love the idea of getting on a train to Paris for the weekend, and that we’re so well connected to the rest of London and the whole country.»

The exterior of the houses is glazed with glass panels, protected with perforated shutters that protect the interior from the heat of the sun.

The designer provided new cylindrical structures inside the metal frames, but this time divided into floors. Exterior glazed with three panes of glass and protected by perforated shutters. These allow the passage of sunlight, subtracting its effect on the hottest days. The complex offers luxury homes, including nine penthouses with private rooftop gardens and gardens designed by renowned landscape architect Dan Pearson.

Each of the floors of the building are linked by circular walkways, in imitation of the external shape of the cylinder

Home prices range from 900,000 to 2.5 million euros

The complex, which they have named Gasholders, is entered from a new square called Lewis Cubitt, located under a sober cantilevered canopy and a glass door that leads users to the lobby. From there you go to the central atrium, through which you access the different floors, which are linked by circular walkways that imitate the exterior aesthetics of the building. The apartments follow this same figure, accommodating the bedrooms and living rooms outside and the rest of the rooms inside.

The cylinders have 145 homes, among which we find small studios and luxury penthouses

Property prices range from 810,000 pounds, 910,000 euros, for a studio, to two million pounds, 2.25 million euros, for a three-bedroom home. Another of the authors of this building is the interior design studio Jonathan Tuckey, who applied to the interior the same industrial aesthetic base that predominates on the exterior, albeit with greater elegance. The designer himself tells on his website how he used industrial materials, such as resin, steel, brass, smoked wood and prefabricated concrete.

The buildings also house an indoor pool, spa, gym and even a private dining room.

The deposits also house a swimming pool and a patio with leisure areas.

Next to the three buildings there are two other cylindrical structures that have been used to provide the complex with a circular patio and a covered swimming pool, places for leisure and recreation that are much needed. But, not satisfied with this, the designers included landscaped roofs in the buildings, audiovisual rooms, a spa, a gym and even a private dining room for residents and guests.

Home prices can reach up to 2.25 million euros

We cannot finish the article without mentioning the company that made the execution of the works possible, the specialists Shepley Engineers. They were in charge of giving a new life to the old metal structures, which are protected by London regulations. To do this, they had to dismantle the structures, with 20-ton cranes, and take them to the company’s workshop where they could give them a new life. A second chance that will surely be enjoyed by the users of a complex that, in the words of the Sunday Times, is one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom.

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