You can now stay in the suite where Marilyn Monroe lived.

For only 1,028 euros you can enjoy the suite where the actress lived with her then husband Joe DiMaggio, a steamy relationship in the purest style of Hollywood


This 2018 marks 92 years of the birth of Marilyn Monroe and to celebrate it, the Lexington Hotel in New York, located five minutes walking straight from the Chrysler Building, has decided to baptize the suite where the actress stayed for several years with her then couple, Joe DiMaggio, with his real name, Norma Jane (Mortenson).

It was on January 14, 1954 when the newly married couple established their home in suite 1806 of the Lexington Hotel, where they lived a few years. As a curiosity, while residing in the building, Marilyn filmed the famous scene of the skirt in the wind for the movie «The Seven Year Itch» just four blocks from the skyscraper, of which 63 years have passed. As time goes!

Monroe and DiMaggio lived in this suite for several years

Later, the room of 56 square meters and a flirtatious terrace of 18 square meters, was renamed Centerfield Suite until last June 1 was opened again to the public with the new name of Suite Norma Jean, where you can stay if you have 1,200 dollars (1,028 euros) and luck to be unoccupied, of course.

The stay has a private terrace

The designers of the Fringe company have put all the emphasis on the protagonist and her then partner, filling the space with more personal details than stylists. Multiple red elements simulate the actress’s lips, photos of the couple are located in the rooms, a Louisville Slugger baseball bat accompanies the umbrella stand or, even, you will see bags from Monroe’s favorite store, Bloomingdales, in the dressing room.

Marilyn Monroe spent a lot of time on this terrace

The general manager of the hotel, Kaizad Charna, said in a New York magazine: “We are delighted to present the Norma Jean suite on Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. Since 1929 we have received countless international celebrities who have established the hotel as a cultural reference point for traveling to New York City. It was essential for us to redesign the suite to honor Marilyn and offer guests a fresh and authentic experience rooted in the rich history of the hotel».

White and black are the predominant colors in the suite

The suite has a huge living room with dining area and access to the terrace. The classic neutral concept of black and white expands throughout the house, only contrasted by the carmine and beige tones, velvet sofas and mirrors that give life and spaciousness. If you dare to rent it for a few days, you can take Dorothy Draper’s glasses to enjoy the Dom Pérignon that will be waiting for you at the bar.

The best, Bernhardt’s alabaster desk, which accompanies a dressing table that proudly looks like a rose inside a bottle of Chanel No. 5,a gray velvet sofa, another by Bob Williams and the headboard of the white vegan leather bed with A thin line of black velvet. Vegan leather does not come from animals, it is derived from synthetic and natural materials, so its use encourages environmental care, among other things because to produce it uses much less energy and less aggressive chemicals.

The furniture and accessories remind those used at that time

Of course, after all the above, it does not seem a bad idea to change the name of the room to pay homage to the cinema icon although, to be honest, they could have thought about it before. The Lexington Hotel is located at number 511 of the avenue of the same name and is a spectacular building designed by the architects Schultze & Weaver, who already know the avid readers of this magazine since they also took care of another mythical hotel: the Waldorf Astoria.

The skyscraper reaches 96 meters high thanks to its 28 floors, is L-shaped and boasts a clear example of the Art Deco style, very abundant in the city due to the boom it had at the time. Its construction was completed in 1929, it cost 6.5 million dollars of the time (5.57 euros if they had existed) and was built by Turner Construction Corp with capacity for 800 hotel rooms.

Photos of the couple and the color red to give contrast to the stay

When you stay in the Norma Jean suite and have a while, send us a selfie or upload it to Instagram, and, if you’re in the mood, you could even approach One Hundred East Fifty Third Street to greet George and Amal Cloney… only if you feel like it , Clear. Of course, do not forget to admire the building in which you are, the Lexington hotel boasts two pyramidal towers on its cusp, executed as its base: with limestone, the same as you saw the windowsills.

Be sure to admire how, in the nineteenth century, buildings were lined with arches on doors and windows, with columns with Corinthian capitals, with eagles and shields, rosettes, faucets, human figures sitting or standing representing the seasons of the year or lions winged in different positions. Do not forget to admire how the terracotta brick endures the onslaught of time, allowing in a dignified and economic way the reuse of a building for different generations.

The design of the suite has run from the hands of the Fringe company

Be sure to admire how, proper maintenance and systematic repair of the elements devastated by the passage of time are part of good architecture. Be sure to admire how, designing a skyscraper with faceted cuts allows greater use of the interior surface, providing more windows and views to its tenants.

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