The Armani Tower in Miami reaches its peak

The design firm is nearing completion of the construction of its first real estate development in the United States, which will change the skyline of the Florida coast.


A new construction milestone has just been born for Miami, United States and for its proud promoter, the company Armani Casa. To celebrate the crowning of the concrete and glass tower (never better said), a construction rubble container with a very special content has been erected, nothing more and nothing less than two young palm trees that symbolize this special birth.

The tower is in one of the best areas of Miami

It happened in the second half of the month of August of this year (2018 for those who read this later) and that in March they had reached half, deducing, with ease, that they have executed 30 plants in six months… if we consider that all the structure is made of reinforced concrete, including slabs and walls, we will better admire the constructive efficiency: more than one floor per week! (of vertigo).

The design lives up to the best buildings in the UAE

But let’s not get ahead, let’s go by parts: the Residencial Armani / Casa is considered by many as a point and apart in the real estate management of the Florida coast, a new beginning for Sunny Beach Miami, closer to the international standards of luxury, using the dubai review. Could it be true? It remains to be seen, although this building, designed by the architect César Pelli, has nothing to envy many of those that have been built in recent years in the Emirates.

The skyscraper reaches a height of 198 meters, with 60 floors, of which 56 will go to the 308 luxury residences, for sale from $ 1.875 million (€ 1.611) to 10 million (€ 8.60). Let’s do the accounts again … the total cost of the building will be (according to the promoters) of 1,000 million dollars (860 euros) and the estimated sale (according to the prices outlined) will be double. Good business, right? Well, together with this, at the top there will be an exclusive duplex, which goes on sale for 17 million dollars (14.60 euros).

At least 56 floors of the building will have luxury residences

The shape of the building plays with the geometric concepts of the rectangle and the rhombus and slightly tilts the facades, giving them a suggestive curvature. All this, together with the layout of the tower, tilted with respect to the east by about 45 degrees, expands the views of the different apartments, between 2 and 4 four bedrooms and between 125 and 530 square meters, yes, including the surface of the terraces that each of the five different types of apartment possess.

The different apartments will have between 2 and 4 four bedrooms

The other two companies that make this skyscraper possible are the real estate developers Dezer Development and The Related Group, two of the most important companies in Florida that have joined forces with Armani to execute this work, which promises up to 2,700 square meters of common areas and access from the building, and exclusively, about 90 meters from the beach. If this doesn’t convince you to buy an apartment before the building opens in the fall of 2019, wait, there’s more.

The skyscraper is about 90 meters from the beach

Imagine now that you are the owner of one of these residences (congratulations), for example, mode A on the forty-sixth floor, which you get to by means of a private high-speed elevator (that is, you get there quickly and go up whoever you want). To access the house you open your two elegant main doors, which lead to a spacious hall, not in vain, the house has 361 square meters of surface.

All exterior walls are glazed woodwork

Once inside, you never tire of praising the height of the house, about three meters, nothing to do with your previous residence, with its classic 2.60 meters from floor to ceiling. All the exterior walls are made of glazed carpentry, so the light is not lacking in any corner (natural light, of course). You decide to go to the wide balcony, with its three meters wide, thanks to which you spend a lot of time outdoors, and thanks to which, your lower neighbor protects its facade from the most inclement sunlight hours.

It has its own children’s areas

The views of the Atlantic Ocean remind you that you still have a lot to do, so you go to your bathroom, the one in the main bedroom (the residence has four and each one has its own bathroom). There, you wash up in the Armani / Roca sink lined with natural stone, the bathroom has imported marble floors (admit that you like to see the drops of water fall on it) and once you are there, you boast again about the Toto Neorest toilet, one of the best on the market as you have heard… a smart toilet, what a thing!

The pool and the private club

After having a drink in your summer kitchen, you regulate the temperature to be able to work without hot or cold, home automation is one of the main characteristics of luxury residences and in this you have it in abundance. With the remote control you move the motorized curtains and regulate the lighting to the desired point, you use the audio installation of the room to put your favorite music… to work it has been said! Later, you’ll make yourself some dinner in the Armani / Dada custom kitchen and head back out onto the terrace, admiring the scenery behind the transparent glass railings.

A complex located in one of the best areas of Miami

At night, perhaps you will enjoy with family or friends in the complex’s gym, in the pools at your disposal, treat yourself to a Spa treatment, take the children to kindergarten, tone your body in the cellar, Cultivate your mind in the audiovisual room or end up in the games room or strolling through the extensive gardens of the complex, designed by the landscaping studio Enea, in short, one more day in paradise, what a great need we have…

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