The most original furniture is already in Madrid

Do you want exclusivity and design in the furniture of your home or business? We discover some furniture that will not leave you impassive, the ERA!.

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When we go into a modern shopping center, in the most prolific stores in the country or in any trade, be it clothing, furniture or fixtures, most products are industrialized, and that, although profitable and beneficial for the vast majority, we tired. Thus, it is the different objects, those that are created in small quantities or with different patterns, either due to the absence of a qualified hand, due to lack of materials or due to the complexity of their elaboration, that define the ‘luxury objects’.

Unique and original design objects

Nothing is further from my intention to underestimate what the industry does for our day to day, without its presence the famous welfare could not exist, but we must not trust it to solve every corner of our existence. Let’s save something for the unusual, the surprising, the different and, why not say it, the only thing. And unique are the furniture that we present to you this week, the incredible ERA Furniture that can be seen in the showroom on Calle Orense in Madrid.

Eraduo stools, two sizes, but inseparable

ERA furniture is born to provoke and create a trend within luxury design, it is bold furniture that does not ask for permission: either you like it or you like it, there are no half measures. Its designer is Paolo Setti from FiPro Studio, a very popular architect in Italy who has reconfigured trends in retail design. Now, with his new line of furniture, with a clear intention of fun in abundance, he intends to enter you home or business. Will you leave him?

Paolo Setti, the creator of the pieces, has worked on the design of many commercial spaces

The premises with which these pieces have been configured are very readable, it is not necessary to be an expert, zero intentions to go unnoticed, and of course, zero intentions not to be useful. The ERA brand was born as a perfect fusion between art, design and functionality. They are also customizable and if you love their aesthetics and do not doubt their personality, you will know that more than current they are future; the colorful future that awaits interior fashion (I’m afraid it shows too much that I like them…).

Eracon table is executed with Corian and walnut wood

For example, we could count on the presence of the Eracon table, executed with Corian and walnut wood, with customizable colors and sizes, if you want fresh air in your home, essential. Or to duly attend your business reception, the Eraala counter, built with Corian, elm root wood, lacquered wood and gilt brass details; With this piece of furniture, if you don’t increase sales, it won’t be by design.

These are just two examples of what you can find of this furniture, small works of art that do not go unnoticed and that are a true visual delight. Quasi-sculptural pieces or as defined by its creator: «Beautiful and somewhat useful furniture». Paolo Setti is an architect who «drinks» from the designs of Ettore Sottsass, creator of the Memphis group, responsible for the aesthetics that flooded the market in the 1980s.

The Eramio table has different shades

ERA furniture has an explosive mix of materials, colors and shapes. They are divided into pieces of different sizes and personality that, together, exude quality and originality, making them, of course, unique and exclusive. Materials such as Corian, which has great resistance and malleability, or hardwoods such as zebrano or elm, which have a very characteristic and original pattern, combine perfectly with the various accessories.

Eraduo stools, two sizes, but inseparable, or the Eramio table, whose colors will not let you look the other way, will match my favorite piece of furniture, the Eraotto dresser, a piece that will occupy a prominent place wherever you are, executed with Corian (again), Elm wood, brass, pink onyx and an elegant mirror, its bright colors and shapes create space instead of occupying it, I love it.

Eraotto is a unique piece that stands out anywhere

It showroom is a sample of design in its purest form, where you can also see the flooring of 7 different marbles produced in collaboration with Budri, the Italian marble house that was also present at Casa Decor 2018 or at the event of the year in Italy in a matter of design, the Fuorisalone 2018. On its walls, more art, this time from the hand of the Italian creator Stefano Reolon, with works whose main characteristic is the mixture of styles, paintings and influences.

To duly attend your business reception, you can choose Eraala counter

Paolo Setti once again enlightens us with his philosophy of life, referring to the ERA range, he says that it is: «A whole collection that comes to provoke the consumer, who can personalize it as much as they want so that the piece speaks of itself.» Reading this, it is not surprising that his “philosophy” has caught up with big brands, who have already placed their trust in him, giving him the opportunity to work in Miu Miu, Gucci, Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta or Dolce & Gabbana stores.

FiPro Studio has renovated the Post offices

Of course, it is necessary to clarify that the Gucci boutiques, Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana, have had the performance of FiPro Studio in terms of execution of the architectural project, not the design and decoration of its interior, instead, the Post offices are entirely yours, from the design project to the interior design. Finally, I tell you about the Eraekis sofa, divisible into several pieces, whose central element may well be usable as a table or backrest… Fantastic!

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