‘Lego’ houseboats arrive to design yourself

A Russian designer proposes us to live or work on water in a simple and elegant way, on a boat that mounts in two days!


Seeing the capacity and interest in the sea, which captivates a multitude of generations, one can ask whether the human being comes from the chimpanzee or, on the contrary, comes from some aquatic animal. Of course someone can tell me that the two options are not incompatible … anyway, whatever our arrival into existence, what seems clear is that many of us are attracted by the gentle rocking of the waves and living in houseboats is a appetizing option.

The result of this project is quite attractive

To such an extent, happiness overwhelms us when we face the sea, that sleeping on it seems like a gift. This should also have been thought by Max Zhivov, a Russian designer, responsible for the most recent houseboat model based (according to Instagram himself) on the adaptability of Lego pieces and the versatility of Ikea furniture (almost nothing).

It is a very economical solution to live in the water

The invention is called «Modul GO» and although it is still in the embryonic phase, it looks very good and is being very commented on by different means. His main idea, according to the creator, is to provide an economical solution to live in the water, in this way, through different prefabricated pieces, different houseboats can be assembled according to the needs and tastes of the client.

Some of the designs have a more than acceptable size to live comfortably

The standard dimensions of the yachts will be 9 x 4.5 meters and 13 by 6.5 meters, that is, 40.50 or 84.50 square meters, which is not bad for any task … With these dimensions You can consider living in a floating apartment with two rooms, creating an unusual restaurant, an establishment selling underwater equipment or, why not, a base for seaplanes (my dream).

There are numerous designs and combinations

The structures are designed to be assembled in just two days, not counting what it takes to reach your port, of course, with the intervention of four operators. These boats will be equipped with state-of-the-art electric motors and solar panels, the motors will be chosen according to the model and the needs of each client for electricity savings, contributing in this way to sustainability.

The result is bright and practical homes

They have developed 10 types of modules with the dimensions of 2.4 meters wide and 2.3 meters high, or 2.4 meters by 3.5 meters high. The sections can have windows of different types and dimensions or they can be blind (walls without gaps), of different colors, even with built-in exterior stairs, yes, they will integrate the solar panels so that the easy assembly will allow its connection between the different sections .

Can be decorated in multiple ways

If you have some type of water business in mind, you can use the boats as boats for refueling (due to their easy maneuverability), as a variant of light transport of goods and passenger cars, you can set up your own water cafeteria franchise or, why not, dedicate yourself to renting the units as holiday residences … whatever your body asks!

The design transports and installs in a couple of days

Zhivov, aware that the technologies are already part of the present, is developing an application that will help customers customize their houseboat themselves, allowing them, through a smartphone, to design their boat while having the possibility to learn about the march the cost.

A fantastic solution for very special environments

Modul Go promises to be, in a short space of time, another element of marine life, thanks to its simple and captivating design, together with its great versatility and the predictable low price, given that the designer estimates that, if it finds the adequate investment for the project to bear fruit, each unit will have a market price of around 100,000 euros, quite affordable compared to other houseboats.

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