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The Weft of Aluminium

Hangar 16 of the Cannes-Mandelieu airport is wrapped in aluminum, wood and glass spectacularly. Hi, as I promised I have been reviewing the Atlantic Ocean in search of an island where starting to build. My first stop was in Quebec, in the islands of the Madeleine, they are twelve in total even though only eight

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The third figurative bridge in the world is inaugurated in Vietnam.

In one ancient French town, in Viet Nam, have had a spectacular idea: a bridge of gold held by two giant hands has become in all a tourist attraction. Blanche looked at her husband, Lucien, with compassion and, at the same time, angry, she was amazed, not even the journey that had organized to Da

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The Monument Hotel

A Super Luxury Hotel just opened in the Paseo de Gracia, in Barcelona, a wonderful modernist Mansion. «I will go with you to see a new monument» said Immaculate with some sarcasm, he knew her like the back of his hand and he did not believed her. «No em menteixis», Manel said in catalan, later

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The island of the end of the world

A dream island for lovers of the nature in which it is impossible not to live thousands of emotions. Rodolfo set his feet on the soil of the island with some elegance (inherent in his personality), and peeped with disillusionment a large group of journalists who were waiting for him, «I wanted to have a

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The love without limits or the secret of the Taj Mahal

For love was built this wonder in the 17th century, still today their presence shines in the world as an example of the mongolian architecture. «I will not release you», told Steve to Laaysa, just when his hands were gripping her forearms, had come in time, but not everything was done, the hardest thing was

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