This is the Miami tower that dazzled Novak Djokovic

The tennis player Novak Djokovic fell in love with the finishes, the luxuries, and the incredible views of Eighty-Seven Park, the new tower in Miami.

The tennis player Novak Djokovic fell in love with the finishes, the luxuries, and the incredible views of Eighty-Seven Park, the new tower in Miami.

Feeling intimidated by a construction today is practically impossible. Our experiences in cities, digital media or art museums make us ready to visualize the incredible. However, far from being a problem, it is a great advantage, since the eyes get used to seeing what we like or need, and not the impressive volumes that could overwhelm us.

torre miami
The Eighty-Seven Park is the new and luxurious tower on the beachfront of Miami

The building that we present to you today dazzled the famous tennis player Novak Djokovic a few years ago. Such was the athlete’s crush on the construction, that he did not hesitate to get one of his off-plan apartments in 2017. «I was inspired by the unparalleled level of service, the exclusive access to the park, the internal botanist and the panoramic views of both the land as of the sea,» he commented at the time. Djokovic currently no longer owns the property, having recently sold it. It seems that the pandemic has made him reconsider.

torre miami
Tennis player Novak Djokovic owned one of his luxurious apartments

Renzo Piano is the author of Eighty-Seven Park

This tower has been executed to the design of an architect we know very well at The Luxonomist. We are talking about Renzo Piano, the most famous Italian in the world, if we don’t count Berlusconi. His studio was commissioned to create an oval-shaped tower, ideal for maximizing views of the Miami skyline, while providing spectacular balconies for the 70 apartments that fit inside.

torre miami
The Italian architect Renzo Piano has been in charge of the design of the building

Known as Eighty-Seven Park, the building bills itself as «a home for celebrities and executives.» It has a total of 20 floors, all with a neat design based on the union of the implementation of the most avant-garde construction elements, with maximalist carpentry from floor to ceiling, glass railings, and top-level finishes with which they intend to compete with the most luxurious five-star hotels.

torre miami
The tower has 70 luxury apartments and numerous green spaces

A total of 70 luxury apartments

According to the promoters Bizzi & Partners Development, the building was originally a decrepit hotel located at 8701 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. They decided to buy it with the aim of transforming it into the fantastic building that we see in the images. A purchase that was based on two important figures. First, the gross value of the property: 450 million dollars, about 212 euros, and second, the constructed area, about 24,000 square meters.

torre miami
The highlight of the homes are the terraces, which account for 40/50% of the surface of the apartment

The 70 apartments in the tower have large open-air surfaces, some terraces that make up 40/50% of the interior surface. But Piano’s commitment to wildlife was not only in this, it also provided the building with large spaces of flora, mimicking the nearby North Shore Open Space Park natural park, or surpassing it, depending on how you see it.

torre miami
The tower has spectacular views of the beach

In Eighty-Seven Park, green spaces have a special role

For this feat they had the help of West 8 landscaping professionals, who configured the environment of the building, with direct communication to the beach. The garden, of 6,000 square meters, was configured around two ponds that are introduced into the building, thus allowing a relaxation of temperatures. The rest was treated with plant species from the environment, with concrete paths immersed in green paths and a more than pleasant space.

torre miami
The tower has numerous common spaces, including a bar

For fun, your lobby is immersed in the nature outside. In it you can relax having a natural drink while reading a book from its library. The rear part has two beautiful pools that will make the enjoyment of users even greater. That is as long as you are not the owner of one of the two wonderful penthouses in the tower, which include an infinity pool. Added to this is the building’s bar, gym and spa. In addition, the property has a cultural pavilion, a space designed to be a community link in which to celebrate different performances, parties and social events.

torre miami
The green and rest areas play an important role in the tower

The tower is located near the Champlain Towers South

The interior of the buildings was designed by the RDAI studio, who applied a palette of tones based on the exterior, using American oak, Italian marble, and local materials, such as pebbles and shells.

torre miami
The apartments are for sale for more than 2 million dollars

The complex opened in 2020 and witnessed the collapse of the Champlain Towers South last June. This misfortune that left 98 dead and unknowns about what were the triggers for the incident. Some residents of Champlain warned of strong tremors while Eighty Seven Park was being built, something that does not seem to have a causal relationship with the accident, but that caused a lot to talk about.

torre miami
The tower has its own gym, swimming pools and spa

Its apartments cost more than 2 million dollars

This tower of extreme luxury aims to become an oasis and if you have a few million in your bank account, maybe you can enjoy it. There are currently 8 properties for sale: two one-bedroom apartments, four two-bedroom apartments, and one with three and four bedrooms. The cheapest reaches 2 million dollars, 1.70 euros, and the most expensive 6.5, about 5.51 euros.

torre miami
The two penthouses of the building have a private infinity pool

The magic of architecture consists in providing clients with what they need, with the materials and means at their disposal, and at a price that the developer can afford. In this case, it seems to have been fulfilled perfectly, thanks to the good work of Renzo Piano and his collaborators, including an award-winning lighting studio called LuxPopuli, based in Mexico.

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