This will be JP Morgan’s zero energy skyscraper in New York

The world is full of examples of how you can invest in the future, everyone contributes in their own way, some with innovative skyscrapers.

The world is full of examples of how you can invest in the future, everyone contributes in their own way, some with innovative skyscrapers.

It is popular opinion on the streets that the less we depend energetically on so-called fossil fuels, the better it will be. But not being energetically dependent on these supplies and having a supply 100% derived from renewable energies is more complicated the larger we are. For example, if we talk about skyscrapers, complications become a challenge.

JP Morgan skyscraper will be the largest all-electric tower in New York

JP Morgan Chase’s spectacular new skyscraper

JP Morgan Chase is an international company that has its own skyscraper in the world’s cradle of business: New York. This skyscraper is under construction, as the company observed that the previous building was falling short and decided to demolish it. Contrary to what we saw recently in Sydney, the company made a clean break with the past, designing a new skyscraper built from scratch.

The building will have a height of 423 meters

The building reached 215 meters, making it the tallest demolished building in the world in 2021. But don’t worry, because JP Morgan is not going to be left without a mega-headquarters in Manhattan. They have hired the meticulous architecture group Foster + Partners to design their new headquarters, which upon completion will be the largest all-electric, or cleaner, tower in New York.

It will reach 423 meters high

The construction site is 270 Park Avenue, a space that is seeing the mixed structure of the new skyscraper grow, which will predictably reach 423 meters in height, almost double that of the previous one. The key to this building is that it will be more ecological. The “trick” will be in the supply, given that all the energy demanded by the future building will be supplied by a hydroelectric plant in the state of New York.

The skyscraper will be supplied with energy from a hydroelectric plant in New York state

Its 60 floors will give JP Morgan 230,000 square meters of surface area, a number of meters that will not make the work areas less comfortable, given that the construction will have all the technical and empirical advances to make the spaces biophilic, that is, are connected with nature in an intimate and effective way.

JP Morgan skyscraper expected to be completed by 2025

An ecological and non-polluting skyscraper

But let’s start from the outside. The shape of the building is divided into different parallelepiped sectors that rise from one end to the other as they approach the center, like a kind of deck of cards. By having four facades, the increase in natural light compared to the previous building will reach 30%, according to the architects. In addition, there will be green spaces on the terraces for users to enjoy.

A powerful metal fan emerges from the bowels of the skyscraper, concentrating the charge in a few points. This fact allows the underground distribution of the city not to be altered excessively. This structure also allows for the creation of a spectacular lobby, generous and tall as the only one. In addition, this will serve as a visual attraction, since they will remain visible inside, so that architectural curiosity seekers can enjoy it.

The lobby will be one of the most prominent parts of the building architecturally speaking

The JP Morgan skyscraper will be able to house 14,000 employees

The exterior design foresees the use of metal edges that will not only define each block, but will also have perfectly visible rhombuses embedded in them, which will perform aesthetic and dynamic functions. The exterior carpentry will have a triple layer of glass, guaranteeing an improvement in acoustic and thermal insulation, in addition, with thermal bridge breakage.

In total, the skyscraper will be able to house 14,000 employees.

The developers claim that the property will have 25% more space per person than the previous skyscraper. It will be able to accommodate many more people, up to 14,000 employees, which will have 50% more common space, using more flexible spaces by eliminating a large number of pillars and vertical load transmission elements.

A commitment to architecture and the environment

Regarding health, they assure that the building will take care of all workers, not only by increasing the percentage of natural light, but also by the use of circadian lighting. In addition, they will include a modern health and wellness center, with a gym, yoga rooms, cycling, physiotherapy, medical services, etc. It also has a large food hall with healthy menus.

A curious fact is that they claim to have reused or recycled 97% of the materials from the demolition, an enormously high amount. But, if we believe what they tell us, this building will generate healthy spaces for its workers in the heart of the Big Apple, and will serve as an incentive for new actions of the same kind. Its completion is scheduled for 2025. We will surely find out when it is finished…

*Infographics courtesy of Foster + Partners. Photos courtesy of Michael Young

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