Rent your vacation villa… with Michelin star chef

A company has dared to make our most pleasant dreams come true: luxury villas with Michelin-starred chefs… Who gives more?


Nothing more pleasant than enjoying a good home made up of beautiful walls and charming architecture… Is there anything better than that? Yes, it does exist: taste the best food created by the hand of man, the cuisine of Michelin-starred chefs. And since… Why not merge both experiences to reach the top of the pleasure? That’s what the owners of a luxury rental company apparently thought. A good idea that they have already put into practice.

The proposal is full of attractions

According to what we are told, Le Collectionist is the leading luxury property rental company with exclusive services and they boast of offering a Premium experience that will not go unnoticed for a long time: among its services is to be able to enjoy haute cuisine with a star chef in the kitchen of the rented house, a complete declaration of intent if we consider that the villas they offer are not anything… and they have 2,300 of them in 100 different destinations.

You can enjoy in your own villa the creations of the best chefs in the world

The idea is that haute cuisine is very well represented, offering the best ingredients, the greatest attention, unmatched quality and the most detailed preparation possible. Everything within an incomparable setting: the house that you decide. In Spain they also have a few homes (how could it be otherwise), some 128, of which more than half are in Ibiza (of course), 72 to be more specific, so if you feel like it and your portfolio allows it, you can enjoy this new gastronomic experience.

In Villa Breeze (Mallorca) dinner can be served by Iván Muñoz himself

For example, you could enjoy a good weekend at Villa Breeze, in Mallorca, paying between 462 and 762 euros per night, and served by such prestigious chefs as Iván Muñoz, one of the best Madrid promises in the kitchen. The villa is framed within the Colonia de San Jorge, it has 300 square meters, four bedrooms for a total of six people, good views of the city, the nearby beach and all the glamor of the coastal shops.

The gastronomic offer is wide and varied

Max Aniort, CEO of the rental company, talks about this new concept: “We are very happy to be able to offer this exclusive and unique service. Without a doubt, it is an example of what our clients are looking for, services adapted to their needs and each occasion. Gastronomy is part of the culture of each area and country and for us these local experiences with the high gastronomy and professionalism of a chef were essential”. I couldn’t agree more.

Up to ten people can stay in Villa Blue de Ibiza

Another Michelin award winner (this time twice) that you can “stumble over” will be Rolf Fliegauf, who owns three ECCO restaurants in Switzerland. And another Spanish villa where you can enjoy this gastro-experience is Villa Blue in Ibiza, with a value of between 1,785 and 4,643 euros per night, with five bedrooms for ten people, 630 square meters of home, six bathrooms, swimming pool, billiard room and stunning views of Ibiza’s nature.

Villa Freedom in Marbella is one of the available residences

The main difference between Muñoz and Fliegauf is that while one focuses on quality products and proximity, delving into traditional cuisine, the other shows a clear tendency to Asian cuisine, from which he «drank» on his travels. Everything is said, you will have to taste both to be able to choose… Although I am afraid that the work will not stop there, since another collaborator of Le Collectionist is Carlota Bonder, media star in Top Chef, an expert in merging the Mediterranean and Asian parts from the kitchen.

Up to 12 guests can stay in it

And since we are «launched» we are going to visit another company villa, Villa Freedom in Marbella, which can reside from 5,500 to 7,700 euros per night, with traditional architecture, 2,491 square meters for 12 guests, six bedrooms and six rooms bathroom, outdoor and indoor pool, outdoor bar, cinema room and all the glamor that your eyes can endure. It also has a cellar, sauna and gym, although, if you will allow me, I will keep its hipped roofs with Arab tiles.

You will be able to enjoy some of the most delicious dishes of the moment

In 2013, entrepreneurs Olivier Cahané, Max Aniort and Eliott Cohen-Skalli created the company Le Collectionist, which has grown exponentially, encompassing a large number of properties, including those of Leonardo DiCaprio and Richard Branson, and in which it could Find yours if you pass the «filter» of the company, which aims to grow on five continents and close to all the most important cities on the globe, and, of course, the most impressive tourist places.

Villa Love in Mallorca has more than a thousand square meters

Another chef who joins the experience is Walter Martino, nicknamed «the million dollar chef» because he had the brilliant (never better said) idea of ​​creating a solid gold plate with 84 diamonds. Go ahead and take a getaway to, for example, Villa Love in Mallorca, paying from 3,581 to 8,481 euros per night, with up to 12 guests who will enjoy its six bedrooms, its 1,100 square meters, its infinity pool, its wonderful area chill out, your elevator or your pin pong table.

These are not the only villas of the company, nor their only chefs. There are more, such as the chef Diego Tirados, winner of the National Prize for Gastronomy or Martin A., a specialist in local cuisine, who uses ingredients from nearby gardens in his dishes. Now you have to choose which house you want and what cuisine you will taste.

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