The best architectural gifts for Christmas.

In the most special holidays of the year it is best to give architecture. We show you a tight range of possibilities.


In The Luxonomist we know how much you like architecture, and no, it is not because you are a professional of the branch or you interact with one, it is simply because you carry it in DNA, you love to build, art, design and to live under the stigmas of comfort, so, so that you can give away and enjoy giving, we have gathered some interesting objects to add to your shopping cart for this Christmas.

A good book on architecture is an excellent gift

To start, of course, we advise you to choose a good book, an entertaining one that you can consult several times a week, to teach you and distract you at the same time. This could be ‘Iconic Houses: 100 masterpieces of contemporary architecture‘ from the Nerea publishing house or the most Spanish ‘100 masterpieces of modern Spanish architecture‘ from Lunwerg publishing house.

Ideas to decorate your house

To decorate your home you have many options, it is already known that where a good building is shaded aside … so we will advise you to place a picture of the Chrysler building in a well visible area of ​​your home or study. , the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge  or … why not? of three! They will be the feeling of your favorite wall.

Wallpaper is also a gift option

To please your most daring family member, it is best to give him paper, but not just any paper, a paper where he can get lost in edifying reveries… And what better than one painted with infinite buildings? Or one with the map of New York to get lost among the most famous streets in the world? Obviously, you will succeed with this gift if the person to whom it is addressed appreciates the aesthetics somewhat.

Duvet covers for dreams of high flights

So that the people you love most sleep well, we will bet on the huge New York skyscrapers, of course it will not help much if it are not printed in a duvet cover like the one offered by El Corte Inglés, made of 100% cotton with touch soft and pleasant, with bedding that allows the air to circulate, getting a pleasant sensation of freshness … edifying?

With patience and good feeling, a puzzle is always a good gift

For to be real Christmas it is essential that there are desktop games … and which are better than puzzles? As far as I know … none! So it is best to give something like the puzzle in three dimensions of Big Ben (day or night edition) or the Tower of Pisa (same with the editions), you will see that you have fun building the best towers of Europe.

For lovers of sagas and comic

For transgressors of the comic genre, lovers of the occult or fans of the innovative, you can give the hardcover edition of the graphic novel ‘Deadly Architecture’ of the Dark Knight (Batman, you know) or the book ‘How to draw and paint fantasy architecture. ‘ I know it’s ugly to say it but … you’ll be right !!

Architecture also sneaks into the most practical

To navigate in the next 2018, nothing better than doing it in the most important cities of our country like Madrid or Barcelona (without detracting from the others). No matter the geographical place of residence of the “victim” of your gift, an almanac of any of these cities will make you very excited. What better way to start the year?

Ideas full of style

To please your partner architecturally speaking, we will give you two ideas: an external mobile charger with the image of the Taj Mahal with the corresponding accessories and a sterling silver charm with the image of the Eiffel Tower, fine architecture to show off where Go away…

Finally (for now), we are going to encourage you to give away new walls … and no, it is not about buying terracotta bricks and cement, ceramics or laminated plasterboard. It is much simpler, you just have to buy a mural where images of the most beautiful architectural fracture are printed, like this one of skyscrapers or that of the unforgettable Venice … All as long as this Christmas has a special flavor, say, artistic.

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