These are the ten most impressive and luxurious pools in the world

Swimming pools are incredible places where we can spend our best hours of leisure and rest, although there are some that offer us much more.

Swimming pools are incredible places where we can spend our best hours of leisure and rest, although there are some that offer us much more.

Very recently we discovered the tallest outdoor pool in the world, quite a feat that, surely, already appears in the Guinness Book of Records. Of course, this pool is in Dubai, one of the places in the world that offers us incredible constructions. However, this is not the only incredible pool in the world, there are others that have unprecedented and unrepeatable views. As we know that you were left wanting more, today we show you ten impressive swimming pools.

The Brooklyn Point has one of the most luxurious pools in New York on its roof

To start this mini-list off strong, we show you the tallest infinity pool in the Western Hemisphere. It is located in the newly opened Brooklyn Point skyscraper, an impressive 220-meter-high tower with 68 mixed-use floors, most of them residential. At the top of the tower, residents can enjoy wonderful views of New York, and the sporadic company of actors, as it has an outdoor space for film screenings.

The indoor pool at Raffles City Chongqing has spectacular views
to its circular beams

China, a country with very top swimming pools

We traveled to China to see the first swimming pool in a horizontal skyscraper. It is 250 meters high in the Raffles City Chongqing, an impressive group of skyscrapers joined at the top by another construction, which rests on them horizontally, protruding on their cantilevered edges. The impressive views from the outside are only forgotten when you relax in its indoor pool, which overlooks the spectacular circular beams of the deck.

At the Hotel Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao you can bathe in the heights
while you see people walking down the street

Since we are in China, we can rest at the Hotel Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao, a fairly normal family hotel if it weren’t for one detail. We are talking about the extension that stands out in the form of a cantilever on its left side and, guess what, is the extension of its swimming pool on the top floor. To make it more exciting, they have put a transparent reinforced glass on its base, in such a way that while you bathe you do not lose sight of what happens on the street.

An infinity pool surrounded by palm trees is the one with the
Sky Habitat complex

The swimming pool in Singapore that joins two buildings

Singapore has a lot to contribute when it comes to swimming pools in height. An example of this is the Sky Habitat complex, developed in two 38-storey towers with three air bridges. The tallest of the three bridges is 130 meters high, and has a spectacular infinity pool, flanked by huge palm trees. The other two bridges have landscaped areas and leisure spaces.

The swimming pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore sits on top of two buildings

Yes, we know you were waiting for it and we will not disappoint you. In Singapore there is also the most famous pool in the world, the one that is on top of two buildings and that belongs to the Marina Bay Sands complex. Nobody has been spared seeing the iconic image of the Singapore skyline from this famous infinity pool which, by the way, was designed by the same architect as the Sky Habitat, Moshe Safdie.

Take a swim looking at the Petronas Twin Towers

In Houston they are no strangers to strong emotions, and more specifically in one of its skyscrapers, the Market Square Tower. In it they installed a part of their swimming pool “outside” the floor of the building. A piece that, in addition, is totally transparent, which caused an Instagram video of one of its lucky users to go viral. The tower reaches 150 meters and the pool is located on its rooftop. Would you bathe in it?

Set to travel the world, let’s go to Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, you know, the one with the Petronas Towers. There we find on the rooftop of The Face Suites hotel an incredible pool with views of the Petronas, at about 230 meters high. A place where you can enjoy the unique life of this busy city, at a certain height, of course.

The pool of the Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo has incredible views of the
ibirapuera park

A totally transparent outdoor pool

Another jump and we landed in São Paulo. In this wonderful city of Brazil, the renowned architect Ruy Ohtake installed in 2003 an incredible and generous building with a unique silhouette that imitates an ocean liner. Inside it, a generous swimming pool with views of Ibirapuera Park and the skyscrapers of Sao Paulo is located on its deck. The hotel, by the way, is called Hotel Unique.

In the heart of the Amalfi Coast you can enjoy an incredible
pool for 5,000 euros

Europe also has tall swimming pools. One of the most popular and expensive is located in Ravelo, Italy. In this case, the pool is not on a building, but on a cliff. It is located about 350 meters high, in the heart of the Amalfi coast, and you can enjoy it by paying a hotel room that costs between 900 and 5,000 euros per night.

Sky Pool joins two buildings and is totally transparent

To finish this luxurious aquatic list, we present the incredible swimming pool that is going to open this May in London. It is a completely transparent pool that connects two buildings. It’s called the Sky Pool, it opens on May 19, and it connects two buildings 35 meters above the ground and 25 meters long. Quite a feat that is going around the world and that is located in a luxury development called Nine Elms. Which pool do you like the most?

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