This is the Milanese apartment by Chiara Ferragni

The businesswoman has moved to one of the most exclusive areas of Milan, to a residential complex designed by Zaha Hadid.


Look where, the influencer of fashion according to some media and the most sought-after of the moment, she has moved and has shown us quite naturally the interior of her new home. It is a penthouse in one of the most luxurious areas of Milan, a very special place where you can watch your child grow up surrounded by comforts and style (of course), a place called CityLife (quite a declaration of intent).

Who is the fashion influencer? Well Chiara Ferragni, the Italian more it who with only 31 years is famous for her own talent. She started a blog called The Blonde Salad and in just two years he reached 110,000 visits a day. Now he has 380,000 followers on Twitter and, hold on to the chair … thirteen million followers on Instagram.

Rapper Fedez, her current partner and father of her son, was in charge of accompanying Chiara on the home tour that they both share. Both have a conversation as she guides the viewer through the rooms, putting more than one long teeth for the luxury and the views of the apartment.

Both have moved to Milan after a few months living in Los Angeles, at which time Fedez abandoned his 270-square-meter apartment located in the Vertical Forest, and began to rent it for the modest amount of 10,000 euros a month. It has been rumored that the construction company has «ceded» the new penthouse to the influencer and her partner in exchange for visibility, although obviously this is not confirmed, but it would be good if the example of being so spread … The house is located in the residential complex Hadid, designed by the (also) famous architect Zaha Hadid, who died in 2016. The works took place between the years 2004 and 2014 and consist of seven buildings of between five and thirteen floors, irregularly placed with an immense courtyard in its inside.

The influencer has moved to an attic in one of the most luxurious areas of Milan

If you have enough courage to watch the video (not everyone has the necessary temper), you will discover that the sinuous design of the exterior of the complex is inserted into the interior, just as the architect wanted. You will love the staircase that Chiara will go up to her loft several times a day, the parquet that homogenizes the house, the large windows, but, above all, you will want to spend long hours on its spectacular terrace.

The terrace is one of its main attractions

As good users, before occupying their new home, Chiara and Fedez took advantage of their stay in the United States to start the renovation works, adapting the apartment to their needs. Even upon arrival from the American country, they had to stay for a while in a hotel before enjoying their home, nothing abnormal in these cases (making sure that the works are finished before moving in is vital).

As expected, the minimalist simplicity of the design and the clarity afforded by light and elegance have been chosen. Visitors are treated to a huge dining room with designer furniture that stands out against the light tones of the parquet. A beautiful lamp hangs towards the central area of ​​the home, a gray-toned sofa that looks super comfortable and, let’s not forget, a mega TV to enjoy movies with friends delights the couple.

Its interior is light and spacious

Everything is designed for a fast life, where the time you spend at home should be used as much as possible. A practical kitchen where light prevails, with abundant furniture, an island with a vitro and sink, an extractor hood in the center and, as Fedez points out, the wine cellar, which must be replaced … A good music system, the rooms in light tones , all windows with floor to ceiling glass curtains with stainless steel edges … all made to dazzle (like Chiara?).

But the best, without a doubt, is the large terrace, which has incredible views of the entire new area of ​​the city, Citylife, they say, one of the largest green areas in Europe. If you watch the video, you will wonder how it is possible not to get into the jacuzzi twice a day … although it would have been better to provide it with a small ramp, since comfort should not be at odds with design.

Large common areas in a new environment for Milan

The Hadid residence has 38,000 square meters of surface above ground, which are distributed among its 230 apartments, and has two floors of parking lots with individualized access to each of its seven buildings. Its sinuous façade is made up of three materials, natural wood panels, GRC (fiberglass reinforced concrete) plates and an incredible 30,000 square meters of glazed area.

The curves are a characteristic of the complex, in this way it is intended to evoke the topography of the surrounding landscape, blending in with the park that sits at its feet. The incredible variety of windows hint at the wide variety of forms of the apartments, since none are the same, there is no defined pattern inside the building, which complicates the structure and facilities of the property, but allows something important: the diversity.

All apartments are different and there is no common pattern in its design

24-hour concierge, gym for residents, security, double-height hallways and furniture designed by Zaha Hadid, are other incentives that the inhabitants of this complex have. It is also interesting that the energy certification is A, that is, the highest, making residences sustainable and highly efficient. All included in the ambitious project called Citylife, an urban center with more than 360,000 square meters, with office towers, a commercial area, residences and the largest public park in Milan.

Curved lines for a unique apartment

In case Ferragni did not know, we now point out some of the companies that made this unique and modern building possible, capable of making the most famous influencers in Italy happy, the architecture studio Zaha Hadid Architects, the managers of the MSC Associati structure, the multidisciplinary company Hilson and Moran, the fire experts Silvestre Mistretta, or the facade specialists, the Permasteelisa Group. If you have the opportunity to travel to Italy, do not miss the opportunity to visit this highly prized area, who knows, you still rub shoulders with Chiara Ferragni.

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