John F. Kennedy’s house can now be yours

The most famous president in US history, John F. Kennedy, lived in this Georgetown house with his sister during his time as senator.

The most famous president in US history, John F. Kennedy, lived in this Georgetown house with his sister during his time as senator.

I’m sure you’ve already had your eye on the mansion that was once Jackie Kennedy’s favorite residence, and which ended up becoming the cursed house, as she lost her son John John Kennedy in an accident nearby. Maybe you don’t decide to buy it because of its location, a bit far from the world; its extension, too big for your needs; or for maintenance, as it requires too much investment. All of them are compelling reasons not to acquire a property, but don’t worry, if you are still interested in a home with the Kennedy seal, this may interest you.

The entrance hall is led by a large spiral staircase that gives access to the second floor of the Kennedy residence

And it is that the endearing residence in which the most famous president of the United States spent a few years, with Trump’s permission, John F. Kennedy, has been put up for sale in the US market. This house was Kennedy’s residence during his time as senator, and he lived there with his sister Eunice between 1949 and 1951. President number 35, who died in a mysterious attack, met Jacqueline Lee Bouvier while living within these four walls from Georgetown, Washington.

The white kitchen is dominated by a large island in the center, natural granite countertop and thousands of state-of-the-art appliances

A spacious house in one of the best neighborhoods in Georgetown

The four-walled thing is still an unfortunate geometric comparison, given that it is attached to a residential building, with about 433 square meters of surface. 1400 34Th Street NorthWest is still one of those bombastic classic federal buildings, built in 1800 with the best possible masonry material – terra cotta brick, which has flooded the world and is still used incessantly today.

The residence’s patio, decorated with wicker furniture, is the perfect space to spend a spring afternoon

The residence has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, living room, kitchen, terrace and garage. In addition, it is located very close to the best of Georgetown, such as Washington Harbor, Georgetown University, just four minutes walk, or 10 minutes by car from the famous Glove Park. It is very close to boutiques and restaurants, but without losing that air of an elite neighborhood, with abundant vegetation and wide streets where you can stroll quietly.

The living room is one of the most outstanding rooms in the house. The fireplace and the grand piano stand out

Purchase of the former Kennedy residence for 4.13 million euros

The property, which was last sold in 2008 for the succulent figure of 4.2 million dollars, about 3.71 million euros; returned to the housing market two weeks ago for about $ 4.67 million. 4.13 million euros. A little earlier, in 2006, it was remodeled by architect Richard Foster and a local builder named Tom Glass. Both introduced the appearance that the residence keeps today, very respectful of the original property, but adapted to modern comfort needs.

One of the most special rooms is the study in which Kennedy worked. A room made all of wood and with a black marble fireplace

Of course, the façade safeguards its traditional charm: red brick framed in white paint, with white sash windows, in the purest French style, topped by unpainted concrete lintels and protected by dark shutters. The access door, the same color as the shutters, is accessed through several steps that counteract the slope of the street. Around it, a classic white concrete pediment, simple but resounding, bearing the number 1,400 stoically.

The master bedroom is upstairs and also has its own fireplace

A Michelin Star Restaurant Kitchen and President’s Study

Inside, an entrance hall leads to a spiral staircase that connects the different levels. On the ground floor is the exquisite kitchen, with white furniture, wooden flooring, island and natural granite countertop (the best timeless choice), and all the appliances you can imagine in stainless steel, the ideal size for any chef with Michelin star. On one side of the kitchen there is a dining room for six or more people, facing a patio with wicker furniture, ideal for enjoying lazy afternoons.

The bathroom is covered in cream marble, has a large bathtub and a television

Before going upstairs, we must talk about the fabulous living room, which includes a wood-burning fireplace and a piano, something that should not be missing in a 400-square-meter home, of course. In the same room is the former study of the president of the United States, all made of wood, which invites us to find our most natural self, while we warm ourselves with another fireplace, this time, made of black marble. By the way, the room has a small wet bar, for the most relaxed moments.

The bedroom has access to a private terrace with beautiful views of Georgetown

A bathroom with television inside the bedroom

The bedrooms are located on the top floor of the exceptional residence. The main room includes a light marble fireplace, a bathroom with two corner windows over an elegant bathtub and covered in cream marble. It even has a television in the corner, so you can watch your favorite shows while sanitizing your body. On the same floor you have access to my favorite part: a terrace with wooden pavement, to admire the unusual spectacle of the quiet life of the inhabitants of Georgetown.

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