The ultra-modern Tokaj winery, a spectacle with a view

In Hungary they also know how to provide themselves with luxury architecture, for example, the new Sauska wine cellar, in Tokaj, a space that promises.

In Hungary they also know how to provide themselves with luxury architecture, for example, the new Sauska wine cellar, in Tokaj, a space that promises.

In Hungary they also know how to provide themselves with luxury architecture, for example, the new Sauska wine cellar, in Tokaj, a space that promises.

The steps that are being taken define our present and also shape the future. That is why good architecture is accompanied by the term avant-garde, allowing ourselves the frivolity of building only for the present would be too big an error. Following this translucent and ethereal guideline, thousands of architects and designers strive to give the best of their vision of the future. This is the case of those who have designed the winery that the Sauska winery company is currently building in Tokaj, a historic wine region in Hungary.

A special winery at the top of a vineyard

It is a place declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which allows us to imagine the importance of this natural environment. So the pressure and at the same time the challenge that fell on the shoulders of the designers must have been heady and oppressive. In this way the property merges with nature. It is part of the vineyards through the logical transition at the top of a mountain, and generates two spectacular viewpoints of the environment.

Bodega Tojak
The winery generates two viewpoints over the surroundings

Two cups on the ground and two viewpoints

The construction is about two cups slightly elevated from the ground. They are 36 meters in diameter each and hide the industrial warehouse in the lower part. That which is essential to carry out production and storage functions.

The project was conceived in 2014, but it is still under construction today. However, according to the architecture studio’s website, it is expected to end in 2022. A good year to organize a visit, when, predictably, we will all be vaccinated. It is clear that we live in a globalized world. Hence the wink from the promoters of wine tourism, who seem to tell us: “We are here, expectant”. And it is that the two bowls, from the sky, can well pretend to be a pair of comic eyes.

Bodega Tojak
The location of the warehouse allows greater functionality

A special winery for outsiders and visitors to Tokaj

The built area reaches 5,830 square meters. The interior of the Tokaj winery is divided according to the transit of the grapes: they enter from the west, and their final result leaves from the east (the bottles, of course). This simple transition allows for greater functionality and fluidity of work. At the same time, it connects with visitors, offering them a pleasant and educational journey.

But that the ship passes underground does not mean that it is condemned to the lack of natural light. And it is that making the most of the circular perimeter of the bowls, windows are located on their exterior walls, at ground level, allowing the passage of light. The design company, Bord Studio, also handled the mechanical engineering. The structural engineering was carried out by the company Hydrastat Engineering Office Ltd. and the infographics by the company Homologue.

The lower part of the nave is a rectangular block, linear in shape, three storeys high. This is generated by reinforced concrete structures, with strong walls of the same material to resist the thrust of the ground. However, the cups are executed with a mixed structure, part of reinforced concrete and part of metal structure, both supported by circular foundations at the base of the building.

Bodega Tojak

A dream place and a special winery, symbol of Tokaj

As they are circular shapes in a geometric position inverse to the transition of forces, it is necessary for the structure to work in tension. To do this, the engineers arranged an interior network capable of cable-stayed work, linked to the different slabs through which it passes. The project architect, Péter Bordás, shows us on his Instagram the images of the current building, with the auxiliary structures that will carry the final finishes.

The vineyards, as shown in the infographics, zoom in on the vibrant and huge eyes. Eyes designed for the tourist, but also for the user of the region. The one that will be able to approach the property from time to time, since the show architecture generates commercial traffic. But something that is not usually said is that it also generates joy in the local, that person who enjoys more and better the good constructions that are at hand.

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