The spectacular vacation complex of Tamara Falcó

We visited The Edge, the wonderful complex where the mediatic Tamara Falcó spent her holidays in Estepona, Málaga. A center of good taste.

We visited The Edge, the wonderful complex where the mediatic Tamara Falcó spent her holidays in Estepona, Málaga. A center of good taste.

If the house that the Marchioness of Griñón bought 200 meters from Isabel Preysler already gave us a little healthy envy, we must hold on to the most solid thing that we have at hand to see the latest images that Tamara Falcó has shared on her Instagram about her holidays. Photographs and videos in which the businesswoman shows an impressive place to relax and that we present to you today. We are talking about The Edge, in Estepona.

Malaga is one of the Spanish paradises most appreciated by our celebrities, as well as a top-level national and international tourist destination. For this reason, and for how we are going through the pandemic, it deserves a little attention from us. Beauty and good investments must be reinforced, especially when they form close relationships with the places where they settle and from which they feed.

In Malaga, more specifically in Estepona, is the complex The Edge

Tamara Falcó chooses Malaga for her holidays

Tamara Falcó herself tells us on Instagram who is the promoter and designer of her luxurious vacation destination. «You have asked me where I spent my last vacation. It was at The Edge, where I discovered what it is like to live in a residential project like @KronosHomes designed by the prestigious architect @rafaeldelahoz_«.

Kronos Homes was the promoter in charge of the construction of The Edge

Kronos Homes is the same promoter of the house that she just bought in Puerta de Hierro. A company that has very interesting projects on the national map. On the other hand, Rafael de la Hoz is one of the most important architects within our borders, and of great importance outside them. We recently saw his spectacular design for a skyscraper in Sydney.

This complex has several buildings spread over 9,000 square meters

The Edge, a luxury vacation complex

The Edge development is located next to Arroyo Vaquero beach, on a plot of land facing the coast of just over 18,000 square meters. Several buildings with a constructed area of ​​9,000 square meters have been established there, with the final occupancy being less than 0.5/1, that is, less than half.

In total 70 luxurious properties in front of the coast and that imitate the line formed by the waves

In total, 70 fantastic properties have been created, spread across five apartment buildings. Among them we find luxurious penthouses like the one Falcó walks through in a robe, and two villas of maximum glamour. The architect wanted to mimic the marine environment by drawing a line in the form of a wave with the buildings, to inscribe a huge space with swimming pools, ponds and green, lots of green inside.

All apartments are white with lots of green spaces

White apartments, with wide green spaces and infinity pools

In the words of the designer, he tries to make the buildings look like boats stranded on the beach. This is helped by the glass railings, its generous terraces, its fabric awnings, and, above all, its softened edges in the corners and on each edge of the buildings. The pristine white that prevails on all surfaces also helps, which also contrasts with the exterior green.

The complex has direct access to the sea, infinity pool, spa, and paddle tennis court

The complex is located just 7 minutes by car from the Estepona marina and 22 minutes from Sotogrande, another wonderful place of confluence of luxury architecture. It has direct access to the sea, 24 hour security, toning gym, spa, infinity pools and paddle tennis court. However, one of the most interesting rooms that it boasts is the coworking area, a fantastic idea.

One of the most famous spaces in The Edge is the coworking area

At The Edge, luxury and sustainability go hand in hand

Of course, the buildings follow energy efficiency criteria, providing constructive solutions that generate greater control of energy consumption. In addition, this is integrated into the design of the buildings, without subtracting an iota of luminosity, as we see in the images. In them we can appreciate the large windows that allow the entry of sunlight, and that mitigate, through overhangs with fabrics, the excess of its heat intensity, without subtracting aesthetics from the whole.

The different types of apartments take advantage of their location, in this way, on the ground floor they have a garden area, and on upper floors the terraces are generated depending on the number of bedrooms that exist, two, three or four. Of course, the penthouses always have the advantage of having direct access to the roof, in which Rafael has installed some breathtaking pools, and in which Tamara Falcó has enjoyed herself.

The ground floor apartments have large gardens, while the penthouses have direct access to the roof where there are infinity pools.

Buy an apartment like Tamara Falcó’s from 700,000 euros

If you are thinking of imitating the Marquise de Griñón, or even surpassing her by buying one of these luxurious properties, you should know that there are up to eight units for sale on the Kronos website. Prices range from 797,000 euros, an apartment on the second floor, with almost 140 meters of surface area and 40 meters of terrace; up to 2.95 million euros for another on the same floor, but with a surface area of ​​250 meters and a terrace of almost 520; and going through the affordable 2.2 million penthouse.

In The Edge you can find apartments for 700,000 euros, up to 2.95 million

However, if we have to choose just one of the qualities of this complex, we must focus on its connection with the outdoor natural space. A space that has even been improved with the addition of some large palm trees and rocky stone walls, which simulate perfect habitats for small animals, and which help to breathe fresh air, with a more than grateful architectural design. How great Tamara Falcó showed us the way. Thanks.

*Images courtesy of Kronos Homes.

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