Zaero, luxury and sustainable modular homes

A new company is born that proposes combining luxury, sustainability, efficiency and commitment in modular buildings of 900 euros per square meter (Bravo!).

Screenshot_2020-01-13-21-05-48For the record, I do not say it, they say it on their website, this company aims to reduce the price, increase versatility and minimize execution times while making custom designs to its customers, eye, this we should not try to do in home … and less without technical assistance! How do you intend to do this? Well, obviously, with modular architecture.

These types of homes are personalized and have high energy efficiency

Zaero was born, a company that brings together seven others specialized in different branches such as architecture (Ayalto), engineering (Anticipa), consulting (Universal Europe Expo), financial services (Confin Ext), design (Demon Lab) , sociology (Sueñate) and communication (Miss Zoe Communicacion), as you will see, it seems that nothing is going to escape…

Can create homes of all kinds and on any land

They tell us that the future of construction goes through industrialization, in particular, through modular architecture, being able to create custom homes with high energy efficiency, through processes that will make the final result more economical and of higher performance than those that could give us Traditional construction In addition, they specialize in hotels, campuses, offices and sports centers.

Demand for this type of construction has increased exponentially during the current decade and thus, in our country tripled between 2013 and 2016, increasing that last year by 40 percent over the previous year. In the past 2017, the need for modular constructions continued to grow. Where it are built the most is in Madrid and Barcelona although in Valencia increased by 40 percent.

It are sustainable homes and adapt to all types of environments

Pedro Carcelén, architect of Ayalto, partner of the Zaero group that was awarded in Gibraltar in 2015 for the Project of his University, tells us that Zaero is: “A trend investment that opens the doors to a new way of understanding architecture public and residential”. One of the bets of this company will be for passive house, whose energy consumption is almost zero, having as leitmotiv to reach the energy certification called A +.

The metal structure is completed with other materials

Constructively speaking, Zaero Homedesign (as they have called the residential design line) will consist of a metal structure that will guarantee the solicitations to which the home will be subjected. The building envelope can be resolved with other materials such as wood, concrete, aluminum, ceramic or glass, which makes the modular company promises to be one of the most changing in the market.

It can create all kinds of environments

Carcelén also warns us that versatility is the key to success: “If you want to expand the house and add one more floor, the roof panels are disassembled, metal structure modules are added and facade, floor and roof loaves are laid. The structure being modulated makes it easier and reduces costs without losing design, originality and exclusivity”. I completely agree on this point.

Design is not lost and costs are lower

For them it is «an affordable luxury», since they propose to reach market prices at 900 euros per square meter, which is quite positive for our pockets. The air conditioning systems will adapt to the weather of the place, to the client’s budget and, of course, to the needs that are not covered by the envelope, all in order to reach the much loved letter A of efficiency.

One of it first projects is called Zaero Working (nice name) and it is the first business park executed with modular architecture in the Community of Madrid (there is nothing). Bernardo Olmedo, founding partner, clarifies it to us: “It is a company that is committed to the implementation of different professionals to develop medium and large complex projects such as hotels, office buildings or campus. Our agreements with financial and investment entities allow us to offer advantageous and special solutions to our clients”(written remains).

The modules are easy to install and maintenance is minimal

Another of its projects is called Zaero Retail, where they will offer solutions to points of sale, large stores such as airports, shopping centers or markets and, of course, the much desired public places. Óscar García, from Demon Lab, also responsible for the corporate image, tells us: “Our goal is to offer an economical solution, of good quality, solid and which in turn is easy to install and transport without losing the image and design, strengthening the brand image of our customers”.

They also develop business projects

To conclude, in Zaero show commitment, commitment to reduce the environmental impact through the famous carbon footprint ZERO. Commitment to its three strengths: Leadership, professional ethics and economics, they promise us that they will take care of the emotional part of each project, which is so lacking, and that becomes a key when we are users of real estate.

Create diaphanous and very pleasant work environments

They speak in their website that have a strong social commitment, equality, poverty, coexistence, humanity, social welfare, or family reconciliation, to name a few. This will merge with its corporate commitment on circular economy, promoting models of sustainable economy, and entrepreneurship in women, especially in R & D fields, science and technology and creating quality jobs.

Of course, could not miss their environmental commitment, through the care of energy and the environment, the seas and oceans, the conservation of habitats and natural parks … it is appreciated that a modern company, born from the new economic boom, has such high pretensions, and, it is appreciated that it looks so good, just for that reason it is worth asking for a budget if we are thinking of building a modular solution for our future home or company.

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