The most expensive residential complex in Europe is in London and overlooks Hyde Park

London can boast of having the most expensive residential complex in Europe, or one of them. In any case, One Hyde Park is an illustrative resort of luxury at the highest level.

London can boast of having the most expensive residential complex in Europe, or one of them. In any case, One Hyde Park is an illustrative resort of luxury at the highest level.

You have not visited them, but you have been there countless times. That is the magic of the small screen, no matter how many souls there are on this planet, very few can enjoy live and direct a certain area or city, a park or environment. But technology and media coverage have made certain places in the world mega-known, without the majority of people having passed through there. This is the case of the most expensive residential complex in Europe.

One Hyde Park
Places as emblematic as Hyde Park are the place chosen to build luxury apartments

It happens with New York and its Central Park, with the Eixample in Barcelona, ​​the coast of Miami, the incredible city of Dubai, the busy city of Tokyo, or the popular Hyde Park in London. This “call effect” leads the most demanding and international capital to these niches of popularity and urban beauty. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most luxurious residential complexes are built in these places, like the one we are bringing you this week.

One Hyde Park
One Hyde Park is the most luxurious complex in London located in the heart of Hyde Park

One Hyde Park, the most expensive apartments in London

There is no doubt that since its construction in 2011, the One Hyde Park real estate project, on the front line of London’s acclaimed park, has broken all records in terms of prices. On more than one occasion they have been responsible for the most expensive real estate transactions in the country. In 2011 an apartment was sold for 140 million pounds, about 161 million euros, and in 2018 another property was sold for 160 million pounds, about 185 million euros.

One Hyde Park
The price of the One Hyde Park apartments exceeds 20 million euros

It is a residential complex in the Knightsbridge neighbourhood, made up of four buildings with 10, 12, 14 and 12 floors, arranged in single file, and which house 86 luxury apartments. The promoter was Project Grande Limited, who opted to invest 250 million pounds, about 290 million euros, which led him to achieve unparalleled profits, given that real estate rarely falls below 20 million euros.

One Hyde Park
It consists of 86 luxury apartments spread over four towers

Luxury apartments in the heart of Hyde Park

To give you an idea, the real estate agency Knight Frank has two apartments in the complex for sale. On the one hand, a 286 square meter apartment that costs almost 22 million euros, and on the other, a 413 square meter duplex for more than 32 million euros. Zoopla also sells some real estate. The cheapest, a study for 5.75 million euros. The price of the rest increases dramatically to reach 35 million euros for just 230 square meters. Thus, we can add up to 65,000 square meters built on the plot.

One Hyde Park
The most expensive apartment in One Hyde Park costs 35 million euros and has 230 square meters

However, beyond the numbers, the residential complex represents the actions of many people, most of them professionals who work hard to achieve the purpose of executing the buildings. In this case, we are talking about the architects of Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners, the designers of the Protos Winery. They have been responsible for the design and direction of the works, the proud parents of a “creature” that was born from the demolition of an office building from the 50s.

One Hyde Park
The architects of Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners have been commissioned to build this spectacular complex

Its shape seeks to make the most of the light

They say that the complex is strongly related to the surrounding urban landscape, taking full advantage of the views of Hyde Park. To maintain this implication, the heights of the buildings vary according to the buildings with which they share direct space, without giving up their own identity, generated from their rhomboid shape, in order to make the most of the light that may come from their four orientations.

One Hyde Park
The buildings have a rhomboid shape to take advantage of the light

Light becomes the object of worship, determining not only the orientation of the buildings, but also their envelope, fully glazed, including the circulation cores, that is, the stairs, elevators and lobbies. The greyish tones of the visible structure and the reddish-brown hue of the exterior slats blend perfectly with the surrounding old terracotta buildings. This is a very common wink in good designers, who respect nearby properties.

One Hyde Park
The building has a triple glazing system

Luxury and environmentally friendly buildings

The slats, or exterior partitions, hide a triple glazing system, in which an exterior panel protects a ventilated space that includes a roller shutter, a comfortable and practical system that inserts the shutters into the window itself. Behind it, a double glass allows acoustic and thermal insulation.

One Hyde Park
The materials used in the construction were recycled and take advantage of the temperature of the land to reduce the use of gas boilers.

Environmental respect has been a main axis during the design and construction of the complex. Accordingly, underground wells are used to take advantage of the ground temperature and reduce the use of gas or electric boilers. The work was also managed to recycle up to 93% of the materials discarded from the work. In addition, a large part of the elements were made in a prefabricated way and the use of vehicles was controlled to the maximum, reducing the carbon footprint created by their transit.

One Hyde Park
The apartments coexist with luxury commercial areas, entertainment venues and even meeting spaces

Hyde Park, the most desired place to live in London

The 86 apartments, with several duplexes and four penthouses, are accompanied by commercial areas on the ground floor. Some high standing surfaces, where we find Rolex or McLaren stores, an exclusive cinema for owners, squash courts, a gym, a 21-meter swimming pool, a virtual golf simulator, and a room for business and meetings. In addition, they also have parking for all residents, both motor vehicles and bicycles.

One Hyde Park
The complex has apartments, flats of 200 meters or a duplex of 413 square meters

Between Hyde Park and the complex, a pedestrian route laden with trees and abundant nature has been created, minimizing the madding traffic noise and blending the views with the park. Other companies that have taken part in this fantastic work were the engineering specialist Ove Arup & Partners and the landscape expert Gillespies, who says that they included suspended trees inside a pond inside the complex, creating more welcoming and dynamic spaces.

One Hyde Park
The buildings have spectacular views thanks to their height of 10, 12, 14 and 12 floors

The Great One Hyde Park Project

The international firm Gardiner & Theobald  was in charge of controlling the cost and Laing O’Rourke was responsible for the execution. In interior design we find Candy & Candy, a company from which some workers who worked at One Hyde Park left and settled in Elicyon. And, finally, it is fair to recognize the essential work of lighting expert James Turrell, whom we have seen in these pages for a job in Canada.

One Hyde Park
The complex was built in 2011 and its value continues to increase over the years

Large cities are examples of strong contrasts, rich and different forms of coexistence that generate unique spaces. Ours is the duty to always look for the best and, if we don’t find it, create it.

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