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The Weft of Aluminium

Hangar 16 of the Cannes-Mandelieu airport is wrapped in aluminum, wood and glass spectacularly. Hi, as I promised I have been reviewing the Atlantic Ocean in search of an island where starting to build. My first stop was in Quebec, in the islands of the Madeleine, they are twelve in total even though only eight

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The Sky on the Ceiling

Are you tired of always looking the same? Want to see clouds, trees or aquariums on your ceiling? Welcome to the future… Hi, if you follow the media you may have noticed that in my latest posted photo in them, I was posing with the gaze lost in the sky, well, it I had not

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The fever of golden buildings

The golden color puts us crazy, to such an extent, that it are already many buildings that have it, in addition built in this century. All started a December 20, in the social networks (of course), the innocent actors of the game could not have imagined never the media coverage which many academics would give

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The best ecological Hotels

The integration into the rural or urban environment is not at odds with the sustainability and the enjoyment. Hi, we are of farewell, firstly, because this week we say goodbye to July, my month favorite, and second, but not less important, because I say goodbye, persistent and faithful readers, my becoming as Narrator of materials

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The most incredible drawbridges of Europe

Enjoy of the creativity and the imagination of the human with the most spectacular drawbridges on the old continent. Hi, in the effort to find an island to build my future (and unique) building, I called my best friend from North America (how are Ray?), and, between the two, we toured by the territory between

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Louvre versus Louvre

A Palace with more than five hundred years of history reconverted to the most famous Museum in the world. Hi, when you live in a family with significant load throughout the history, you need to learn to young age that you have a responsibility with your ancestors and, obviously, your present (the future is always

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