Fox sells rustic house

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan sold their rural house in Connecticut, a beautiful residence where can forget of the world.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan sold their rural house in Connecticut, a beautiful residence where can forget of the world.


Hans looked straight at his caller, but only a second, then turned his head to the wall, where there was a slightly inclined picture. «I don’t know what is so good this day, I don’t even know why says it in plural, and all this, I do not know what is your name», Lorna did not like the tone (monotonous and linear) but she understood why he acted that way, he had a clear Asperger syndrome, she did not understand very well why he was alone there.


«My name is Lorna, and I am a commercial of the real estate in which you have entered, Hans, since reception said me your name, but not they have known explain me what do you want, would could do it you?». She spoke calmly, without using jokes or sarcasm, I was familiar with this syndrome (that not disease), knew how difficult that was the social treatment for these people and she sought to not do more difficult his situation. Hans seemed to relax, the tone conciliatory caused him some reassurance, while looking at the picture, he said: «I want the House of Fox and Pollan, Lorna, do you can get it for me?».


Of course, she knew the house that he was talking, in fact, she had uploaded the data to the web. The fabulous home that Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan had built in 1,997 in the village of Sharon, in Connecticut (USA), was one of the jewelry of the Crown, an pear in sweet for all the sellers of the real estate, especially now, that the graphic of sales began to raise again.


If she not remembered wrong, was in 1991 when the artist was diagnosed with Parkinson, though the public did not knew until 1998, after built the House. The residence is not designed as a Mansion, it is configured as a housing single-family, that was the wish of its owners, to enjoy of an environment family and wild. The home is surrounded by 72.37 acres, equivalent to 293,000 square meters of nature, as well as being near the Pollan family properties.


Hans was impatient: «the architect was Charles Myer that oriented the home toward the West. He sent a sketch to Fox in napkins, where could glimpse a salon main of double height from which distributed the rest of stays, was the same Michael who had seen this distribution of child in a house of the Columbia British and he had liked a lot, so, in summary, he turned a dream into reality. «Lorna, I want this House, you can get it?»


The specialist admired the knowledge of Hans, knew that the press published all, but even so not was common that someone memorize this data, with patience, she spoke again: «firstly, we have that to investigate if the house is correct for you, Hans, for this I go to describe it a little.» It has 464 square metres divided into 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an adjacent building with rooms for guests upstairs and garages on the ground floor.


The lounge main has a great ceiling vaulted with trusses of wood, indeed, this material is the real King of the place, since serves as structure main, protects of the conditions atmospheric in form of shingles in the cover and in the exterior walls, is the element of coating (in walls interiors and ceilings) and, in addition, decorates through furniture old the different stays.


I don’t know if you know that the wood is the best raw material to build. It is versatile, aesthetic, durable, stable and, if that wasn’t enough, is the unique building material capable of reducing the CO2 emissions during its processing. It is reusable, recyclable and recoverable up to, in this regard on the ground they built a cabin with wood brought from Vermont, an example of reuse and environmental awareness. It is also a natural thermal and acoustic insulation, making it a crucial element for the creation of homes Passivhaus (dwellings with almost zero energy expenditure).


The house has, of course, library, office and a fantastic swimming pool where you can spend your best days. All was built by the company Richard E. McCue, one of the professional of the sector in this area of the World. If we speak of styles we could define the main as Adirondack style construction, this represents the American rustic model, it was promoted by Thomas Lee in 1903, which created a beautiful sturdy chair to chat with friends and family while you take an aperitif.


Tracy and Michael commissioned the work to the fantastic designer Marc Charbonnet inside the house, he had already done so with their New York apartment, so they would be safe. Marc, conceived the interior in style Cottage (or Country Chic), immediately convinced the owners to locate a huge carpet of 11.30 by 4.70 meters in the living room, or imagine what it would cost them (even though they say that they got a good price). The decorate is realized with a mix of tones gold, beige, ochre, green and charcoal, that stick very well with the style rustic.


Other curiosities of housing are an English mid-19TH-century quilt, several antique carpets that are distributed by the different rooms, style doors French (those formed by a framework that contains several crystals inside), friezes in the lounge, the kitchen and the master bedroom by Rafael Pimentel, which goes much with Peter Marino, or the reproduction of an 18TH-century chest, that hides a TV to see it from the sofa or the bed (ideal not?).


For not tire, I will end up speaking of the outside, where the landscaper Jean Brooks has made a super work, saving an old oak, placing walks with walls of stone and distributing the place to create a comfort natural of first level. There you can walk to visit the pond (with bridge and all), and you can do it on foot, or with one of the horses in the stable. All for only 4.25 million dollars (3.81 of euros)»


With these words, Lorna stared to Hans, that, incredibly, returned the gaze, she asked if he had enough money to buy the house, bearing in mind, moreover, that there were other forty-two people interested in the property. Hans was in silence a few seconds, after said: «Lorna, Lorna, Lorna, have a picture inclined 1.49 degrees on its axis horizontal and, also, you do not answer me still if you go to help searching the House of Fox, what I going to do with you, Lorna?»


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