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The integration into the rural or urban environment is not at odds with the sustainability and the enjoyment.

The integration into the rural or urban environment is not at odds with the sustainability and the enjoyment.

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Hi, we are of farewell, firstly, because this week we say goodbye to July, my month favorite, and second, but not less important, because I say goodbye, persistent and faithful readers, my becoming as Narrator of materials and construction systems comes to an end. The decision was taken and, as you know, I, Rodolfo, never give back (is for cowards), of course, I take your affection in my heart, and you take my wisdom (which is not little).

002 can_marti_ibiza_7315_1200x800

Now, I will dedicate myself in body and soul to the idea that generated these beautiful items (modesty aside, clear). I’ve given two years, starting in September, to build a Hotel in one of the most incredible islands of the World: Gran Canaria, (do you know it?). There I designing and will carry out the feat for which the human beings were born: modify the environment for the good, whenever possible, obviously.

003 rooms-pino-04

However, before I go in such a singular earthly paradise, I have given a «turn» by several hotels in the world with a series of characteristics that generate my pleasure, and that all of them have something to do with the care of nature, if you want to know them… stay with me a little more! The first of these idyllic leisure spaces is called Can Martí, which is located (as not) in Ibiza.

004 piscinas-exteriores-chiva-som

A home of 400 year old transformed into an enjoyment and leisure centre, surrounded by 17 acres of nature and fully aware of its work. Everything exudes the essence of stone and wood, the oldest construction materials, without which, no one should imagine the past and… the future. The rooms have tree names: olive, pomegranate, pine, carob and almond. The intimate contact with the nature is guaranteed even in the pool, the first bio-natural pool of Ibiza, with mechanisms ecological to maintain pure water and without chemicals.

005 Consultant-Paul-Emery-620X3581

From Spain to Thailand, you know that I love the country of smiles, a great example of good treatment to tourists. This time I chose to stay at the Chiva-Som, where the first thing they do is assign you a personal advisor of health and welfare to guide you for its wide range of therapies, nutritional variations and physical activities for «auto – discover yourself» (thing I love to do).


Its outstanding traditional architecture merges with the space, based on four principles: comfort, aesthetics, functionality and use of the environment. The complex is very popular in the United Kingdom, where has received the award Condé Nast Traveler several times. Pools of dreams covered and uncovered, a beach a few meters, 58 pavilions of luxury, S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R treatment and a large group of activities has left me as new (word).

 007 Alto-On-Bourke-photos-Interior

From Thailand to Australia, in particular to the most fun city that I know,Melbourne, a great example of university environment. I have stayed at the Alto Hotel, the first building of its kind in Australia that compensate all its carbon emissions, is Carbon Neutral, as the judges (to understand us), for something is the first Hotel to receive the prestigious Earthcheck Gold certification.

008 1448383646margarita 2nd living room jpg

How have they managed it? Putting «the meat on the spit» and generating 100% of the electricity consumed from renewable sources, using Led´s (always led´s), sensors of movement for the air conditioning, collecting and reusing rainwater in toilets and gardening, with double glazed windows and doors with glass of 13 mm capable of reflecting the heat, using locally grown produce (even have a hive that collect honey) , avoiding the use of plastic bottles and, most importantly, they have a library wherein you can exchanged books (a luxury).

009 flor de frangipani

From Australia to Puerto Rico, a trip to enjoy the elements of first-hand, in a Hotel with a special charm: the Rainforest Inn, a fantastic (and green) adventure in this wonderful spot surrounded by the jungle, that they promise (and they comply, I bear witness) relax and exoticism in equal parts. The more fun: traversing the jungle as Indiana Jones with machete in hand and hat with wings.

010 Luquillo+Beach

The owners of the complex strive to become integrated in the nature in a very special way, they blend in it. The farm enjoys a cascade private, a natural pool, the powerful presence of the sea of the Caribbean, of a multitude of plant species (such as the frangipanis), colorful birds and happy massages of the personal. I was scared when I saw that they had no air conditioning, but is a fear momentary (curious).

011 SUM_2012_MIAMI_BG

From Puerto Rico to the United States, a radical change of atmosphere took me to enter the gates of the Intercontinental Miami, luxury of first (if in the luxury there are categories, clear) and environmental commitment of first (also). Only thus is explained to be the largest consumer of wind energy of Florida, they have also built a farm to provide organic products to its Chef.

012 Blue-Water-Cafe

In honor of the truth, taking advantage of being in the financial district, I left several times to the majestic Tower covered with marble (in its thirty-four plants), to do business, something that I could not do in Puerto Rico, clear. The Hotel had another incentive this year (not counting the swimming pool) is that it has been awarded by the certificate of excellence 2.016 of Tripadvisor, among 119 hotels in Miami.

013 hotel-gavarni-paris-15

From United States to France, to Paris, the city of all, to the Hotel Gavarni, in front to the Seineriver, from its windows you can admire always the skeletal Eiffel Tower. It was the first independent Hotel in France in received the European eco-label. Merits for this award has a few acquaintances, such as the use of clean energy, the use of sewage and rain waters or the management of the waste generated.

But the best of the Hotel is its attitude, seek to involve their customers in the care of the environment. So they have put waste containers in the rooms, removed the sheets only when directed by the client, promote the use shared of taxis with a panel at the entrance (to pollute less, you understand), until the workers are eco-friendly using the public transport or the bicycle.Seriously, it breathes sustainability at this resort.

014 paris-eiffel-tower-01

From France to Gran Canaria, searching in this wonderful Pearl of the Atlantic a space where to build a Hotel, a Grand Hotel, eco-friendly, stylish, sustainable, funny, unique. Using the best materials and building systems within the reach of my hand to achieve a magnificent building. When it is finished I will send an invitation, and, as always, accept it or not, it will be your thing. Byebye.

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