The building higher (and rare) of Thailand

Crowning the city of Bangkok is located a singular building, capable of interpreting the future of the country in form pixelated. Alfredo picked up the phone, he couldn’t believe the luck that had, with his sharp tone of voice said: «Thailand» and to the second, the mobile made a call, perhaps, the most important of…


The best ecological Hotels

The integration into the rural or urban environment is not at odds with the sustainability and the enjoyment. Hi, we are of farewell, firstly, because this week we say goodbye to July, my month favorite, and second, but not less important, because I say goodbye, persistent and faithful readers, my becoming as Narrator of materials…

The White Temple of Thailand

The Thailand architecture has a new icon, a modern temple earn more adepts every year, by its magnificence and beauty. Barbara opened the room curtains of the Hotel, Alfredo undid the luggage, he didn’t like too that his belongings were «tight» in a suitcase, not even when it was a Bossa Nova of Rimowa brand….