The secret of the most expensive house in Spain

The property has cost 65 million euros and is a powerful tribute to Mallorca, an unbeatable construction in an unbeatable location.


I have to give you bad news: we are late, we can no longer buy the most expensive house in Spain, the sale of which has been managed by the John Taylor real estate agency in Palma de Mallorca. Its name is not wasted, Villa Solitaire, and it is (you can imagine) located in the most exclusive residential area of ​​Mallorca, Son Vida. How much has it cost? According to the real estate agency, the contract has been signed for 65 million euros (almost nothing).

Villa Solitaire is located in Palma de Mallorca

But… why choose Son Vida? Because it was owned by a wealthy family, the Vida, and because within the urbanization they have golf courses, luxury hotels, unbeatable views of Palma, and even a castle dating from 1900, converted into a hotel within the prestigious international brand ‘Luxury Collection Hotel’. The history of this luxurious urbanization begins, however, when Stephen Kusak and José Luis Ferrer Ramonella (Mallorcan winemaker) bought the estate in the 1950s and made it what it is today: the most exclusive urbanization in Mallorca.

The history of this luxurious urbanization begins in the 1950s

This is how we came to 2008, when the famous Italian architect Matteo Thun was commissioned to place one of his works at the top of Son Vida, the most exclusive of the exclusive. In the urbanization, the real estate company has opened (nothing more and nothing less) than two offices, with which it plans to satisfy its luxurious clients, since you can imagine that among them is the most sought-after on the market. Athletes like Steve McManaman or actresses like Jennifer López already know what it is like to live in this corner.

But… what is the secret of the most expensive house in Spain? Is it the Italian design? There is no doubt that it is a success; the façade represents the dynamism of the sails of the ships, something that is achieved by placing cantilevers of dark tones on the edges of the two slabs. The one on the upper floor supports the one on the lower floor using steel tension cables. All a structural provocation that also serves as a sunscreen.

It is oriented to the south and has an extensive glazed area

Villa Solitaire is south facing, enjoying its glazed façade with immense privacy, while receiving the powerful rays of sunlight most of the time. The land covers about 4,250 square meters, of which a good part is destined for a botanical garden. Within this plot is the residence, which occupies 2,300 square meters divided into 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 swimming pools and terraces that reach 2,000 square meters.

The building has three floors

The building is made up of three floors; the ground floor with the day area, the first floor with the night area (of course), the basement with an underground garage for six vehicles, which has an audiovisual system that allows it to be converted into a private club, the gym with a room of body treatments and the service area. And the best thing (if you don’t count the pools) is the deck that serves as a terrace, prepared to host an outdoor cinema… With which to be the perfect host on summer nights!

It has seven bedrooms

Can its glass elevator be the secret of this house? Stroll through the plants looking towards the large windows, so you don’t miss the sunset as you go up or down from the garage… It doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it? The living room, with rear windows to make the room even bigger and brighter, has huge sliding glass doors that connect to the outside as if there were no barriers. This is quality of life!

Unique elements that swarm throughout the residence such as the fantastic open fireplace for the most romantic moments, the wonderful dining room with a wooden table that you will never want to leave, the satellite kitchen to provide the most unforgettable tabletops, as well as a host of furniture details such as the unique pieces by  MinottiGiorgetti and Liebhauser Home, or other top brand textiles such as Rubelli or the Milanese Dedar.

The house has two independent pools

Is the secret the choice of the architecture studio that made the project a reality? The construction was carried out between 2009 and 2017 on the project carried out by SCT Arquitectos, which was based on Matteo Thun’s ideas, adapting them to Spanish regulations and the unique needs of this building work, a task carried out by Ángel Sánchez -Cantalejo Ramis de Ayreflor and Vicente Tomás Esteva, both from Majorca.

The house has the whitest limestone on the market

Or, on the contrary, will the secret be in the most abundant material in the house that defines the exterior and interior like no other? I’m talking about the whitest limestone on the market, whose origin is the Matagallar quarry in Seville. Its name is Piedra Paloma, the same one that the company that commercializes it has, with which we have spoken and that is very proud of its material, a stone capable of withstanding ice (there it remains).

This stone forms the pavement of the main rooms of the building, of the terraces and of the stairs. Impressive the steps that connect the day zone with the night zone, working in cantilever and evading Newton’s laws of gravity with the utmost elegance. We can find it in the most humid places, forming walls and sinks in the bathrooms and covering the interior of the pools.

Wide spaces and glazed areas full of light and life

Always showing off its material uniformity, its aesthetic beauty and its great resistance, qualities that have earned this unique stone the trust of major brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren or Zenith. Yes, for me this stone seems to be the best secret of this luxurious residence and is in full view of everyone … What better place to keep a secret?

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